• Number of Employees: 3 people
  • Year of Foundation: Feb 1st, 2018
18 Dec 2018
Navier.CoWill "consult" techcareer
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Navier.CoWill "consult" techcareer
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  • Smartphone Application Engineer
  • Tokyo Hibiya line: Ebisu s...
  • 4.50 Millions Yen〜 7.00 Millions Yen

About Company

We are a startup company that focuses on utilizing the deep learning technology for HD resolution. We are also doing many researches about data compression in which we would like to expand our business into the music industry using our technology in the future.<br>We support the business of our customers with our resolution retouch service &quot;&quot;ReShape&quot;&quot;. It is a product that uses AI technology to retouch image files to make it more high resolution. The technology we use is called &quot;GAN&quot;, it is the most advanced image retouch technology using AI now. We offer the service with a reasonable price on API. Generally, the technology is applied to websites image retouch, surveillance camera image retouch and print image retouch.

About Service

AI Powered

&quot;GAN&quot; is a image resolution retouch tool using the most advanced AI technology. It allows the users to enjoy a more high end HD resolution result compared to using any other editing tool.

Simple API

We offer this real time image retouch service with API which is simple and quick.


We also listen to what our customers want to improve the features of our system.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 3 people Year of Foundation Feb 1st, 2018
Representative Taku Shibuya Capital Fund N/A
Avg. age 27years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Place of head office 113-0033
Tokyo Bunkyo 4F, Unizo Hongo 4 chome building, Hongo 4-1-4
Nearest station: Hongo 3 chome station (4 min. walk)
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