PopularSoft Co.,Ltd.
  • Number of Employees: 65 people
  • Year of Foundation: September 1st, 2004
29 Oct 2018
PopularSoft Co.,Ltd.Will "consult" techcareer
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PopularSoft Co.,Ltd.Will "consult" techcareer
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About Company

Our mission statement is &quot;to be the best in the world and to grow together with our customers&quot;. We serve our customers with honesty and high quality. We are good at providing sophisticated system developments according to the needs of our customers.<br><Duties><br>・Computer gadgets, software development, management and sales business<br>・The import/ export of computer gadgets and the related software <br>・The operation of the information service<br>・The development and the sales of our owned products

About Service

Fiance System Development

Along with our sophisticated technical skills, we have earned the trusts from many big financial organizations as well as SI vendors in only 3 years after the launch of the company.<br>We are good at developing all kinds of systems to be used in the finance industry. We also work closely with our clients mainly from the banking &amp; the credit card industries regarding the development as well as the maintenance of a system.

ERP Solution

Our goal is to help our clients to become more efficient when handling their businesses, and we also want to help them to cut down their costs spending on all kinds of categories that are indeed unnecessary.<br>The so-called ERP construction is to conduct developments that could be dedicated to the needs of individuals. We provide the most accommodated system by carefully analyzing the needs of our clients. <br>※ SAP ERP<br>The &quot;SAP ERP&quot; developed by SAP Germany has been recognized as one of the best in this area. It is an ERP package with high expandability (extensibility). It also has the top market share in the Japanese market as well.<br>※ Hybrish<br>It is an ERP solution package developed by Nihon Unisys, Ltd. targeted to the middle size firms. It can support and handle a variety of different tasks mainly in the accounting/ finance, sales, shopping, production management etc.

Next-Gen Web System Development

We offer Web solutions those can be most effectively utilized in different system environments. We offer a system based on the idea that shall be able to accomodate to the needs of different individuals. The system shall be able to accomodate to different devices like mobiles, different browsers, computers, Pads etc. Our goal is to help companies build up their strengths by the power of IT.<br>※BusinessBocs<br>It is an infrastructure developed collaboratively by MKI and PopularFramework. We also dedicate ourselves to provide a system that is with a superb quality!

Company Profile

Number of Employees 65 people Year of Foundation September 1st, 2004
Representative Jubun Sakano Capital Fund 47,470,000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Office Popular-Soft(Dalian)Co,. Ltd<br>〒116023 Room 1708 Sunshine Digital Building 596 Huangpu Road Hi-Tech Zone Dalian China<br><br>TEL:86-411-84753897 FAX:86-411-84754320
Place of head office 110-0005
Tokyo Taito 3F, Imassony Building 1-11-9, Ueno
Nearest station: JR Yamanote line: Okachimachi station South exist
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Welfare Health insurance (Kanto ITS), welfare pension, labor insurance, labor injury, marital &amp; mourning monetary support system,<br>childcare, nursing leaves, company trip (once per every 2 years), other welfare provided.
History May 2012<br>Office moved to Ueno, Tokyo<br>December 2011<br>Recognized with a CMMI level 3 recognition (Dalian branch office, China) <br>August 2011<br>Signed a information system outsourcing agreement with LIXIL Group Corporation.<br>October 2014<br>Received the privacy mark of Dalian Software Park (Dalian branch office)<br>July 2010<br>Capital fund increased to 4420,0000 JPY<br>November 2008<br>Received the privacy mark of JIPDEC (main office)<br>October 2008<br>Capital fund increased to 2900,0000 JPY<br>March 2007<br>Office moved again due to business expansion<br>October 2006<br>Received the specialized labor dispatch business recognition<br>December 2005<br>Set up a branch company in Dalian, China<br>May 2005<br>Capital fund increased to 2500,0000 JPY<br>September 2004<br>Set up PopularSoft Co.,Ltd.<br>March 2003<br>Signed an outsourcing contract with MITSUI KNOWLEDGE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.<br>August 2002<br>Company established
Official website http://www.popular-soft.com/ja/