Experience and ability diagnosis

Experience diagnose

The experience and ability diagnosis is helpful to know more about your external image and technical ability so as to provide you with best solution.
We have 2 approaches to diagnose your experience and ability. The first one is Skype whereby you will be provided with the diagnosis service at home. The other one is to have full conversations through face-to-face interview.
Both are provided for free. You are welcomed to use them.

Flow of available

1. Make a reservation

A time may be set in the application sheet to diagnose the experience and ability.


2. The schedule may be adjusted through conversations.

The adjustment may be made with the agent through conversations to decide experience and ability diagnosis schedule.


3. Experience and ability diagnosis

The experience and ability diagnosis will be conducted either by Skype or by face-to-face interview.
In either case, it will cost 1 hour approximately.

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