M3 Career, Inc.
  • Number of Employees: 400people
  • Year of Foundation: Dec. 1st, 2009
15 Dec 2017
M3 Career, Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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M3 Career, Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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M3 Career, Inc.
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  • Tokyo Hibiya line: Kamiyac...
  • 4.00 Millions Yen〜 9.00 Millions Yen

About Company

<About us> <br>The site we are running which is called &quot;m3.com&quot;, it is the biggest portal site dedicated to healthcare system staff in Japan. We have more than 25,0000 doctors and more than 10,0000 pharmacists registered onto our site.<br><br><About SMS> <br>It is an enterprise with about double growth every year through the construction of healthcare information infrastructure. It also started to approached into human resources matching service dedicated to the nursing field.<br>From now on, it is going to expand its business with different services dedicated to doctors, pharmacists, healthcare organizations, and enterprises. It intends to achieve its goal by utilizing the members it gained and the information infrastructure constructed.<br>Now is the time for m3career to boost up its recognition and its brand value!

About Service

【Human resources matching / Job Ads

We have been creating a huge synergy through our job matching service. We have been maintaining a positive business in this particular field.<br><br>・Doctor job matching site |『m3career agent』<br>・Comprehensive job matching site dedicated to doctors|『m3.com CAREER』<br>・Hospital information research site dedicated to doctors|『m3.com hospital word of mouth navigation 』<br>・Hospital internship search site dedicated to medical school students|『m3.com hospital internship navigation』<br>・Job searching site dedicated to anesthesiologists |『Ane Navigation!』<br>・ Industrial Physician job matching supports~ Industrial health care insurance system construction support|『Industrial Physician Introduction, Counseling Service 』<br>・Pharmacists Job matching site |『Pharmacist career agent』<br>・Comprehensive job matching site dedicated to pharmacists|『Pharmacist career』<br>・Job information site dedicated to medical school students|『Pharmacist career 1st』<br>・Mom pharmacist supporting site|『Pharmacist career mama』<br>We offer a wide range of support from doctors to medical major students, pharmacists as mothers

As one of our original businesses, we offer career information to doctors and pharmacists. We offer both human resources matching and Job Ads at the same time as our core businesses.

<br>・Doctor interview|『Epistle (イピスル)』<br>https://career.m3.com/contents/epistle<br>・Career, lifestyle supporting site towards pharmacists |『pharmacists career Plus+』<br>https://pcareer.m3.com/plus/

Another original business is the medical consulting service for medical organizations.

<br>・Providing a direction for medical organziations|『Hospital business support PM service』<br>・Offering an efficient function regarding the hiring of doctors|『Doctor hiring outsourcing service』<br>・Multiple supports towards a hiring process|『Clinic business support service』<br>・Matching service for chief directors and adninstrartions|『Administrative works introduction service』<br>・On-site information service|『Hospital business examples』

Company Profile

Number of Employees 400people Year of Foundation Dec. 1st, 2009
Representative Soichiro Hanyu Capital Fund 50,000,000 JPY
Avg. age 30.2years old Gross Sales 86,3000,000JPY
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 03-6895-1751
Office Osaka Office<br>〒530-0001<br>1115, 11F, Osaka Ekimae Building 3,<br>1-1-3 Umeda, Kita, OsakaOsaka
Place of head office 105-0001
Tokyo Minato Toranomon Towers Office, 4-1-28 Toranomon
Nearest station: Hibiya line: Kamiyacho (5 min. walk)
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Welfare 【Treatments】<br>・Insurances (employment, work injury, health, welfare)<br>・Transportation fee covered (35000 JPY per month)<br>・Company-rented house<br>・Business purpose book purchasing system (We will cover the full costs for you if it is under 10,000 JPY)<br>・Trainning supporting system (We will cover a 50% cost for your)<br>・Club activity allowance (we offer allowance intends to promote communications between employees)<br>Others
History 【2009】<br>Started with 27 employees<br><br>【2010】<br>Set up the mission of &quot;Creating a new business model and rules.&quot;<br>【2011】<br>Restructured the mission, vision, ideals for a better growth of the company.<br>The overall sales achieved more than 20,000,00000 JPY. Started the &quot;doctor spot&quot; service.<br>【2012】<br>Started club activities in order to promote communications between employees. Set up a telephone route of human resources matching and a &quot;behavior regulations&quot;. Sales regarding pharmacists career business achieved more than 20,000,00000 JPY.<br>【2013】<br>As the No1 enterprise in healthcare human resources matching field, we started to expand our business into pharmacists dispatch service, medical major students.<br>【2014】<br>Pharmacists career business achieved more than 30,000,00000 JPY.<br>Doctor career business achieved more than 20,000,00000 JPY.<br>Started the &quot;administrative works introduction&quot; service as well as &quot;hospital business running supporting service&quot;.<br>【2015】<br>Doctor career business achieved more than 30,000,00000 JPY.<br>m3career finally set up a specialized representative position.<br>Started a job searching supporting service dedicated to medical major students. Hired new graduates.<br>【2016】<br>Pharmacists career business achieved more than 40,000,00000 JPY.<br>The overall sales achieved more than 80,000,00000 JPY.<br>Started a 3-year plan (2016-2018). One of the goals is to make Anestation become our sub company.<br>【2017】<br>The overall sales achieved more than 100,0000,0000 JPY with more than 500 employees. Osaka office opened. Set up both &quot;&quot;Business supporting division&quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot;Business development division&quot;&quot;. Started various services such as the overseas business, service dedicated to dentists, industrial doctor service, registered vendor introduction service etc.
Official website https://www.m3career.com/