What is techcareer?

"can not find the recruitment information wanted", "want to know what kind of people the society need" and "want to change jobs in a more effortless manner"
techcareer is a recruiting website paying attention to the need of some people

Use cost

The use of techcareer is for free
You can use, register, read case, log in, participate in the plan and obtain all other services free of charge

Registration and membership withdrawal


After registering on techcareer, you can obtain the following services:
Matching setup : Calculate the matching degree between you and the recruitment information by an unique computing method, and make recommendation to you.
Message : Have a conversation with the company you like or its employee.
Scout : Search the enterprise and the agent of the Company.
Profile : Improve your resume and increase the successful probability of job hopping
Entry : Express your own opinion to the company.
Qualification examination : Offer suggestions to people who have a problem in getting work experience and changing jobs.

E-mail of application approval has not been received

If you have not received the E-mail of application approval:
• The E-mail address is wrong (spelling mistake, etc.)
• techcareer is abnormal
If you still have not received the E-mail after a while, please contact us by "consulting".

Change the registration information

You may change the registration information through each setting of the upside menu button on the website

I forget my login password

If you forget your login password, please enter your registered E-mail address on the login page or this page. We will send the URL for password reset to the E-mail address entered by you within a few minutes.
If you don\u2019t receive the E-mail, please check whether the E-mail address is wrong (spelling mistake, etc.), and then contact us by "consulting".

Want to withdraw membership

Please allow us to delete the personal information registered.
The membership withdrawal can be handled through the membership withdrawal buttons in each setting.

Information disclosure

If professional history and Web skill list can not be "disclosed", is anyone unable to see such information?

Information will not be disclosed to any person other than those operating techcareer

Web skill list

Web skill list is a collection and consolidation of professional history based on the information on the resume

Enterprise contained in the professional history is not supposed to see the registration information

Enterprise contained in the professional history can not see your registration information.
In addition, when you "login" to such enterprise or "want to consult", your registration information will be disclosed to the enterprise.

About job

About job

Recruitment can be divided into two types. For one type of recruitment,
information can not sent to the employees of each company, and for another type, information will be sent by "agency-type" company serving as an agent

Experience diagnose

Skype diagnose

The Member of techcareer may use Skype diagnose for free.
You can communicate with the agent for 1 hour on Skype,
you will conduct diagnose and give feedback based on your occupational type and experience.
Please do not forget to enter SkypeID.

Consultation service

The Member of techcareer may receive consultation service for free.
You can directly meet your occupational guider.
You will provide suggestion and help to improve your ability and increase your experience.



Exclusive agent of techcareer
We will provide the Member with comfort and convenience. When choosing the service of "consulting agent"
The Member can directly communicate with the consulting agent.

Congratulatory money

What is congratulatory money?

We will congratulate person who succeeds in changing job by virtue of the "agent-type" recruitment information on techcareer and give money to such person.
The amount of congratulatory money = annual income of the person after changing his/her job multiplied by the ratio recorded in the recruitment information.
(e.g.) (annual income after changing job) 5 million Yen x (the ratio recorded in the recruitment information) 10%= 500,000 Yen

How can I receive the congratulatory money?

Please file your application through "congratulatory money application" within 3 months after you decide to change your job based on the "agent-type" recruitment information on techcareer
After you file the application, the operation principal will contact you.
We will transfer the cash into the account registered during congratulatory money application 1 month after your entry.

Why I do not receive the congratulatory money?

You will probably not receive the congratulatory money in the following circumstances.

  • • When you decided to change your job, you entered into other recruiting website or directly applied for a job to the enterprise, rather than changing the job by virtue of the recruitment information on techcareer.
  • • You did not apply for congratulatory money.
  • • The information of bank account • postal saving information registered when you applied for congratulatory money is wrong
  • • The name of the new employer • your entry date is wrong
  • • Your entry date has not expired yet (congratulatory money will be transferred to your account 1 month after your entry)
  • • Your entry has not been approved or can not be confirmed

If you have any doubt, please contact us by "consulting mode"

About recommendation environment

About recommendation environment

In the case of Windows

  • - Google Chrome
  • - Mozilla Firefox
  • - Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 over

In the case of Mac OSX

  • - Google Chrome
  • - Mozilla Firefox
  • - Safari


Windows and MacOSX system can be used after "setting JavaScript as valid"

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