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Network Engineer

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    Network Engineer
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    Tokyo Chuo
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    3.00 Millions Yen〜
29 Jan 2018
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We shall assign works of network operation &amp; maintenance or design construction according to your skills and ambitions. Most of our clients are big companies in Tokyo or the outskirts area of Tokyo. We will assign projects those fit with each individual. <br><br>【Responsibilities】<br>■ Network designing, inspection, construction, operation, maintenance dedicated to telecommunication carrier companies<br>■ Network maintenance, operation designing dedicated to famous enterprises, railways companies<br>■ Designing, inspection, construction, operation, maintenance (product specialization) <br>■ Quality management, kitting, research about obstacles<br>■ System operation, inspection

About our Team

Most of our clients are companies in Tokyo or the outskirts area of Tokyo, you will be working with our experienced workers regarding the projects so even non-experiencer could take on the works easily. Also, we value communications between members very much. We have many company events to strengthen the relationship between employees. We welcome people who value such values as well to join us.

Opportunites for Growth

First, you are going to accumulate your experiences from works of network operation &amp; maintenance, then you will be able to take one step further with tasks of construction, inspection, and designing. We also put efforts into the nurturing of engineers who could handle tasks of automatic construction, virtualization as well as network operation. <br>Since we have our original product production business goes on, it is possible for people to build up their career paths towards that direction as well.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Due to business expansion

Type of industries



Network Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Basic design Detailed design Comprehensive test Application preservation and maintenance

Desired skills

【Welcome skills】<br>Network experiencer<br>※ You will be able to learn from our experienced workers <br><br>【Qualifications welcomed】<br>- CCNA/CCNP<br>- LPIC Lv1/Lv2<br>- Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination/Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination

About Salary

Monthly salary: 22,0000 JPY~ 30,0000 JPY + overtime working allowance<br>※ Depends on the regulations of the company


Insurances, IEC, healthcare services etc. <br>Work and Life Balance promotion enterprise<br>Avg. overtime working hours in 2015: 19 hours(the data is based on the overtime working hours of an individual worker in a month)

Shift Requirements

9:00 - 18:00<br>※ Each division may differ to a certain extent<br>※ Shift working may take place for some projects. <br><br>weekends, holidays, summer vacations, New Year holidays<br>Paid leave utilization reward day, marital &amp; mourning leaves, maternity leaves, childcare leaves, nursing leaves, etc.<br>※ Shift working may take place for some projects.

About application

Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer


5F, NEX Ningyocho building, 2-26-5 Nigyocho Nihonbashi
Nearest station: Metro Asakusa line: Nigyocho A3 exist, 2 min. walk
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A word from the agent

The company has been recognized as the &quot;Work &amp; Life Balance Promotion&quot; company.
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The company has been recognized as the &quot;Work &amp; Life Balance Promotion&quot; company.
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About Company

There are two parts of our business, &quot; software development, sales&quot;and &quot;technicians supports, contracted development&quot;. With the growth in these areas, we are excited to welcome our 22nd anniversary.

About Service

【 Total Solution of the Accounting linkeage】

We offer solutions to our customers to help them improve their business growth. We are able to offer solutions that are to the point and the needs of our customers.

【 IT Solution Service 】

We support our customers to achieve growth in their businesses through system development and IT technical support etc. The solutions we offer are able to deal with the rapid changes in the IT industry.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 105people Year of Foundation October 16, 1995
Representative Akira Egawa Capital Fund 5,000,0000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 03-6914-8511
Office (Kaisai agency) Location:〒564-0052 <br>4F, Maida No.3 building, Hiroshibacho, Suita-shi, Osaka, Osaka<br>Station:Midosuji line,  Esaka sta. exist No. 6,  6 min. walk<br>Contact information:TEL:06-6155-8725  FAX:06-6155-8726
Place of head office 103-0013
Tokyo Chuo 5F, NEX Ningyocho building, 2-26-5 Nigyocho Nihonbashi
Nearest station: Metro Asakusa line: Nigyocho A3 exist, 2 min. walk
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Welfare 【 Paid leaves usage reward day:the utilization rate of paid leaves is 65% 】<br>Although working hard is definitely important, having a good rest is also important as well. Some of our workers even use the paid leaves to participate in seminars or social events to improve their own skills. We are happy to see workers using the experiences they gained from daily works to help themselves grow. <br><br>【 Special leaves:solution to deal with the aging society 】<br>Both female and male workers had received childcare leaves. We believe that family is what is important to a person, so we provide a system that supports the private life of our workers.<br><br>【 To improve business efficiency, reduce overtime working hours (avg. of 19 hours) 】<br>This number is a surprise to many of our clients. To reduce the hours of overtime working and to improve business efficiency, our employees could use those times to refresh themselves and to cultivate themselves more.<br><br>【Entertainment Club: We value the connection between people】 We have a mini-company system which is called &quot;IEC&quot; organized by our employees in which it is responsible to host various company events like company trip, parties, etc. With the business model of &quot;the representative~accountant~plans&quot;, our employees will be able to learn the know-how of business running from working with the customers, and able to grasp the mind of business management.
History October 1995: Established the company at Meguro, Tokyo with 1,000,0000 JPY capital fund<br>January 2000: Headquarter moved to Tsukishima, Chuo<br>April 2002: Started the development and sales of the accounting linkage system &quot; iCAS&quot;<br>September 2005: Granted the privacy mark (JISQ15001:1999)<br>February 2006: Started the accounting linkage seminar <br>May 2006: Capital fund increased to 5,000,0000 JPY<br>July 2006: Headquarter moved to Nigyocho, Nihonbashi<br>October 2006: Started the development and sales of the final accounting document production system &quot; iShotBox&quot;<br>September 2007: Renewed the privacy mark ( JISQ15001:2006)<br>November 2008: Granted the ISO/IEC27001:2005 &quot;&quot;ISMS&quot;&quot;<br>March 2010: Released the IFRS roadmap<br>August 2010: Started the development and sales of the supporting tool &quot; iFlap&quot;<br>December 2010: Collaborated with OTSUKA CORPORATION regarding the infrastructure business system &quot; SMILE family&quot;<br>July 2012: Started the development and sales of Excel operation support system &quot; iFUSION&quot;<br>April 2013: Been recognized as a work and life balance promotion business<br>July 2014: Kaisai agency opened<br>July 2014: Started the Cloud service of &quot;iFUSION&quot;<br>July 2017: Released Version 2.0 of iFUSION&quot;
Official website
Clients IHI Corporation<br>IHI Scube Co., Ltd.<br>ALSOK Care &amp; Support Co., Ltd. <br>SCSK Corporation <br>MTI Ltd.<br>OTSUKA CORPORATION <br>gulliver<br>Calbee, Inc. <br>CTC Life Science<br>TE Connectivity<br>THE TACHIBANA SECURITIES CO., LTD.<br>TCS Holdings Ltd.<br>TOTO LTD.<br>TOKYO BISO KOGYO CORPORATION<br>NIKKEN KOGAKU co.,ltd.<br>Net One Systems Co., Ltd.<br>PIA Corporation.<br>Blue Chip ., Ltd.<br>Mizuho Information &amp; Research Institute, Inc.<br>MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.<br>Others
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