• Number of Employees: 160people
  • Year of Foundation: November 1st, 1988
08 Feb 2018
GEO SEARCH CO.,LTD.Will "consult" techcareer
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GEO SEARCH CO.,LTD.Will "consult" techcareer
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About Company

We are the specialists in detecting and inspecting dangerous, breakdown spots &quot; underground&quot; and &quot; inside an infrastructure&quot; which cannot be seen by naked eyes. We do it by using our unique high-speed, high-resolution sensing technology and with the experiences we accumulated from the past. <br><br>We could offer support in disasters prevention, disasters relieve, etc. and the technology we use has been updated continuously. We indeed carried the research regarding the ground sinking accident happened in Hakata in November last year. We collaborated with the city government of Fukuoka to inspect the road condition and offer other supports throughout the process. We intend to make contributions to society by protecting the lives of people from those unseen dangers.

About Service

【Searching for hollowed holes underground 】

With a scale car equipped with a high-resolution sensor, it is able to acquire data of 100km underground within 1 day. With such technology, we are able to provide accurate analysis and reports regarding hollowed holes. It is also able to shorten the time needed for the research and report (around 1/10). It is able to realize the goal of a huge cost down (about 1/2).

【 Concrete breakdown research 】

Concretes could break down over the years and due to climates and other reasons. We are able to carry out researches in various places such as the concretes of a bridge, highway, airport runway, etc. We could offer such service with a low cost where a breakdown inside a concrete could be detected at an early stage. The engineering car is running at a speed of 80km per hour to gain data of about 30 bridges a day. It could compile a report about the breakdown spots and carry out an overall inspection regarding the condition of a concrete plate.

【Underground infrastructure 3D mapping technology】

There are many lines, objects underground, and with the old scanner technology, we could only see the side view of an underground image. What we offer is a brand new 3D mapping technology offering an underground image that can be viewed from a more comprehensive dimension. This technology can greatly improve efficiency before an underground engineering task is actually taking place.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 160people Year of Foundation November 1st, 1988
Representative Hiroshi Tomita Capital Fund 3000,0000 JPY
Avg. age 38.8years old Gross Sales 31100,00000 JPY
Gender Ratio Industry Type Specialized counseling
Place of head office 144-0051
Tokyo Ota 7-37-10 Nishikamata
Nearest station: Tokaidohon line: Kamata sta. 9 min. walk
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