Frontier System Solutions
  • 従業員数: 15people
  • 設立: June 12, 2008
Frontier System Solutionsへ「話を聞きたい」をします
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Frontier System Solutionsへ「話を聞きたい」をします
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We provide a wide range of smartphone-related service such as the planning, proposal making, development, maintenance as well as operation since the establishment of our company in 2008.<br>We are receiving a lot of different requests from our customers and is expanding the genres of our businesses. Currently, we are doing both the front-end and back-end development of a Web system according to the needs of our customers.


【Smartphone App Development】

Frontier System Solutions uses the most advanced technology and our unique creativity to provide the best solution regarding the development of a smartphone or tablet App. The App we developed have been used in many different industries such as an AI linked role play App, SNS App, GPS linked App, e-book App, net printing App etc. all sorts of business App. Other than that, we also develop educational App as well as consumption type of App linked with the social net.

【The Development of Our Own Original App. &amp; Services】

Frontier System Solutions is also expanding its business into the field of creating our own original App and services. The original e-book type of Applications we created includes 『FSS-BOOK』,『Moe book × Collection (萌えブック×これくしょん) 』as well as a learning App 『Kanji (Chinese characters) Writing Drill (手書き漢字ドリル)』, 『Underwear Kanji (Chinese characters) Drill (パンツかん字ドリル)』,『Momota,s adventure (モモタの大ぼけん)』etc. We are definitely going to produce more different types of App from now on.

【 WEB System Development】

Frontier System Solutions also offers Web system development service (PHP focus), smartphone sites construction and Websites construction using CMS (Drupal, WordPress).


従業員数 15people 設立 June 12, 2008
代表者名 Kenji Sudo 資本金 200,0000 JPY
平均年齢 33 売上高 1.5 billion JPY
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
電話番号 03-5809-1223
本社所在地 110-0015
Tokyo Taito 8F, YTS building, 1-9-7 Higashiueno
最寄駅: Stations: Okachimachi, Nakaokachimachi, Uenookachimachi, Uenohirokochi