Growth xPartners Incorporated.
  • Number of Employees: 160people
  • Year of Foundation: July 4th, 2008
27 Oct 2017
Growth xPartners Incorporated.Will "consult" techcareer
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Growth xPartners Incorporated.Will "consult" techcareer
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Growth xPartners Inc...
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  • 3.00 Millions Yen〜 6.00 Millions Yen

About Company

GxP mainly focuses on system integration business in which we also approach to many other businesses such as creative, production business, consultation, etc. We have been working with many big enterprises such as the medical equipment makers, industrial makers, department stores, enterprise trustees, etc. in many different fields. Started from our establishment in 2008, we have been collaborated with many clients in various fields to provide IT service supports and promotions. We pay much attention regarding enterprise IT while approaching our business. We believe it is very important to come to an agreement with our client when doing system development. Although, it may sound extreme, but it is possible to go back and forth between the stages while approaching the project.

About Service

【Counseling Business】

・IT business planning, proposal consulting service<br>・Web business counseling service <br>・Implementation support for the agile development process

【Creative Produce Business】

・Web marketing and produce<br>・Web system design<br>・UI/UX Design<br>・Web service development

【System Integration Business】

・Big scale enterprise system development (Java・.Net etc.)<br>・Agile process-related system development<br>・Architecture design, development regarding the business system which utilizes various Cloud infrastructure

Company Profile

Number of Employees 160people Year of Foundation July 4th, 2008
Representative Watanabe Shinichi Capital Fund 70,500,000 JPY
Avg. age 35years old Gross Sales 1,862,000,000 JPY
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 03-5990-5423
Office 【Sub-companies】<br>Growth Inc.(100% sub company)<br>HP:<br><br>GRSolutions, Inc.(100% sub company)<br>HP:<br><br>G’s Dinner, Inc.(100% sub company)<br>HP:<br><br>COMDEC(100% sub company)<br>HP:<br><br>Mieru-ka Co., Ltd.(60% sub company)<br>HP:<br><br>【Lounge】<br>G&#39;s Lounge<br>〒160-0023<br>3F, Shinjuku Royal building, 7-21-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Place of head office 163-0524
Tokyo Shinjuku 24F,25F, Shinjuku Nomura building,1-26-2 Nishi Shinjuku
Nearest station: Tokyo metro Marunouchi line: Nishi Shinjuku C13 passageway
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Welfare ・Commuting allowance<br>・Working style selection system (Able to choose a working style that fits you)<br>・espresso machine provided<br>・Insurances provided (employment, work injury, health, welfares)<br>・SKR (sugukuru) allowance: Allowance for the employee who lives within 3km area within the company, and able to come to work when an emergency happened.<br>・Housing allowance: This is the housing allowance for employees under the age of 29 where the company will provide a portion of allowance according to your monthly rent.<br>・Nurturing allowance: We want to support the family of our employees as well. We provide an allowance to the defendants (listed on the health insurance list; parents included.)<br>・Lunch discount: 500 yen health lunch set provided by our group restaurant (Konya)<br>・Dormitory: In order to support the daily life of our employees. We turn a share house into our dormitory<br>・Life insurance: Employee with seniority of more than a year will be added to the medical insurance and life insurance system which is covered by the company
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