• Number of Employees: 30people
  • Year of Foundation: Oct. 20, 1987
12 Sep 2017
FAIRWAY CORPORATIONWill "consult" techcareer
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FAIRWAY CORPORATIONWill "consult" techcareer
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  • 3.00 Millions Yen〜 6.00 Millions Yen

About Company

【 FAIRWAY is aiming for the goal of becoming an enterprise that is needed by the society with all we can do 】<br>To a company, in order to create a good working environment, to achieve great performance, to put out nice services and products, to maintain a good relationship with clients, these all come down to the “people” in the company. And, if this is the case, it is important for companies to hire more talented people in order to grow as an attractive company. A company must consider the balance between “the benefits of others” and “the benefits of oneself” to really transform into a company that is needed by the society.

About Service

【IT Business 】

・Corporate approach big volume online storage “ixMark”<br>・VPN Solution “SecureConnectVPN”<br>・Concentrated management router function added VPN machine “MUIVUS series”<br>・Digital Hi-Vision, real-time image composition device <br>・Internet circuit aggregation device “traffic balancer” <br>・ Device for show list construction and distribution<br>・Cellphone clips distribution system “MEDIA PRESENTER” ※ It is an ASP service which enables the distribution process in one step.<br>・IDC Network<br>・Information distribution signage tool “xView Cloud”<br>・Big volume file transfer service “delifile.link”

【IT Business(Production related)】

・DTP, Web design, Web contents proposal production, Business application design, and construction<br>・Production of machine firmware, driver <br>・DVD・Blu-ray authoring<br>・Network construction, company data center utilization<br>・ Data center design, office infrastructure design, utilization, maintenance <br>・ Server construction, settlement, utilization, maintenance

【Image production business】

・ TV, radio shows, CM proposal production, proposal promotions<br>・ Production of proposals, images for commercial products promotions<br>・VIDEO, CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-ray, etc. image package production <br>・Internet proposal images production, event planning, studio business running

Company Profile

Number of Employees 30people Year of Foundation Oct. 20, 1987
Representative Yasujima Takeo Capital Fund 30,000,000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 03-5549-4631
Office 【Shizuoka Branch】<br>324-1 Mitsuke, Iwata City, Shizuoka <br><br>【Fukuoka Branch】<br>4-23-12, Hakata Eki Mae, Hakata Ku, Fukuoka
Place of head office 106-0032
Tokyo Minato Ku 5F, Precious Roppongi Bld., 5-18-18 Roppongi
Nearest station: Azabu- juban Station, a six min. walk
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Welfare ・Commuting allowance<br>・Insurances(employment・work injury・health・welfare)<br>・Regular health check<br>・Business (work-related) accident insurance<br>・Blue-light prove glassless allowance(Maximum of 10,000 JPY allowance ※ Blue-light free glassess)
History October 1986: Company founded (image production company) <br>Started the image planning and production service <br>April 2004: The IT Business sector founded<br>Started the fully managed hosting service <br>March 2006: Launched the Roppongi Data Center April 2009 Received the specialized labor dispatch number <br>July 2009: Capital fund increased to 2000,0000 JPY<br>November 2009: Participated in “InterBEE2009”<br>November 2010: Participated in “InterBEE2010”<br>June 2011: Fukuoka Data Center opened<br> July 2011: Launched the Internet media platform “visionwave”(smartphones, tablets approached)<br>November 2011: Participated in  “ InterBEE2011”<br>July 2012: Launched the corporation approach big volume storage service “FAIRWAY storage”<br>October 2012: Received the General Employee Dispatch Number <br>November 2012: Launched the Internet Broadcast Network solution service approach to smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes <br>Participated in “InterBEE2012”<br>July 2013: Participated in the 1st Contents Production Distribution Solution <br>November 2013: Capital fund increased to 3000,0000 JPY <br>October 2015: Revision for the “FAIRWAY storage” service<br>Renamed the service as “ixMark”<br>July 2016: Launched the big volume file transfer service “delifile.link”<br>October 2016: Received ISMS(Information Security Management System) ISO/ISE27001 <br>Registration number:JUSE-IR-376<br>Format:JIS Q 27001:2014(ISO/IEC 27001:2013)<br>November 2016 : Participated in “InterBEE2016”<br>April 2017 Established ixMark Corporation
Official website https://fairway-corp.co.jp/
Clients ・Nissan<br>・SUBARU<br>・STI<br>・KADOKAWA<br>・Nippon Broadcasting System Inc.<br>・tvk Communications<br>・Fields Co.,Ltd.<br>・JVCKENWOOD<br>・TV Tokyo<br>・Sony Music Artists Inc.<br>・Nakayama Racehorse Owners<br>・Forside Co.,Ltd.<br>・ISAO<br>・Septeni Co.,LTd・TSUZUKI DENKI CO.,LTD.<br>・Write Up Co.,Ltd.<br>・IBJ Group<br>・JSS<br>・Fuji Soft Co.,LTd.<br>・ARTERIA NETWORKS<br>・Sakura Information Systems Co., Ltd.<br>・INDY ASSOCIATES CO.,LTD.<br>・Townnews Co.,Ltd.<br>・SAKURA SEIKI Co.,Ltd.<br>・Ken Corporation Ltd.<br>・Japan Business Systems, Inc.<br>・SUCCESS Corporation<br>・Daikoku Denki<br>・Marvolous<br>・Pit Design<br>・Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.<br>・Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.