FLEXSCHE Corporation
  • Number of Employees: 9people
  • Year of Foundation: May 1st, 2001
25 Dec 2017
FLEXSCHE CorporationWill "consult" techcareer
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FLEXSCHE CorporationWill "consult" techcareer
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About Company

An increasing needs in multiple categories of products and small quantities as well as demanding a quick response due to deadline reason, changes in production plans, etc. All these have been happening in where production process is taking place. Regardless of industries, the process of manufacturing is a competition against time. Since the manufacturing industry has been changed so rapidly, it is hard for manufacturers to stick to the old-fashion way of production. FLEXSCHE, a production process scheduling system is the solution to solve such on-site problems.<br>The &quot;FLEXSCHE&quot; is a system which assists to manage the schedule regarding a manufacturing process. It is able to maintain a balance in both &quot; dealing with various needs in the manufacturing industry.&quot; and &quot;produce a product which could be used for a long period of time.&quot; It is a new generation of production scheduling system to produce a production plan with a high-speed, clean layout, easy to use functions.

About Service

【 FLEXSCHE Editor 】

It could generate a major obstacle during the system implementation process if the engineering definition is complicated. In order to solve such a problem, we have invented the FLEXSCHE Editor to be installed on FLEXSCHE GP. The system could reduce the burden during data production and the process of organization and improve efficiency. The system is able to produce data in a simple and graphical way. It could also be used either with FLEXSCHE GP or independently.&quot;

【 FLEXSCHE Communicator 】

FLEXSCHE Communicator is a revolutionary scheduling system in which it allows users to share information simultaneously. The person responsible for the operation of the schedule does not limit to one person only. Anyone who is related to the production process is able to make the adjustments and connections in order to achieve a more effective result as a whole.


It is a brand-new production plan solution where it is able to deal with the needs of the manufacturing industry. It is effective in dealing with short-term changes and unstable needs in which it is able to make a speedy and accurate adjustment accordingly.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 9people Year of Foundation May 1st, 2001
Representative Mikio Urano Capital Fund 80,000,000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Software)
Telephone 03-6712-9549
Place of head office 140-0001
Tokyo Shinagawa 2F, Coastline Shinagawa building, 1-19-5 Kita Shinagawa
Nearest station: Kita Shinagawa sta. 4 min. walk
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Welfare ・Insurances(Kanto IT Software Healthcare package)<br>・Commuting allowance(Max: 50,000 JPY per month)<br>・No suits allowed during days with no meetings( According to your position)<br>・Company trip(4 days)<br>・Free drinks<br>・Retirement system
History May 22, 2001: The establishment of the company (capital fund 1,000,0000 JPY)<br>September 13, 2001: Omori office at Ota opened<br>January 19, 2004: Office moved to Minamioi, Shinagawa<br>April 22, 2004: Capital fund increased to 1,600,0000 JPY<br>October 12, 2010: Moved to Minato <br>June 27, 2013: Capital fund increased to 8,000,0000 JPY<br>May 8, 2017: Moved to Kita, Shinagawa
Official website https://www.flexsche.com/index.htm