Silverlake Japan, Ltd
  • 従業員数: -people
  • 設立: May 26, 1997
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Silverlake Japan, Ltdへ「話を聞きたい」をします
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Silverlake Japan as one of the members of the Silverlake Japan group focuses on the system development and provide solutions to banks, credit card, loans. We are a resource share type of third-party processor dedicated to national credit card companies and banks. What we do is to sell the outsourcing service regarding related businesses. We provide a revolutionized service for national financial organizations looking for cultivating overseas businesses and overseas financial organizations DR center service. Silverlake Japan is the first regular third-party processor in Japan which provides services on the system and related businesses for credit (card) companies.


【Business Scheme】

Silverlake Japan is the first regular third-party processor in Japan to handle card related systems as well as operation business related to outsourcing.

【Commodity Service】

<br>・System outsourcing<br>Silverlake Japan is able to provide all sorts of system resource outsourcing service related to card business.<br>・Business outsourcing<br>We are able to provide individual outsourcing service regarding all of the necessary card related businesses except card retrieve and credit risk management.


従業員数 -people 設立 May 26, 1997
代表者名 Goh Peng Ooi 資本金 265,000,000 JPY
平均年齢 売上高
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Other)
電話番号 03-3523-2309
本社所在地 1040033
Tokyo Chuo 5F, NMF Kayabacho building, Shinkawa 1-17-24
最寄駅: Tokyo metro: Tozai line, kayabacho (5 min. walk)
待遇・福利厚生 ・Health insurance<br>・Welfare monetary<br>・Employment insurance<br>・Work injury insurance<br>・Enterprise welfare monetary<br>・Group insurance<br>・Defined contribution pension plan<br>・Transportation fee fully covered
会社沿革 Feb 2006<br>Established SBI card processing Ltd.<br>(Original: Softbank Rights Agency)<br>June 2006<br>The first section of system development started (~ December 2006)<br>November 2006<br>Started the processor service<br>April 2007<br>The second section of system development started (~April 2008)<br>October 2007<br>The office moved to Kudanshita<br>December 2007<br>Compliance I completed<br>April 2008<br>Compliance II completed<br>February 2009<br>Received order regarding Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited(TBank) DR service processing<br>July 2009<br>Granted PCI-DSS version 1.2 performance recognition<br>November 2009<br>Established Silverlake Japan Ltd.<br>(renamed from SBI card processing Ltd.)<br>January 2010<br>The office moved to Shinkawa<br>August 2011<br>Granted PCI-DSS version 2.0 performance recognition