CIS Corporation
  • 従業員数: 20people
  • 設立: March 26, 1990
CIS Corporationへ「話を聞きたい」をします
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CIS Corporationへ「話を聞きたい」をします
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CIS Corporation
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Tokyo Hibiya line: Kodemma...
  • 3.50 Millions Yen〜


We carry out tasks of App designing, development, system infrastructure design, development maintenance in project format. Our Tokyo office just opened in April 2016. The location is very convenient for our workers to commute, and with many restaurants to choose from. <br>The unique point about our service is that we are not just carrying out program or system development task merely, we provide a product with what our clients want. We also host seminars and self-evaluation interviews regularly to follow up with each of our members.<br>We also have a system that helps our workers to develop their career paths accordingly. <br><Businesses><br>・Planning, designing, development, construction, operation, maintenance, management regarding system infrastructure as well as Applications<br>・Planning, designing, development, construction, operation, maintenance, management regarding Web program as well as Web design


従業員数 20people 設立 March 26, 1990
代表者名 Kazuhide Toyama 資本金 10,000,000 JPY
平均年齢 売上高
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
本社所在地 101-0032
Tokyo Chiyoda 5F, Muratoku building, 1-7-6 Iwamotocho
最寄駅: Hibiya line: Kodemmacho station (3 min. walk)
会社沿革 March 1990<br>Established at Urayasu with a capital of 300,0000 JPY<br>June 1994<br>Agency opened at Kitasakai, Urayasu<br>September 1995<br>Capital increased to 1,000,0000 JPY<br>December 1997<br>Agency moved to Todaijima, Urayasu<br>June 2004<br>Employment (agent) dispatch business started<br>April 2016<br>Tokyo office opened<br>May 2017<br> Todaijima office closed<br>June 2017<br>Tokyo office became the headquarters
主要取引先 ill, Inc.<br>INTEC Inc.<br>Sanyu Information System Corporation<br>Systena Corporation<br>Janome Credia Co., Ltd.<br>Chuo System Corporation<br>Needs Well Inc.<br>Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering, Inc<br>The Japan Research Institute, Limited<br>Japan Business Systems, Inc.<br>FUJISOFT<br>Others