Prestige International Inc.
  • Number of Employees: 3,022people
  • Year of Foundation: October 1st, 1986
18 Apr 2018
Prestige International Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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Prestige International Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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About Company

Prestige International Inc. is like a medium to coordinate the communication between the call center staff (where they receive the requests from the customers) and the on-site staff with our IT technology. We use our unique technical skill combined with our business vision to provide all sorts of services to our business partners.<br><br><BPO(Business・Process・Outsourcing)Business><br>・Road assistance business<br>・Property assistance business<br>・Insurance BPO business<br>・Warranty business<br>・IT solution business<br>・Customer support business<br>・Dispatch and other business

About Service

<Road assistance business>

We offer a 24hr. customer support as well as road service for our end users. The end users are the customers of insurance companies, automobile manufacturers, car dealers etc. (In other words, the car insurance holders, car owners etc.). It is an all-year-round service.<br><br><Property assistant business><br>The property business mainly includes two sectors: <br>One is the home assistant service to offer supports regarding all the problems in a house (water leakage, lock, cleaning etc.)<br>Another business is about car parking where we could help the owners to solve all kinds of problems and the maintenance issue. Our main clients are real estate companies, parking lot owners, car sharing companies.

<Insurance BPO business>

Our main clients are the insurance companies where we provide both a 24hr. Japanese customer support and medical treatment support for the insured people with overseas travel insurances. This is an overseas travel insurance claim agent service. We also utilize the know-how and the medical network we have to provide medical treatment support to overseas companies with many Japanese employees. What we want to do is to offer support to the Japanese people who live or work overseas.<br><br><Warranty business><br>We want to help our clients to reduce the risks regarding their businesses and to improve business efficiency. As a result, we offer a warranty service for our end users in all sorts of areas such as automobile warranty extension service, house rent warranty, house facility warranty extension service, nursing fee warranty etc.

<IT solution business>

We are doing our original development, operation regarding a variety of systems such as PBX system of a call (contact) center, infrastructure system for different industries, automatic arrangement system, inspection system etc, <br><br><Customer support business> <br>There are three categories of our customer support business. One is the CRM service for EC companies to deal with customer support and data analysis. Second is to offer emergency support for insured people. The third one is to issue a credit card for Japanese overseas (U.S.A., China, Hong Kong). The credit card allows the person to make the purchase by the local currency.<br><br><Dispatch &amp; others> <br>We utilize our unique strengths in human resource to start a human resource business as well as other businesses such as nursing business, child development support business, child English learning business etc.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 3,022people Year of Foundation October 1st, 1986
Representative Shinichi Tamagami Capital Fund 1,415,920,000 JPY
Avg. age 35years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type Service approach
Telephone 03-5213-0220
Office Akita BPO CAMPUS<br>〒010-1633 <br>1-172 Arayatorikimachi, Akita city, Akita<br>TEL: 018-888-9333(representative)<br>FAX: 018-888-9030<br><br>Yamagata BPO Garden<br>〒998-0102 <br>4-1-1 Kyoden Sakada city, Yamagata<br>TEL: 0234-41-2111(representative)<br>FAX: 0234-41-2112<br><br>Toyama BPO Town<br>〒939-0311 <br>846-1 Kurogawa Imizu city, Toyama<br>TEL: 0766-57-3000(representative)<br>FAX: 0766-57-4400
Place of head office 102-0083
Tokyo Chiyoda 14F, Koujima Odori building, 2-4-1 Koujima
Nearest station: &quot;Hazomon station 3a exist exist 6 towards Shinjuku direction
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Welfare 【Insurances】<br>■ Insurances provided<br>(employment, work injury, health, welfare benefits)<br><br>【Allowances】<br>■ Transportation allowance<br>■ Overtime working allowance<br>■ Business trip allowance<br>■ Managerial allowance<br>■ Maternity leaves, nurturing leaves (Gift monetary system)<br><br>【Benefits】<br>■ Stock option<br>■ Employee stock holding<br>■ Defined contribution pension plan <br>■ Marital &amp; mourning leaves<br>■ Paying for cellphone, PC, iPad<br>■ Short-time working system (must be discussed)<br>■ Maternity leaves, nurturing leaves
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