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    Web Application Engineer
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    Tokyo Taito
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    4.00 Millions Yen〜 6.00 Millions Yen
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You will be participating in all kinds of projects from our big clients first to cultivate your skills. Then we expect you to handle tasks regarding our own original service development later.<br><br>【Cultivating your skills by all kinds of projects】<br>You will have the opportunity to work on the development and designing of a project. Of course, you will be led by our veteran engineers. By participating in a project from the planning stage, you will be able to grasp skills in requirement definitions, designing, implementation development etc. Since most of the projects are long-term projects, you could definitely upgrade your skills thoroughly. <br><br><br>【Projects examples】<br>big camera manufacturers/ System development project<br>Requirment definitions~ designing phase.<br>Location: Shinjuku area, convenient location <br>(OS: Windows/DB:Oracle/ Languages: VB.Net)<br><br><br>【Dealing with original developments in the future】<br>Since we already released several services and had implemented the systems for our clients. We expect our engineering team could work on the planning, designing of more original services.<br><br>【Examples】<br>・automobile error data collecting system<br>(OS:Android(TM)、Linux、Windows/DB:PostgreSQL、SQLServer/Language: Java、.NET、C#)<br>We are working on the function upgrade (expansion) and the customization of the system. We hope the automobile equipped with such system could detect an error, obstacles by itself. To be able to detect obstacles at an early stage. The system also receives much attention from the automobile industry in which it could help realize the goal of a driverless society.(OS:Android(TM), Linux, Windows/DB: PostgreSQL, SQLServer/ Languages: Java, .NET, C#)<br><br>※ Android is the trademark of Google Inc.


言語 .NET C# Java PHP VB.NET
データベース Oracle PostgreSQL SQL Server
環境・OS Android Windows



We are lucky to keep a good client relationship with our big clients. We are also putting more efforts in doing our own original developments in the past three years. Currently, 30% of our projects are contracted developments and the development of our own services. And we shall continue to expand our business by focusing on these two areas. We hope to increase the percentage to about 60% regarding our total gross sales. We are looking for engineers who are willing to walk the journey with us!




Web Application Engineer




Element definition Basic design Detailed design Actual assembly single machine Combination test Comprehensive test Application preservation and maintenance


■ Programming experience (Regardless of years of experience. Self-learner; programming as a hobby is also welcome.)<br><br>※ Welcome job switcher around 25 years old.<br>If you have experiences in Java, PHP, C#, C, .NET will be able to utilize it in your job right away.


Annual salary: 4,000,000 JPY ~ 6,000,000JPY(※ Monthly: 320,000 JPY~ 400,000 JPY)<br>monthly salary above 320,000 JPY + Bonus+Allowances<br>(Housing, family allowances etc.)<br>Transportation fee coverage<br><br>※ Your experiences and skills will be taken into consideration.<br>※ Fixed hour overtime working allowance (20hr./ 3,5000 JPY~). Hours exceed that will be paid separately.


■ Salary increase: once a year (April)<br>■ Bonus: 2 times a year(June, December)<br>■ Transportation fee coverage<br>■ Insurances provided<br><br>【Allowances】<br>■ Overtime working allowance<br>■ Business trip allowance<br>■ Managerial allowance(Max: 5,5000 JPY per month)<br>■ Special task allowance(1,5000 JPY per month for the person who has to stay at where the client is frequently.)<br>■ Housing allowance(Married: 5,0000 JPY per month/Single: 3,5000 JPY per month / Single living with the parents: 1,0000 JPY)<br>■ Family allowance(Partner: 1,5000 JPY per month/ First child: 5,000 JPY per month/ Second child: 3000 JPY per month / Other family members to raise: 1000 JPY per month)<br><br>【Original welfare benefits】<br>■ Company trip(2016: Hokkaido)<br>■ Healthcare facilities<br>■ Retirement system<br>■ Qualification support(PMP, PMII etc./5,0000 JPY per month.)<br>■ Outside training system (special paid leaves)<br>■ Kanto IT healthcare package<br>■ Retirement monetary association for small corporations<br>■ Dining fee coverage (staff gathering)


9:30~18:00(7.5 hr.)<br>★ Avg. of 20 hr. overtime working<br><br>【Days off: 125 days a year】<br>■ 5 days a week (weekends)<br>■ Holidays<br>■ GW, summer vacation, New Year holidays <br>■ Annual paid leaves <br>■ Marital &amp; mourning leaves<br>■ Special paid leaves(We encourage our engineers to travel around the world. To visit the world heritage around the globe. You may receive a max of 5 consecutive days off. )


Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer


203, Yanagi building, 2-8-3 Asakusabashi
最寄駅: Locations: Main office/ depends on the projects


We work hard &amp; play hard!<br><br>◆ Be the main leading force in a project (about 50 members)<br>We are honored to be trusted by many big enterprises starting from our establishment. You will have the opportunity to be the core member of a project, and to utilize your skills to the fullest extent. <br><br>◆ Original package commodity development<br>We deal with all sorts of WEB package commodities of the automobile industry. We focus on development, improvement, individual revision, planning etc. regarding a WEB package. We welcome people who would like to make the product better to join us!<br>Systems: automobile error data collecting system, headlight coding warranty issuing system, automobile auction sheet metal warranty system<br><br>◆ A fair evaluation system for our technicians <br>We carry out 4 times of evaluations in a year to help our engineers build up their career paths. The evaluation system is invented originally by ourselves. We also have a project called &quot;Dream project&quot; where we work with our employee to set up goals and to support our workers to achieve them.<br><br>◆ Small people could make big achievements<br>We value communications among our workers. We also have our welfare benefits well furnished. We also implement many new systems to help our workers achieve a better work and life balance.


従業員数 8people 設立 Aug,18, 2006
代表者名 Masanori Yamatani 資本金 12,800,000 JPY
平均年齢 売上高
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
本社所在地 111-005
Tokyo Taito 203, Yanagi building, 2-8-3 Asakusabashi
最寄駅: Locations: Main office/ depends on the projects
会社HP http://iisisu.co.jp/