Ubicom Holdings Incorporated
  • Number of Employees: 867people
  • Year of Foundation: December 8, 2015
10 Jan 2018
Ubicom Holdings IncorporatedWill "consult" techcareer
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Ubicom Holdings IncorporatedWill "consult" techcareer
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Ubicom Holdings Inco...
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  • 3.60 Millions Yen〜

About Company

Ubicom group established in 1993, we have a stable offshore business in the Philippine with more than 20 years of business experience.<br><br>Currently, we have been doing different services in a variety of industries including manufacturing, service, finance, healthcare. We are also going to expand our businesses into the automobile, robotic fields with AI technology. Moreover, with the wave of globalization and an aging society which leads to a change in the societal structure. we are also trying to grasp the opportunity to create new businesses within the healthcare, robotic and the AI fields. We are expanding our business as a Go Global Company.

About Service

【App. Development】

We help our customers to build the most accommodated onsite, offshore, nearshore development system ( financial e-Commerce development, production management system, mobile App, etc.) through a collaboration between Japanese software enterprises and SI companies. We work as an outsourcing partner providing services in business, App., system development areas and have been receiving long-term supports from our customers. We are confident about our performance in a high quality of App development.

【Software, Testing】

Starting with a global notebook maker, both testing centers in Japan and offshore are working towards the goal of ensuring a good quality of management. We structure an international standard of quality assurance methodology by working with those global leading enterprises. We are able to make contributions by offering a high quality of product to our customers.

【Enbedded Software Devlopment】

We handle a variety of development tasks about embedded software, firmware, drivers, etc. The products we handle include software design, research, programming, testing of printers, data input-output device, memory equipment, mobile device, etc. Starting from our establishment, we have been working with other Japanese companies to carry out tasks in firmware, driver developments. We are able to acquire a wide range of development skills since then. With such a strong relationship with other enterprises, we are able to accumulate skills in mobile product development. Currently, we are participating in the production of notebooks; we also offer module development supports to enterprises have their business in the smartphone firmware development area.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 867people Year of Foundation December 8, 2015
Representative Masayuki Aoki Capital Fund 703,253,000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Office ・AIS (Japan)<br>・Advanced World Systems, Inc. (Philipine)<br>・Advanced World Solutions, Inc. (Philipine)<br>・Advanced World Solutions, Ltd. (Hong Kong)<br>・AWS (Beijing), Ltd. (China)<br>・AWS (Kunshan), Ltd (China)<br>・Ubicom U.S.A., Inc.(U.S.A.)
Place of head office 112-0002
Tokyo Bunkyo 9F, Jokoh building, 2-23-11 Koishikawa
Nearest station: Tokyo metro Nanboku line Korakuen sta.
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Official website http://www.ubicom-hd.com/
Clients Accenture<br>anicom<br>Kyocera<br>KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.<br>KONICA MINOLTA, INC.<br>SIGMAXYZ Inc.<br>SHARP<br>SNK<br>GMO Cloud<br>GMO Sign<br>IBM Japan<br>NRI<br>Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.<br>Vigience <br>Muratatech<br>Lenovo