ipoca Inc.
  • Number of Employees: 30 people
  • Year of Foundation: Aug. 6, 2007
25 Sep 2018
ipoca Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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ipoca Inc.Will "consult" techcareer
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ipoca Inc.
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About Company

Our CEO started his own career with an accounting agency at the age of 27. He then started his own business at the age of 29 and was mainly in charge of the marketing business of the local retail stores. It was as at this point where he realize the importance of marketing. This includes where to buy the product, what does a customer want, and how to get it. These questions actually gave him the idea of creating 『NEARLY』a service that matches customers with real-time stores.<br>NEARLY is an App that collects useful information about real-time stores and recommends it to our users. Through this platform, customers can find out what is new about a store. On the other hand, the store can also keep up with how customers are alternating their shopping behavior. Our mission is to transform the experience of shopping and to bring more smiles to this society.

About Service

A real-time stores platform: NEARLY

◆ We collect thousands of information about stores, services, facilities, and we send a piece of customized information to our users according to individual shopping behavior through our App: NEARLY. Currently, we have over 13,000 stores including big chained stores, department stores like LUMINE, Marui, Takashimaya, etc. using our platform to interact with the customers. We also have more than 130,0000 users are using our service. And we are definitely looking for bigger growth in the future.<br><br>◆ Giving our users more flexibility <br>One of the special characteristics about NEARLY is that it organizes shopping &amp; stores information by area instead of limiting to particular stores or facilities. This gives customers more flexibility when doing their shopping. Especially for those of whom do not usually make up their minds when shopping. We also pay a lot of attention to the UX part of our service. We always carry out our developments and improvements from the point of view of our users to make a service that is truly user-friendly.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 30 people Year of Foundation Aug. 6, 2007
Representative Taku Ichinose Capital Fund 843,950,000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Office West Japan branch office<br>9F, Edobori Center building, Edobori 2-1-1, West Dist., Osaka city, Osaka<br><br>Osaka Metro Yotsubashi line: Higobashi station
Place of head office 150-0012
Tokyo Shibuya 9F, Ichigo Hiroo building, Hiroo 5-8-14
Nearest station: Tokyo metro Hiroo station
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Welfare Insurances<br>Commuting allowance(Max of 30,000 JPY per month)
Official website http://www.ipoca.jp/