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Web Engineer

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    Web Application Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Shibuya
  • fee
    3.00 Millions Yen〜 7.20 Millions Yen
21 Dec 2017
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Since the start of our service, we have been helping to connect many IT personnel with the needed clients through our &quot;IT propartners&quot; platform. We have more than 13,000 professionals registered on our site. As we are expanding our business, we are looking for engineers who would like to walk the journey with us!<br>We offer an environment for engineers to grow. Since it is a startup enterprise, it is possible for employees to realize what they want to achieve.<br>【Business 】<br>・Replacement of our own web service &quot; IT Propartners&quot;. (additional functions development included)<br>・Tool development<br>・Original business services development<br>・Contracted cases development

Hope to work in such development environment

Development style: scrum.<br>Ticket management: JIRA.<br>Communication tool: Slack.<br>We value a fast and flat communication style.<br>It is able to get in touch with the most advanced technology, we have many members full of curiosity.<br><br><br>【Details】 <br>》Web App framework<br>・IT Propartners<br>→ The renewal is taking place: from CakePHP2 to Lalavel 5.4<br>・Original business: intee <br>→ Original development by CakePHP3 (underway)<br><br>・Contracted development through &quot;&quot;IT Propartners&quot; <br>→ Able to choose different programming languages according to the needs of the clients. <br>PHP, Ruby, Go, Swift, Java etc.<br><br>》Communication tool<br>Using slack as the main office communication tool. <br><br>》Project management tool <br>JIRA and Backlog<br><br>》Source management<br>Using Git <br><br>》Reflection<br>Using KPT to carry out improvements every week
Language Go Java PHP Ruby
Framework CakePHP Laravel React.js Ruby on Rails vue.js
Database MySQL PostgreSQL Redis
Environment · OS Apache AWS CentOS Linux Nginx
Tool・Other Docker Ansible ChatWork Git GitHub Jenkins JIRA Slack

About our Team

Although we have less than 30 people (regular: 20), however, we have a very strong motivation for growth.<br>【Members details 】 <br>・CTO of GMO group (technology aspect)<br>・Former engineer original business PM at Fujitsu<br>・An engineer who had experiences in PM and development work of major scale system construction dedicated to medical organizations. <br>・An engineer who had experiences in customer management as well as appointment system development. (Famous Japanese airlines company)<br>・An engineer who is able to utilize a wide range of programming languages as well as frameworks. (Ruby, Java, C, C#, Swift, PHP, GO)<br><br>Although, our members differ in their backgrounds and personalities. However, everyone is working towards the same goal with the common vision.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Within the fast-growing business of our 『IT Propartners』service, we are hiring members to join the development of our original business.

Type of industries

Human resources


Web Application Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Element definition Basic design Detailed design Actual assembly single machine Combination test Comprehensive test Application preservation and maintenance

Desired skills

【Requirements 】<br>・Practical experience as an engineer<br>・Practical experience about program development<br><br>【Welcome skills 】<br>・Web App development experience <br>・Knowledge and skills about Web programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Java etc. <br>・Knowledge and skills about AWS, Sakura Cloud<br>・Knowledge and skills about DB, starting with MySQL<br><br>【What are we looking for 】<br>・A person who shares our vision<br>・Able to put yourself in someone else&#39;s, shoes<br>・Able to utilize PDCA and do the improvements<br>・Able to think about the benefits of the team<br>・Do not afraid of failures and willing to take on challenges<br>・Interested in using programming skill to achieve the lifestyle you are looking for

About Salary

【Annual salary 】<br>300,0000 JPY 〜720,0000 JPY


【 Insurances 】<br>・Health<br>・Welfares<br>・Employment <br>・Work injury<br><br>【Allowance 】<br>・Transportation fee fully covered<br>・Housing allowance<br>・Perforamance bonus<br><br>【Welfares 】<br>・Award system<br>・Staff gathering<br>・Remote working style<br>・Notebook, PC according to personal needs provided<br>・Dual displays

Shift Requirements

【Working hour】<br>9:30~18:30<br><br>【Leaves】<br>》Days off in a year:120 days<br>・5 days a week (weekends) <br>・Holidays<br>・New Year holidays<br>・Paid leaves<br>・Special leaves

About application

【Intended number of people】<br>several(About 3 people)<br><br>【Interview process】<br>Document examination<br> ↓<br>Interview:1〜2 times<br> ↓<br>Offer


8F, Shibuya DT building, 1-16-10 Dogenzaka
Nearest station: Shibuya sta. (7min. walk)
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About Company

IT Propropartners is a start-up enterprise with its business vision of &quot;Increase more independent human resources and create a new work culture.&quot; We work hard every day in our Shibuya office to achieve our goals!<br>We value the following values:<br>* Put yourself into someone else&#39;s shoes<br>* Create a service that will make yourself feel proud<br>* Respect and appreciation<br>* Speak out what you really think<br>* Individual performance< Team performance <br>* Praise the person who takes on the challenge<br>The above values are what we think to be important for us to approach our business. It is important for us to reflect back to these values when we are discussing something or making a judgment. So if you are the person who shares these values, this could be a good place for you!

About Service

》About our service

We provide human resource service for startup companies. We have around 13,000 users registered with our service.

》IT Procloud business

It is a contracted development service which supports technicians to have a stable career path infrastructure. (For those who cannot stay in Tokyo city all the time)<br><br>》IT Procollege business<br>It is an online programming service which supports both non-IT personnel (to upgrade market value) and IT personnel (skill up)


It is a service which supports the new graduates to find jobs.<br>(self-enlightenment, career up)<br><br>》Mid career supporting business<br>This is our fifth original business, please contact us for more details!<br>》PIECE(ピース)<br>『PIECE』is a package which is full of know-how of marketing service business<br>

Company Profile

Number of Employees 20people(正社員) Year of Foundation Feb 26, 2015
Representative Naoto Kimura Capital Fund 9,600,000 JPY
Avg. age 28years old Gross Sales 13,000,00000 JPY
Gender Ratio Industry Type Human resources
Place of head office 150-0043
Tokyo Shibuya 8F, Shibuya DT building, 1-16-10 Dogenzaka
Nearest station: Shibuya sta. (7min. walk)
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Welfare 【 Insurances 】<br>・Health<br>・Welfares<br>・Employment <br>・Work injury<br><br>【Allowance 】<br>・Commuting fee<br>・Housing allowance<br>・Perforamance bonus<br><br>【Welfares 】<br>・Award system<br>・Staff gathering<br>・Remote working style<br>・Notebook, PC according to personal needs provided<br>・Dual displays (monitors)
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