Dream Career Co.,Ltd.
  • 従業員数: 28 people
  • 設立: May 10, 2002
Dream Career Co.,Ltd.へ「話を聞きたい」をします
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Dream Career Co.,Ltd.へ「話を聞きたい」をします
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We are a company that utilizes the power of IT &amp; Web to support the process of human resourcing.<br><br>Our main focus is in the HR industry in which we offers a wide range of human resource related services from job searching, recruiting support, job matching, dispatch service, HR counseling service etc. Other than the HR consultation service, we also approach into businesses like advertising, recruitment outsourcing, system engineering, App/Web system production &amp; development. We also runs an owned media called 『Rikei Nabi 理系ナビ』.<br>We are a start-up company using the power of IT to help our customers solving all kinds of problems. We want to be the best partner of our clients to offer the best services they need.<br>


Career consultation division

Our career consultation division is dedicated to the operation of our owned career supporting service &quot;Riken理系&quot;. This is a HR supporting service for corporations those are looking for hiring students graduated with a science &amp; technology degree. We provide counseling services to corporations with such needs, we also publish a magazine with the same name as well as operate an online media too! Besides providing services to the corporations, we also offer job searching consultations to students. Services like dispatch, internship matching up are also part of our HR service!<br>

IT solution division

We offer comprehensive solutions to help solve the problems in the IT/Web industries of Japan. This industry has been suffered from a lack of human resource for a long time. We want to match up talented people with the related skills with corporations those are in need of these people. What we want to achieve is to help forming a career supply chain that can help individuals build up their careers as they want.<br>


従業員数 28 people 設立 May 10, 2002
代表者名 Kankuro Ueshima 資本金 112,800,000 JPY
平均年齢 売上高
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
電話番号 03-5786-2537
本社所在地 107-0062
Tokyo Minato Minami Aoyama 2-27-27 Maruhachi Aoyama building 3F
最寄駅: Gainmae station 1a exist
待遇・福利厚生 【Insurances】<br>■ Kanto IT software healthcare package <br>【Welfare】<br>■ Discount on certain company goods: colored contact lenses/ accessories/ nails <br>■ Birthday leave<br>■ Benefit One<br>■ Commuting allowance(30,000 JPY/ month)<br>
会社HP https://www.dreamcareer.co.jp/