nova system Co., Ltd.
  • Number of Employees: 383 people
  • Year of Foundation: September 10, 1982
20 Jun 2017
nova system Co., Ltd.Will "consult" techcareer
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nova system Co., Ltd.Will "consult" techcareer
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nova system Co., Ltd...
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  • 3.40 Millions Yen〜 6.00 Millions Yen

About Company

The industry our company resides at has always been seemed as “lack of motivation in the proposal”. The market is asking for both “ability in making a proposal” and “skills” nowadays. Our company has been cultivated in the infrastructure system of life insurance, financial industries over the past 20 years. Especially in the life insurance industry.<br><br>We have gained a 60% increase in sales. We want to become an enterprise in which to be regarded as more professional than a regular insurance company! Not only in the skill aspect, but we are also cultivating ourselves to be a group of solution specialists with both skills and knowledge in life insurance and finance to provide specialized advices to our clients.

About Service

【Financial System Development】

Starting from the establishment of the company in 1982, we have been cultivated in financial business system development since then. We also have a practical performance in life insurance company approach system development for over 20 years. With such practical experiences, we provide services in system consulting, design, development, utilization to help our clients to realize a more efficient business model with our trustworthy skills.<br><br><br>When speaking about the financial system, it is one of the bases of the economic system and it is also a fundamental part to support our lives. It not only needs a required skill to maintain the system, but it also asks for more responsibility. Our company holds such responsibility all the time, and we are always looking for ways to upgrade our skills to meet the expectation from the society.

【Medical system development】

“Aging society with fewer newborns” is a realistic problem our country is facing currently. Due to such circumstance, digitalization and moving towards networks will just accelerate in the from now on. Not only providing services in the development of medical certificate management system, DPC system implementation, utilization, maintenance, etc. We intend to bring medical organizations, medical sectors as well as services together to provide an overall system solution. We are looking for building a development system which will approach to the global market in the future.

【Industry system development】

Business solution development (energy industry, maker, local government, etc.)<br>・Embedded software development (consumer electrical appliances, communication, etc.)<br>・Infrastructure development for the purpose of Network, server structuring, security environment maintenance. <br> We are moving towards a system with high-quality management skills which could provide the best solution according to customers’ needs.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 383 people Year of Foundation September 10, 1982
Representative Masayssu Yoshiyama Capital Fund 13,975,0000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales 32,50000000 JPY
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Telephone 06-6636-8118
Office 【Tokyo office】 30F, Ark Mori Building, Akasaka1-12-32, Minato Ku, Tokyo<br> TEL:03-5545-5123
Place of head office 556-001
Osaka Naniwa Ku Moto Machi2-3-19
Nearest station: TCA Building
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Welfare 【Various allowance】<br>Manager allowance<br>Consective commitment allowance<br>Family allowance<br>Transportation allowance(Up to50,000 JPY per month) <br>Extra skills allowance<br>Main city allowance <br>Allowance for a person who has to work away from one’s own family <br>Sales allowance <br>Contribution allowance<br>Housing allowance(during job searching)<br>Overtime allowance<br>Maternity, Paternity allowance<br>Refresh break allowance<br><br>【Welfare】<br>Contribution welfare monetary system/ Matching contribution accumulation saving system<br>Employee stock ownership association<br>Group insurance<br>Employment insurance<br>Work injury insurance<br>Health insurance<br>Welfare insurance<br>Health package station service <br>Qualification support monetary <br>Influenza vaccination <br>Short-time working system for paternity purpose<br>Short-time working system for the nursing purpose<br>Supporting association <br>Company trip <br>Club activities<br>Various recreations and others
History September 1982: nova system Co., Ltd. established at Senba, Chuo Ku, Osaka.<br>September 1983: Started the business of development of giant mainframe. <br>April 1984: the Main office moved to Kita-Horie, Nishi Ku, Osaka due to business expansion. <br>April 1990: the Main office moved to Nishihoncho, Nishi Ku, Osaka due to business expansion<br>September 1993: Started the operation system solution business. Started the selling of customer financial approach package software “Yojiro”.<br>June 1999: The opening of Tokyo agency at Kanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo <br>April 2001: the Main office moved to Nishitenma, Kita Ku, Osaka due to business expansion <br>September 2002: The celebration for 20th anniversary at USJ  <br>March 2003: Tokyo office moved to Shiodome, Minato Ku, Tokyo <br>March 2005: Registered the system integrator in Ministry of Economy, Trade, Industry <br>July 2006: the Main office moved to Nakanoshima, Kita Ku, Osaka due to business expansion <br>August 2006: Received the privacy mark <br>April 2010: Received ISMS recognition <br>December 2010: Started the implementation of iPad specialized self-order system to stores <br>March 2011: the Main office moved to the current location due to business expansion. Tokyo office moved to Akasaka, Minato Ku <br>January 2013: Forming affiliation with Japan Association of New Economy
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