ROI Co., Ltd.
  • Number of Employees: 126 people
  • Year of Foundation: Aug. 26th 2004
04 Jan 2017
ROI Co., Ltd.Will "consult" techcareer
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ROI Co., Ltd.Will "consult" techcareer
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ROI Co., Ltd.
  • Web Application Engineer
  • Tokyo Idabashi Station
  • 4.00 Millions Yen〜 7.50 Millions Yen

About Company

ROI Co. Ltd. established in 2004<br>We mainly focus on supporting the promotions of restaurants; we are also one of the fastest-growing enterprises in this field.<br><National Business><br>■ The operation of the monitor portal site, Fancrew<br>■ The operation of various types of restaurants, Japanese bars (Izakaya), bars, coupon sites: gourmet resort.<br>■ System development support for the sake of raising the number of customers<br> (food, beauty, online shopping sites, etc.)<br>■ The development of monitor system: ASP<br>■ The operation of a fan club for Dr. stretch<br><International Business><br>■ The operation/management of the service office<br>■ Supporting the running of overseas business<br>■ Human resources<br>■ The development and management of websites and applications<br>■ The operation of restaurants

About Service

Fancrew <br>Mystery shopping<br>Mystery shopping monitor portal site<br>Fancrew is a matching site for enterprises and customers. The site is meant to be a new type of platform to match customers with enterprises according to customers&#39; needs. The enterprises which have been using our service have been getting a lot of positive results. They not only gained new customers but also got more positive feedbacks from current customers. They also have the chance to get more customer data by using our service. <br>The biggest advantage of our service is that we only charge repay fees and matching fees from enterprises.<br>You would not need to pay a huge amount of money at the beginning by using our service.<br>As the service has been launched since 2007, the growth has been stable and fast, we have more than 6000 stores on our website, and more than 72,0000 membership onboard.

Gourmet Reserve: (A gourmet coupon site based on different time frame)

Gourmet Reserve: (A gourmet coupon site based on different time frame)<br>Since the release of our service in November 2009, we have been focusing on supporting our clients to attract more customers. We do this by trying to understand what our clients really want. Our clients could set the discount rate by themselves based on different time frame according to the actual sales of the store.<br>This is a unique system that the coupons are mange by ID. Once the customers paid the regular price at the store, they may apply for a cashback online by entering the coupon ID afterward. This could increase the use of coupons, thus bring in more customers for the store as well.

Halal Navi <br>The most popular Muslim restaurants searching App in Japan<br>SENTRO <br> <br>Connected with Malaysia KL Central Station. Office Retal service! Human resources and office establishment supporting the company have been in operation as well.<br>For our actual store business<br>Dr. Stretch Branch stores in Kagurazaka and Azabu-juban has been launched. SUSHI ORIBE, Ankara Japanese Hotpot, Publika, MENYA TAKEICHI kualaLumpur have all been launched in Malaysia.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 126 people Year of Foundation Aug. 26th 2004
Representative Keijima Ryotaro Capital Fund 55,035,00JPY
Avg. age 33years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio 6:4 Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 03-5225-0588
Place of head office 162-0822
Tokyo Shinjuku ku (district) Shinomiya machi 3-2
Nearest station: Idabashi Station
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Welfare 【welfare】 awards,discount for employers using our branch services. <br>【Insurance】 Social Security Insurance. <br>【Transportation fee】 Cover by the employer.
History Aug. 2004 The establishment of ROI Co.Ltd<br>July 2006 The launch of website Fancrew<br>March 2010 The running of website gourmet resort<br>March 2012 The establishment of branch company BODY TUNING JAPAN Co. Ltd.<br>June 2012 The establishment of M&amp;M Arc Sdn. Bhd in Malaysia<br>July 2012 The establishment of branch company Green Lantern<br>April 2014The establishment of branch company Agensi Pekerjaan Job Search Asia Sdn. Bhd.<br>July 2014 Merge with Green Lantern<br>September 2014 The establishment of branch company of Oribe Creative Dining Sdn. Bhd.<br>March 2015 The establishment of branch company Asiana Tech Sdn. Bhd.<br>Aug. 2015The establishment of branch company Sentro Management Services Sdn. Bhd.<br>Oct. 2015 The establishment of branch company Ken &amp; Taro Consulting Sdn. Bhd.<br>September 2016 The launch of Sports Career service
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