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    Editor / Writer
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    Tokyo Taito
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    4.50 Millions Yen〜 8.00 Millions Yen
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There are an increasing number of media being bored due to the boom of owned media. However, we find most of them are low in their quality and have no target audience to target to. <br><br>&quot;What is the target audience of this contents?&quot;<br>This is a very essential and fundamental question when you are making your contents. And we want to help our clients to produce contents those are meaningful to the users.<br>The two major duties of our editors are the following:<br><br>① Scaling working of our owned media: LIG blog<br>② Work on a variety of outbound media contents <br><br>① Regarding the LIG blog<br>The idea of the LIG blog is &quot;Life is Good.&quot; We want to offer information to those of whom love LIG to make their lives more fun! Also, you will be working on a variety of PR events too.<br><br>② Outbound media contents <br>Our goal is to offer the best contents solution to our clients. Our belief is that &quot;to provide solutions to our clients by professional contents production.&quot;<br>LIG editors always work on both inbound and outbound tasks back and forth. An editor of our LIG must be able to maintain a willingness in learning new things in order to provide the most up-to-date production for our users.<br>As a professional editor, you must be able to handle the following tasks: writers recruitment, training, access analysis, advertising technology, and able to carry out your works from a UI/ UX point of view.


&quot;<br>What we ask from our editors are two things:<br>Be the bridge between the media and our users.<br>To upgrade the value of the contents.<br><br>The writers working with us also carrying out their works under these two values just like our editors do. Last but not least is your passion towards this work. We believe a person who has a stronger can last longer than a person who just tries to do his best. Please do not be afraid of failure and create the best contents with us!


■ Actual examples <br>* Yahoo! CSR<br>&quot;Let people understand the fun of programming&quot;<br>A programming class that will be opened in 2020<br>&quot;Hack Kids Caravan&quot; experience report <br><br><br>* Manetama<br>What is the business rules of &quot;Ha chan&quot; who offers a super cheap one coin cafeteria service?<br><br><br>The management style of a &quot;legendary white enterprise&quot;<br><br><br>* ZWEI<br>Successful episodes of people who attend dating events<br>



Due to business expansion




Editor / Writer






<Requirements><br>・More than 2 years of working experiences<br>・Working experience in a publishing company or any professional editing experience<br>・Love the Internet<br>・Love to write<br><br><Welcome skills><br>・Knowledge regarding Web marketing and advertising<br>・Photographing experience using a Single-lens reflex camera <br>・Able to compose an image and an illustration using Photoshop, Illustrator<br><br><What are we looking for><br>・A person who feel disappointed by the media industry now<br>・A person who admits one,s own failure


Annual salary: 450,0000 JPY 〜800,0000 JPY <br>● Your skills, experiences, will be taken into consideration <br>● Evaluation: 2 times a year<br>● Bonus: 2 times a year (summer, winter)<br>● Trial period: 6 months (contracted employee)


● Transportation fee coverage<br>● Insurances provided<br>● PC provided<br>● Various benefits(Allowance for employee gathering, book purchase, seminar participation, food (meat, vegetables etc.)


10:00~19:00<br><br>● 5 days a week (weekends)<br>● National holidays<br>● Paid leaves<br>● Summer vacation<br>● New Year holidays


Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer


10F, Kyodo building, 2-18-7 Higashi Ueno
最寄駅: Ginza line: Ueno station exist 3 (1 min. walk)


◆ We want to bring smiles to everyone by creating something interesting.<br>・Create something that could bring smiles to everyone<br>・Take on challenges to create a business with the idea that &quot;&quot;Life is Good&quot;&quot;<br>・Grow as an individual and with the organization altogether under the idea that Life is Good<br>【We want everyone in the world feels that &quot;Life is Good&quot;】<br><br><br><br><Businesses><br>Website production(planning /marketing /branding/design/system development)<br>Original media operation <br>Contents production<br>Reginal activation Be interesting! JAPAN<br>Share office・Co-working space: Good office<br>Digital Hollywood studio STUDIO Ueno by LIG<br>Guest house LAMP<br>Outdoor school: Sunday planning<br>English conversation school: START-UP ENGLISH Uneo by LIG<br>Restaurants: TAICHA STAND / IL LAGO


<Web Production>

Web production business is one of our major businesses since the start of our company. LIG is always chasing for the most up-to-date design, development of technology to improve the efficiency of our business to provide the best website productions and systems to our clients

<Contents production>

We set up the &quot;LIG Blog&quot; editing division in 2012, and it has become a popular media service in the Web industry. The services we provide include the production of advertising articles and PR articles by the skills being cultivated over the past. We also offer services form designing to operation regarding banners and various ads tools. Other than the above, we also provide contents solutions for Web sites, Web media other than LIG.

<Guest house>

This is a guest house produced by LIG. We offer a variety of outdoor activities and of course dishes for guests to enjoy! Both the courses and the activities show off the local style of a place. What we want to achieve is by encouraging more communications between the locals and the guests.


従業員数 100people 設立 June 1st, 2007
代表者名 Akira Yosshihara 資本金 10,000,000 JPY
平均年齢 29 売上高
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
本社所在地 110-0015
Tokyo Taito 10F, Kyodo building, 2-18-7 Higashi Ueno
最寄駅: Ginza line: Ueno station exist 3 (1 min. walk)
会社沿革 <Tokyo><br>・Good office Ueno<br>・Digital Hollywood studio Ueno by LIG<br>・START-UP ENGLISH Uneo by LIG<br>・TAICHA STAND<br>・NEO TOKYO<br>・Good office Ikebukuro<br>・Digital Hollywood studio Ikebukuro by LIG<br>・Nojiriko office<br>・LAMP Nojiriko<br><br><Nagano><br>・Nojiriko office<br>・LAMP Nojiriko<br><br><Kyoto><br>IL LAGO<br><br><Hiroshima><br>Good office Hiroshima<br><br><Nakasaki><br>LAMP Iki<br><br><Oita><br>LAMP Bungo Ono<br><br><Philippines><br>・CEBU Office<br>・iioffice CEBU
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