Excel Creates Inc.
  • Number of Employees: 50people
  • Year of Foundation: March 30, 2004
21 Nov 2017
Excel Creates Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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Excel Creates Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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Excel Creates Inc.
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About Company

Established in March 2004, Excel Creates is a software production company mainly focuses its business in the medical field. Our clients mainly come from medical organizations. We are truly appreciated by anyone who gives us supports, thus we are able to grow until today. We have been taken advises from others to improve the quality of our products to make them better. We are working hard to keep moving forward with a better service.<br><br>We expect the software we provide could not only support the staff in the medical field but also connect them with the patients or anyone who comes in to receive medical treatment. Although the evolution of software in the medical field is rapid, we still hold our belief in providing a software service that is fast and with low cost. We believe to make the quality of our product better is how our enterprise could continue the service in the industry.

About Service

【Picture filing system】

It is a necessary system to catch up with the trend where the electronic medical record is getting prevalent. It is a system that is functional with low cost and can connect with other systems easily.<br><br>◯ Function examples<br>・Type of pictures<br>It is able to manage various types of pictures such as DICOM, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, etc.<br><br>・Layout<br>It can set and save modality as well as layout parts<br>・ Picture quality adjustment<br>It could adjust picture quality such as WL/WW、γ etc. <br>・Pre-setting function<br>It could also make an auto adjustment if you make the setting ahead.<br>・Measuring function<br>It is able to measure the distance, angle, Cardio-Thoracic Ratio (CTO), distance ratio, etc.<br>・Annotation<br>It can make the annotation regarding lines, marks, words, etc. onto the pictures.<br>・ Linkages<br>It has various linkage functions such as electronic medical records linkage, picture attachment, etc.<br>・ Key customized function<br>The customized function allows you to go back to the previous picture with only one touch, and it can allocate frequent use functions as keys.<br>・ Motion pictures workable<br>It can save various type of motion pictures such as DICOM-Multframe and MPEG etc.<br>・ Sound workable<br>It is able to save the sound from the motion pictures.

【Checking system】

We support medical staffs to carry out the checking procedures and get results at a fast speed with colored pictures. By utilizing picture filing skill, the system allows the medical staffs to save pictures like the hemograms, scattergrams, etc.<br><br>◯ Functions overall<br>・Patients information management<br>It is able to automatically register and manage patients data (infections, rare diseases, irregular antibody, etc.)<br>・Order check function<br>It could show messages about HbA1c checking (2 times per month), free health check, etc.<br><br>・Time management<br>It can provide detailed time management service regarding the whole checking process from the reception to the final report stage.<br>・ Data entry<br>It can comprise a layer of the data entry page. It is able to handle various data such as scattergrams and flag message.<br>・ Logic check<br>It provides detailed checking functions such as data logic check etc.<br>・Data utilization<br>It could pick out errors and utilize data efficiently<br>・Generation management<br>It could make the minimum changes according to the master generation management function

【Health check system】

There are always changes in the system and the needs of the customers regarding the health check business, and we hope to create a system that can tackle those changes easily. The FORZ health check system we offer could handle those changes and needs flexibly during the implementation and afterward. It is able to provide various customized information for the customers. The system is able to link to other machines to make the business more efficient and to reduce the errors of handwriting.<br><br>◯ Functions overall<br>・ Health check business supports<br>It provides a one-step support from the reception, reports to the issue of the invoice regarding the health check business<br>・ Motion picture customization<br>The user is able to compose the health check data entry page freely<br>・ Data composition<br>The user is able to compose the report as well as an account book freely<br>・Evaluation support<br>It is able to provide support regarding the evaluation of a health check result<br>・ Basic standard change approachable<br>It can handle the changes regarding basic standard flexibly<br>・ Data utilization<br>It could pick out errors and utilize data efficiently<br>・ Refund solution<br>It is able to handle the refund business and data business regarding a specialized health check

Company Profile

Number of Employees 50people Year of Foundation March 30, 2004
Representative Makoto Tanada Capital Fund 13,000,000 JPY
Avg. age 30years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Telephone 06-6121-2130
Office 【Tokyo office】<br>〒160-0004<br>3F, Yotsuya building, 1-23-6 Yotusya, Shinjuku, Tokyo<br>TEL:03-6274-8140<br><br>【Sandai office】<br>〒980-0021<br>5F Santokaikan, 2-2-10 Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken
Place of head office 542-0081
Osaka Chuo 1 Chome-16-13 Minamisenba, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu
Nearest station: Nagahoribashi station (1 min. walk)
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Welfare ・Insurances provided<br>・Transportation allowance
History March 2004: Established the company at Chuo Ku, Osaka<br>August 2004: Released FORZ picture system ver1<br>March 2006: Released FORZ inspection system ver1<br>September 2007: Released FORZ health check system ver1<br>November 2009: Granted the Intensive level of management medical equipment sales license (Number: N05611)<br>December 20090: Tokyo office opened at Akihabara<br>February 2010: Released FORZ picture system ver2<br>August 2010: Granted the second version of medical equipment production&amp; sales license (Number: 27B2X00253)<br>January 2011: Granted the FORZ workstation recognition (223AGBZX00009000)<br>May 2011: Released FORZ clinical check system ver2<br>April 2012: Participated in ITEM 2012<br>May 2012: Signed the partnership agreement with Oracle Japan<br>July 2012: Participated in INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL SHOW 2012<br>October 2012: Headquarter moved to Nagahoribashi<br>February 2013: Released FORZ picture checking system ver3<br>April 2013: Participated in ITEM 2013<br>June 2013: Company trip to celebrate the 10th anniversary<br>[MEDIAPlaza] continues<br>July 2013: Participated in INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL SHOW 2013<br>October 2013: Participated in JACLAS2013<br>December 2013: Tokyo office moved to Kanda<br>April 2014: Participated in ITEM 2014<br>July 2014: Participated in INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL SHOW 2014<br>October 2014: Participated in JACLAS2014<br>December 2014: Released FORZ health check system ver3<br>January 2015: Granted the software singular pharmaceutical affairs<br>April 2015: Participated in ITEM 2015<br>July 2015: Participated in INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL SHOW 2015<br>April 2016: participated in ITEM 2016<br>July 2016: Participated in INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL SHOW 2016<br>Participated in the exhibition hosted by Japan society of ningan dock<br>Tokyo office moved to Yotsuya<br>June 2017: Tokyo office renamed as Tokyo agency<br>Granted the privacy mark recognition<br>November 2017: Sandai office opened
Official website https://www.excel-creates.jp/
Clients Hitachi, Ltd.<br>Hitachi Medical Computer Systems, Inc.<br>Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation