OPT, Inc.
  • Number of Employees: 600people
  • Year of Foundation: April 1st, 2015
23 Aug 2017
OPT, Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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OPT, Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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About Company

&quot;Creating new values with excitements<br>Creating a new market by ourselves<br>With the goal of an innovative enterprise<br>Take actions every day&quot;<br><br>we moved from an e-marketing company to an innovation agency in the year of 2017. We are now expanding our business and making changes with the identity of an innovative agency. To us, the definition of “innovation” is that makes the business evolution along with each customer’s vision and mission and create new values. <br>In order to achieve this, we must make innovations in aspects such as products, services, system, ways of thinking as well as the overall business itself. <br><br>Opt Technologies is our engineering team in which it focuses on advertising technology to take on the challenges of making a variety of things! “We will do our best to satisfy the needs of the users.” With such belief, we do our development with the lean manufacturing procedure to produce high quality of products.

About Service

【Advertising agency service 】

We utilize the unique know-how from enterprises with in-depth knowledge in media and advertising products and maximize the positive results of e-marketing of our customers to the fullest extent.<br>・Listing Ads.<br>・Display Ads<br>・Social Media Ads<br>・Affiliate Ads<br>・Overseas business support<br>・Motion Ads

【Solution Service 】

Opt Inc. does not only offer service in Internet advertising agency area, but we also provide many other solution services to maximize the benefits of our clients. <br>・SEO<br>・Performance analysis<br>・Banner, LP production / Utilization<br>・WEB PR<br>・drop:Phygital Marketing Lab

【Database Service 】

Besides data on the Net, we provide our customers with the best solutions according to their topics with the know-how we gained from past experiences. (from sites, real data from stores, user mobility data measuring and analysis, etc.)<br>・ADPLAN<br>・brainy<br>・Data Science Lab

Company Profile

Number of Employees 600people Year of Foundation April 1st, 2015
Representative Dasukei Kanazawa Capital Fund 100,000,000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Office ≫Tokyo headquarter<br>〒102-0081<br>6 of Yonban machi, Tokyubancho building<br>≫ Osaka branch office<br>〒530-0003<br>5F, FUGITA TOYOBO building, Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka city, 2-1-16 Osaka<br>≫Okinawa Coral Office<br>〒900-0006<br>3F, East building, Naha new city media building, 1-3-31 Omoro machi. Naha city, Okinawa<br>≫Sendai Laboratory<br>〒983-0852 <br>13F, Azalea Hills, 3-4-1Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku Sendai city, Miyagi
Place of head office 102-008
Tokyo Chiyoda Ku 6 of Yonban machi, Tokyubancho building
Nearest station: Walk for 5 min. from Ichigaya station of JR chuo line, sobu line
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Welfare 【Welfare】<br>・Insurance system<br>・Work injury insurance<br>・Defined contribution pension plan<br>・Contracted benefit services<br>・Awards for consecutive working performance<br>・MVP award system<br>・Various activities support<br>・Free address system: an office system where employees are free to change desk<br>・Free breakfast<br>・Office newspaper dedicated to the families of employees<br>・Family day
History 1993<br>・The establishment of the company<br>1994<br>・Established the company as a corporation (the current opt Holdings)<br>・Mainly focus on FAX as well as tele marketing businesses<br>1995<br>・Company renamed as the Opt Co., Ltd.<br>1997<br>・Started the e-marketing business<br>2000<br>・Started the Internet advertising agency business<br>・Started the development and the sale of e-marketing result measuring system “ADPLAN”<br>2003<br>・Received the “best partner” recognition from Yahoo! JAPAN<br>2004<br>・Public listing in JASDAQ<br>2006<br>・Business corporation with Dentsu Co.,Ltd. regarding e-marketing field<br>2008<br>・Gain the No.1 market share in Internet advertising agency market<br>2010年<br>・Released the Opt tablet platform “Xrost”<br>・Business corporation with Culture Convenience Club Co.,Ltd. <br>2011<br>・Collaborated with CCC Co.,Ltd. to start a corporation dedicated to the data platform business, Platform ID<br>2013<br>・Collaborate with the U.S.A. company, Retailigence and started a O2O customer gathering support service<br><br>・Public listing in the Tokyo stock exchange (1st section)<br>2015<br>・Divided from Opt Holdings and established as Opt Inc.<br>・Received the Specified Worker Dispatching business number<br> (Specified 13-318443)
Official website http://www.opt.ne.jp/