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【White enterprise recognition / No experience is welcome 】Infrastructure technician

  • job
    Infrastructure Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Chuo
  • fee
    3.00 Millions Yen〜
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We are looking for Windows technicians, Linux technicians.<br>We have many cases about open type system and cloud infrastructure construction. It is an opportunity for you to accumulate experience in such field.<br><br>Generally, we deal with the overall process of a development from requirements definition to maintenance. &quot;&quot;I have experience regarding requirement definitions&quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot;I want to accumulate experience in requirement definitions&quot;&quot;. If you are such person and without experience in designing, production, it is possible for you to accumulate experience from the requirement definition step.<br><br><br>We try to help an individual the best we could to become the ideal engineer the person pictures. We also welcome people who want to switch the career path to App development designing, production industry. And we also have a real example from our employees. We focus on the support of big Sler in which we are very experienced in the financial and insurance industry. There are many opportunities for our engineers to work on projects from big companies to accumulate all sorts of experience. <br><br>【OS, Middleware example】<br>Windows, Linux, UNIX, AIX<br>Apache, IIS, VM ware, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 etc.<br>We want a person with a strong desire of becoming an infrastructure engineer!<br><br><br><Locations><br>Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama<br>※ May have to stay at where the client is depending on your project


Database: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 <br>Environment・OS:Windows, Linux, UNIX, AIX Apache, IIS, VMware<br>Tool・Others: shell, Cisco, Juniper, Yamaha
言語 Shell
データベース DB2 Oracle SQL Server
環境・OS AIX Apache CISCO IIS Juniper Linux Unix VMware Windows


Team: 3~5 team members<br>Characteristic: A person who is caring for others.<br>Company retreat date: The 1st of every month



Due to business expansion




Infrastructure Engineer




Element definition Basic design Detailed design Actual assembly single machine Combination test Comprehensive test Application preservation and maintenance


・More than 6 months of experience in network/ server construction<br>・With more than 6 months of experience in operation maintenance<br>・No previous experience in the industry is welcome<br><br>【What are we looking for】<br>・A person who loves challenges<br>・Possess a sense of responsibility<br>・A person who wants to learn about IT engineering starting from 0<br><br>We are a company that values flat communication, regardless of your year of seniority, it is ok for you to speak out your opinion! What we care about is to create an environment for everyone to grow.


Annual salary: 300,0000 JPY ~ <br>※ No experience is welcome to discuss with us<br>※ 3 month trial period <br>※ The overtime working allowance and the transportation allowance will be paid separately.


Salary increase once a year (April)<br>Bonus two times a year<br>Insurances provided<br>Transportation fee fully covered<br>Housing allowance<br>Qualification supporting system<br>Qualification monetary system<br>Specialized training<br>Staff gathering


9:00 ~ 18:00(60 min. break)※ It may vary depends on your tasks<br>Avg. overtime working is under 20 hr per month.<br><br>【Days off】<br>5 days a week (weekends off) ※ More than 120 days off in a year<br>National Holidays<br>New Year holidays<br>Birthday leave<br>Annual leaves<br>Juror leave<br>Nurturing leave<br>Maternity leave<br>Nursing leave


Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer


PMO Nihonbashi Mitsukoshimae, 3-4-5 Honcho, Nihonbashi
最寄駅: Shin Nihonbashi station Mitsukoshimae station Kotenmacho station Kanda station


We are a system solution provider to offer IT solutions to the society.<br>We have been recognized as one of the &quot;White Enterprise&quot; in which we offer an easy-to-work working environment for our employees with a variety of welfare benefits. We value the thinking of &quot;work and life balance&quot;. We offer more than 120 days off during a year with weekends off regularly. We also provide birthday leave and annual paid leaves as well.<br>We moved our office to Chuo Ku from Chiyoda Ku in November 2016 in order to create a better working environment for our workers. The new office has been fully furnished with new facilities and very accessible with several routes. The building is also earthquake proof with great natural lighting.



We focus on an open type of App development regarding a wide range of industries such as finance, insurance, medical related etc. It is possible for us to offer a one-stop solution starting from the upstream engineering. We could offer the best solution according to your needs.


If you have any needs regarding network designing, construction, management (requirement defintions~maintaieance operation), please feel free to contact us! We could handle requests about platform cloudlization, virtualization. Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs!

<Product &amp; Service>

We offer a range of security-related services such as &quot;security assessment test&quot;, virtualized drive with an automatically generated password, &quot; My number safe&quot;, &quot; e-scheduler&quot; service for medical organizations, stores, schools to manage their orders.


従業員数 48people 設立 December 3, 1985
代表者名 Akita Masanori 資本金 40,000,000 JPY
平均年齢 33 売上高 670,000,000
男女比 6:4 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
本社所在地 103-0023
Tokyo Chuo PMO Nihonbashi Mitsukoshimae, 3-4-5 Honcho, Nihonbashi
最寄駅: Shin Nihonbashi sta. Mitsukoshimae sta. Kotenmacho sta. Kanda sta.
会社沿革 December 1985 Company established at Rokubancho Chiyoda Ku<br>April 1993: Started the information solution system development and related equipment sales business<br>March 1998: Capital fund increased to 4000,0000 JPY<br>July 2000: Started the IT consulting business<br>October 2005: The Main office moved to Kanda Sakumacho 1 chome<br>June 2016: Granted the privacy mark (No. 10821420)<br>August 2011: The Main office moved to Kanda Sakumacho 3 chome<br>April 2013: Granted the ISMS recognition (No. JQA-IM1182)<br>February 2015: Started the security business <br>November 2015: Nagoya branch opened<br>November 2016: The main office moved to Nihonbashi Honcho 3chome, Chuo Ku<br>October 2017: Granted the JWS white enterprise recognition
主要取引先 Accenture Japan Ltd<br>AGREX INC.<br>Internet Initiative Japan Inc.<br>IIJ Engineering Inc. <br>NTT Communications<br>FBS Corporation<br>O.B.System Inc. <br>C&A Solution Co.,Ltd.<br>Systena Corporation<br>SYSTEM INFORMATION Co.,Ltd. <br>Three Waves Inc. <br>SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD.<br>TAK.Co.,Ltd <br>TOKYO COMPUTER SERVICE CO., Ltd<br>NISSAY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD.<br>FUJITSU FIP CORPORATION<br>Fujitsu Marketing Limited