Act Information Service Inc.
  • 従業員数: 15people
  • 設立: September 3, 1990
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Act Information Service Inc.へ「話を聞きたい」をします
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  • 2.87 Millions Yen〜 6.00 Millions Yen


Act information service provides a high quality of service for our customers by our specialists. We try to make contributions to the society through our services.<br>We offer a variety of different services in various fields such as computer system utilization, consulting service, printing service as well as the selling of office suppliances.



<br>We offer 5 main services to support the infrastructure system of our clients.<br><br>・Business operation support regarding the infrastructure system of our clients.<br>・Payroll calculation business<br>・Development and maintenance of the related system<br>・System solution as well as development according to updates of employment regulations <br>・System proposals and business operation support for related enterprises<br><br>There are a variety of tasks about the data solution regarding infrastructure system functions, calculation, analysis, accounting solution etc. These tasks require a high level of concentration without any error since they are related to payroll calculation. <br>We believe it is very important to construct a trusted relationship with our clients in order to have the business move forward. As a result, it is also important to maintain a smooth communication with the clients, to think thoroughly about the topics from a client point of view, and finally to share the information with other members.


<br>》Engineering service provided by our consultants with SAP qualifications<br>》Offer Majic Xpi system development as the alliance partner of magic software Japan <br><br>・Counseling support about the implementation of SAP system (BASIS counseling and business counseling)<br>・Add-on development, related system, and interphase development<br>・Migration operation support for the purpose of a smooth implementation<br>・Provide implementation support and training for our clients<br>・Provide system maintenance and operation service after the implementation of the system<br><br>We offer all services regarding a system implementation, development by our professional engineers.<br>We work with our clients closely regarding every stage of a system implementation. We intend to offer the most accommodated solution for our customers according to the topic each one of them has. Although it is not an easy process, we are working on providing the best solution for our customers and creating a new set of values through the process.


<br>Our printing, suppliance business division are able to deal with different requests as well as situations and to offer on-demand customized service to our customers. We want to create a brand-new printing business as part of the information service.<br>We are able to make our service customized according to different needs. It is possible for us to record individual information with the print as well. We are able to do invoices and receipts as well. We could also do &quot; information guidelines&quot; and &quot;direct mails&quot; with personalized information too. <br>Also, working with our partners, we could also do &quot; offset printing&quot; with big volume request. We provide various additional processing works as well, such as &quot;sealing&quot;, &quot;delivery&quot;. In other words, we offer an overall service from the printing to the final delivery.


従業員数 15people 設立 September 3, 1990
代表者名 Hajime Yamashita 資本金 10,000,000 JPY
平均年齢 売上高
男女比 業種 Service approach
本社所在地 169-0072
Tokyo Shinjuku 2-4-12 Shinjuku Lam Dax building, 2-4-12 Okubo
最寄駅: Tokyo metro Fukutoshi line: Nishi Waseda (3 min. walk)
待遇・福利厚生 ・Social insurances, health insurance (Kanto IT software group)<br>・Monthly salary, manager allowance, transportation fee, adjustment, qualification allowance<br>・Overtime working payment (overtime, day off, midnight)<br>・Travel allowance, marriage &amp; mourning leaves<br>・Bonus (2 times a year)<br>・Retirement monetary system