Gigno Japan Co., Ltd.
  • 従業員数: 164 people
  • 設立: December 1st, 1996
Gigno Japan Co., Ltd.へ「話を聞きたい」をします
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Gigno Japan Co., Ltd.へ「話を聞きたい」をします
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Gigno Japan Co., Ltd...
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The name of our company “Gingo” comes from Latins with the meaning of “create”, “making creation”. Our mission is to provide new values, new products, new services to the society within the evolution of digitalization. We believe by fulfilling such mission, we are able to contribute to the creation of a better society.


【Individual approach service】

i-mode provides over 100 services on a monthly charge official site. Besides that, we are starting services called “Wa × Gosu × Kisekae” as well as “Popular stamps ☆You can get of them” on platforms such as sugoe contents, au smart pass, App Pass which have always being ranked as the top services in the field.<br><br>Also, using the skills nurtured form the site mentioned above, we started to approach our business into the LINE market. Regarding our production in LINE market: Egashira 2:50 stamp series received No.1 in official stamp category, Ichihara Etsuko series received No.1 in creators’ stamp category, and kisekae also receives No.3 in creators’ category.

【Enterprise approach service 】

・J League Stadium <br>The service which supports fans and supporters during games. It provides all of the information you need regarding J1・J2・J3. The service is provided both in Web and App versions ((iOS/GooglePlay/au Smart Pass).<br>・Walking Dead official information site<br>As for the promotion of the American drama “Walking Dead”, we constructed the site to organize all seasons information of the drama. The site introduces stories of each season and scene shots as well as comments in details.

【 TOKYO FM Related Service 】

<br>As one of the business partners related to TOKYO FM, we provide supports in the productions of the following sites: “SCHOOL OF LOCK!”, “Skyrocket Company”, “Music Village” as well as “Docodemo FM” regarding the technical aspect. We also create the site of TOKYO FM under a Cloud environment in which it can be promoted both through the Internet and by broadcast. <br><br>We provide an easy to use smartphone App called “i-dio”. It is a free digital broadcast App where users could enjoy high quality sounds of music for free. It is an App dedicated to mutil devices where users could enjoy the service through a stable delivery services. (Android/iOS usable)


従業員数 164 people 設立 December 1st, 1996
代表者名 Numajiri Kazuhiko 資本金 1,695,000,000,0JPY
平均年齢 売上高 3,617,800,000 JPY
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
電話番号 03-5210-5670
本社所在地 102-0082
Tokyo Chiyoda Ku 2F, Ichibancho Tokyu Building, 21 banchi
最寄駅: Walk for 1 min. from Hanzomon Station
待遇・福利厚生 ・Insurance system<br>・Transportation fee provided(By company rules) <br>・No strict dress code<br>・Outside of company training system(Biz campus)
会社沿革 1996<br>December: The establishment of the company for the purpose of providing digital images. (Previously: Photonet Japan Co., Ltd.)<br>1997<br>October: Started the license business of Internet album system.<br>1999<br>June: Started the service “iMode” related to NTT Docomo.<br>2000<br>December: Renamed as Gigno Japan Co., Ltd.<br><br>2010年<br>October: Started a charged App for iPhone “Egashira 2:50 I am a clock”. It ranks as the first place in iTunes App Store for charged App overall ranking category.<br>2011<br>May: Group with FM Mobile Co., Ltd.<br>July: Started a service related to KDDI smartphone.<br>November: Started a service related to NTT Docomo smartphone.<br>December: Started a service related to Softbank Mobile Smartphone.<br>2013<br>January: Take over part of the business from United.World.Music Co.,Ltd.<br>May: Started a service approach to Docomosugoe contents.<br>2014<br>April: Collaborate with holding company,BIC Co.,Ltd.(Focus on V-LOW multimedia broadcast promotion business)<br>Started the Line service of App“Egashira 2:50 I am a clock”. It received No.1 in Line official stamp ranking for its stamps.<br>2015<br>January: The TFM radio listening App “Docodemo FM” received the first place in weekly ranking of sgoe. <br>March: The stamp series of “Gappe Move! Egashira 2:50” received the first place in LINE official stamp ranking category.<br>April: Started the news site service “TOKYO FM+”with TOKYO FM.<br>October: The stamp series of “Ichihara Etusko saw it!” ranked the first place in LINE creators stamp ranking category.<br>2016<br>February: “Popular stamp☆ Get as much as you cam” ranked the first place in both au smart pass as well as App Pass ranking categories.<br>November: <br>“Ichihara Etusko saw it!” was awarded with LINE Creators Stamp AWARD 2016.