Infrastructure engineer

  • job
    Server-side Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Chiyoda
  • fee
    4.00 Millions Yen〜 6.00 Millions Yen
02 May 2018
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Generally, you will be working on our O2O services for the mobile Apps. Our main client is the big wholesales in Japan, the Donjihote.<br><br>※ About『majica』『Club Donpen Mobile』:<br>;pre=sv

Hope to work in such development environment

Database MySQL Oracle
Environment · OS Linux

Opportunites for Growth

You may choose the career path you want to go according to your plans.<br>We fully take your skills, experiences and performance into consideration.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion. And we are looking for someone with related experiences.

Type of industries



Server-side Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required



Engineering requirments

Element definition Basic design Detailed design Actual assembly single machine Combination test Comprehensive test Application preservation and maintenance

Desired skills

We are looking for someone with the experiences in server virtualization, cluster construction, system design, operation, management and problem solving etc.<br>・Tasks about the infrastructure (mainly about Linux)<br>・App revision<br>・Managing the mail address system in the office <br>※ A person with experience in the information security is highly welcome.<br><br>■ More than 5 years of experiences about infrastructure (server, DB)<br><br>● What we are looking for<br>◎ Able to take actions on one&#39;s own regarding a development<br>◎ Want to work on development projects of an owned product/ service<br>※ It is an environment full of the excitement of a venture enterprise. We value the voices of the engineers very much!<br><br><Welcome skills><br>■ With experiences in the following environments: Linux; DB:MySQL, Oracle<br><br>

About Salary

Annual salary: 400,0000 JPY ~600,0000 JPY<br>※ Salary promotion: January, July <br>Overtime working: 10~30 hr/month<br>Paid leaves used: 5 days/year


● Insurances provided(employment, work injury, health, welfare monetary, nursing)<br>● Employee stock holding<br>● Finance accumulation saving system<br>● Monetary system for marital &amp; mourning occasions<br>● Paternity, maternity, nursing leaves<br>● Group insurance discount system<br>● Healthcare package provided<br>◆ Free drinks<br>◆ The Japanese version of 401 k<br>☆ We intend to apply more benefit system based on the suggestions of our employees.<br>◎ Health check<br>For workers above 30 years old. <br>◎ Flexible lunch hour<br>We do not set specific lunchtime, the workers may go to lunch whenever they prefer according to their workload. (1 hr.)

Shift Requirements

10:00~19:00(8hr.)※ May vary due to the busy season<br>5 days a week(weekends off)<br>Holidays<br>Paid leaves<br>Summer vacation<br>New Year holidays<br>Marital &amp; mourning leaves<br>Half day leaves

About application

Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>Final interview<br>↓<br>Offer


Kanda Kogawa cho 3-3
Nearest station: Tokyo metro: Jinbocho station
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About Company

As the prevalence of IT technology is getting stronger nowadays, automation and high-speed revolution have been implemented in different fields. However, we believe that the IT revolution of enterprises has not yet been completed. We want to implement our IT technology solution to help enterprises to solve the problems they have. This will be for both companies in Japan and in the world.

About Service

【 majica sales promotion 】

We offer a variety of sales promotion services for our clients, such as point reward service, majica members-only campaigns, etc. We could offer promotion plans those target to the specific age range, gender, etc. We could make marketing plans that differentiate the targeted audience from the group. Also, we could offer analysis service after the campaigns in order for clients to make adjustments regarding their marketing strategies accordingly.

【In-store Media Service】

This is a service used by all the Donkihote stores around Japan.<br>We offer a variety of methods for our clients to launch their promotions. This includes flyers, designated shopping bags, video promotions, ads on receipts, in-store catalogs, etc. We help our clients redesign places in stores for sales promotion purposes. <br>We also offer the Donkihote group mobile site 『Club Donpen Mobile』for customers. The membership already reached 640,0000 people (Nov. 2016~current). We provide an overall management service regarding the Dokihote in-store media.

【Sales promotion】

We offer a sales promotion service for the partner enterprises of Donkihote group. The sales promotion methods we offer include commercial goods promotions (『Club Donpen Mobile』), campaigns, members-only coupon proposals, settings, mail magazines, etc. We do not only focus on the digital aspect but also print media such as fliers, free ads. etc. We offer various services to help our clients to boost up their sales growths.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 53people Year of Foundation Jan 20, 2005
Representative Hirofumi Abe Capital Fund 1 billion
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 070-3940-5880
Office ・Aoyama agency<br>〒107-0062 <br>2F, Aoyamawatanebe building, 2-6-18 Minami Aoyama, Minato<br>TEL. 03-5413-7050<br><br>・Sapporo agency<br>〒060-0062 <br>7F, Sapporo Nanairo, Minami 2 jyo 4-1, Chuo, Sapporo, Hokkaido<br>TEL. 011-218-2577
Place of head office 101-0052
Tokyo Edogawa 4-14-1Kita Kasai
Nearest station: Tozai line: Nishi Kasai sta. North exist, 10 min.walk
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