Sky system
  • 従業員数: 9people
  • 設立: November 5th, 2010
Sky systemへ「話を聞きたい」をします
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Sky systemへ「話を聞きたい」をします
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Sky system
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We are a company offers weather warning systems used in civil engineering, architecture fields. Systems those could monitor the weather condition and send out warnings to the workers. We want to protect on-site workers from harm by our systems.


<Environment measuring system> Weather forecast system: ibis

We set up weather forecast units to collect information regarding wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, amount of rainfall, climate pressure etc. automatically. The information collected could be organized in a form of excel spreadsheet (daily). An email could be delivered once the recorded number has exceeded the standard.

<Quality control system>eagle plus

Eagle Plus is a system used in concrete engineering task. It could help manage the time and related data regarding a concrete placement task. We intend to use the system to provide a better quality of a civil engineering assignment.

<Security Solution>Warning system: canary

It could help to announce weather forecast warning by speaker, siren, emergency vehicle lighting automatically. The information usually was sent out by email in the past. The sirens and the emergency lightings could be controlled wirelessly in which it is very convenient to use (within 400m).


従業員数 9people 設立 November 5th, 2010
代表者名 Hidenaga Takaya 資本金 10,000,000 JPY
平均年齢 売上高
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
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