ATGS Co.,Ltd.
  • Number of Employees: 228people
  • Year of Foundation: Feb,24. 2003
10 Oct 2017
ATGS Co.,Ltd.Will "consult" techcareer
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ATGS Co.,Ltd.Will "consult" techcareer
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About Company

ATGS has been growing with its power of technical skills in dealing with various cases from infrastructure service (infrastructure utilization, data center-related service) to business/ WEB application development service, etc.<br><br>We also joined the 40-year history of SKI Group (software information development corporation) to receive support in both capital and organization aspects. We are able to push the growth in the SI solution business with the help from SKI. We are doing our own Cloud and smartphone-related services. With a stable business foundation and capital fund we have, we are able to start our new businesses along the way.<br><br>As an IT company, with our many practical experiences, we believe that the most essential thing is the &quot;power of human&quot;. With the belief of making contributions to others, we commit all our efforts into providing the best service to our customers. And this is how our engineers receive trusts from our clients and get new requests. This lies the secret for our future growth as well.

About Service

※ We have quite a few employees with Microsoft qualifications. Since we have many employees with Microsoft qualification such as the MCP qualification, we could provide the most accommodated solutions according to the needs of our clients.

<br>【 Microsoft Azure 】<br>・No need to purchase the hardware<br>Since you do not have to purchase the hardware in order to use the server, you could minimize the cost to the lowest point at the beginning stage.<br><br>・Pay- Per- Use System<br>You will only be charged with how much you used, it is highly recommended for a person who just wants to use the system for development and inspection for a certain period of time.<br><br>・Flexibility<br>You could change the specification even in the middle of your use. With the minimum specification implementation at the beginning, you could change to the most accommodated specification after the initial implementation.<br><br>・Immediacy<br>You could use the service shortly after the application. You do not have to worry about when will you receive the hardware.<br><br>・Connection in the office<br>Since it is able to use the VPN(Virtual Private Network) function, it is like a extension of the office network.

【Our own Cloud solution】

・An order-made type of Cloud service 『cloud at』<br>With proper service and a proper system combination, a functional system has been formed. Whether it is for social application purpose or for Web system infrastructure purpose etc. The structure of the system according to different purposes is very important.<br><br>We fully utilize the know-how about development with the offering of the public Cloud, Cloud@, we are able to offer customized service to our clients. With the proper infrastructure, the right concept and the right method, this is how we form our order made Cloud solution.<br><br>・SLA 99.99%<br>Cloud@ is constructed with trustworthy VMware. Cloud@ is able to realize a 99.99% if SLA (Service Level Agreement) regardless of the type of Cloud service. SLA is a number represents the performance and the overall service quality of a system within 24 H and all year round.

【 web system contracted development 】

・We are doing the development of a variety of web systems for access to various browsers. We help to construct a system that has both convenience and trustworthiness such as a general membership type of sites, EC sites, portal sites, etc. We are able to deal with specialized web system dedicated to mobiles.<br><br>・Open system development<br>We offer system development service dedicated to different business purposes (business-oriented systems). We are able to deal with a wide range of system issues and development requests, such a general business management system for database use, unique specification systems, systems for connecting other systems.<br><br>【Smartphone App Contracted Development】<br>・iOS, Android App contracted development <br>We are able to provide App development service from a customer approach App to the planning, designing/ development, UI/UX design, testing, utilization/maintenance of public office business-related App, etc.<br><br>・One step service<br>Besides the planning, designing, development, testing until the release regard an App, we also provide services such as infrastructure design, construction, utilization supports, etc. tasks from App development to the use of it.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 228people Year of Foundation Feb,24. 2003
Representative Maesawa Hisashi Capital Fund 30,000,000 JPY
Avg. age 33years old Gross Sales More than 200,000000
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 03-5950-1740
Office Nagoya Branch<br>〒450-0003 15F, Sumitoseime Nagoya Building, 2-14-19 Meieki Minami Nakamura Ku, Nagoya, Aichi<br>Tel:052-589-3719 /Fax:052-589-3718<br><br>Osaka Branch<br>〒530-0001 15F, Pacific Marks Nishi Umeda, 2-6-20 Umeda, Kita Ku, Osaka city, Osaka Prefecture<br>Tel:06-6346-5840 /Fax:06-6346-5841<br><br>Fukuoka Branch<br>〒812-0011 2F, Hakata ekimae Daiichiseime building, 1-4-1 Hakata ekimae, Hakata Ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture<br>Tel:092-433-6111 /Fax:092-433-6112
Place of head office 170-0013
Tokyo Toyoshima Oak Ikebukuro,1-21-11 Higashi Ikebukuro
Nearest station: JR Ikebukuro station 5 min. walk
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Welfare 【Welfare】<br>・Avg. overtime working hours: 25h / month<br>・More than 123 days off in a year<br>・Paid leaves utilization rate is 79% among employees<br>・Maximum salary increasing amount is 70,000 JPY (practical data)<br>・No job transfer (with 0.004% possibility)<br><br>【Welfare】<br>・training fee fully covered for individuals.
History Feb 2003<br>The establishment of Agent, Technology, Global, Solution Co., Ltd.<br>Dec 2005<br>Osaka branch opened (Kita Ku, Osaka)<br>May 2006<br>Received the privacy mark<br>August 2006<br>Fukuoka branch opened (Chuo Ku, Fukuoka)<br>April 2007<br>Nagoya branch opened (Nishi Ku, Nagoya)<br>Feb 2009<br>Headquarter moved to Shibuya, Shibuya Ku<br>March 2010<br>Sold all the stocks to Fujitorasuto Co., Ltd. and joined the Fujito Group<br>August 2010<br>Headquarter moved to Higashi Ikebukuro, Toyoshima Ku<br>July 2011<br>Nagoya branch moved (Nakamura Ku, Nagoya)<br>April 2012<br>Released our own Cloud service &quot;cloud@&quot;<br>Jan 2013<br>Award with VMWare partner recognition<br>April 2013<br>Renamed the company as ATGS and changed the logo as well<br>Yokohama branch opened (Nishi Ku, Yokohama)<br>July 2013<br>Fukuoka branch moved (Hakata Ku, Fukuoka)<br>Joined the Japan Association of New Economy with a general membership<br>September 2014<br>Osaka branch moved (Kita Ku, Osaka)<br>Jan 2015<br>Received the ISMS recognition<br>September 2015<br>Yokohama branch closed<br>Joined the crowdsourcing association with a sponsor membership<br>October 2015<br>Settled a Micro Soft P-SELLER agreement<br>March 2016<br>Became the business partner with USP Lab regarding the Unicage software development method<br>October, 2016<br>Became the sub-company of SKI Group
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Clients ・MIJ -METORO INVESTMENT JAPAN-<br>・ARC・SYSTEM INC.<br>・NTT Data Tokai Co.,Ltd.<br>・Capital Asset Planning Inc.<br>・Kobe Digital Labo <br>・KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd.