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    Tokyo Minato
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    3.00 Millions Yen〜 7.00 Millions Yen
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CMS/HTML design/ production, development of Javascript, design for the user interphase, making of the wireframe and others.


Project management:<br>Redmine, Git, GitHub<br><br>Devices offer: <br>・PC memory: above 16G<br>・Desk SSD<br>・Free to bring in your own computer-related devices<br>・(bigger than 1600×1200) 2 displays <br>・PHPStorm fully furnished


We have about 4~5 people in our team. We work with many big enterprises where we are very motivated by the tasks we received.<br>We prefer to create an environment where is easier and free for our employers to work. We value a flat communication style in which everyone is free to speak out their own opinions.



For business extension





if(user.getEmploymentStatus() != null){ Regular employee }




<Requirements><br>CSS/HTML5/JavaScript<br><br><Welcome skills><br>・Have to know very well about the &quot;library&quot; such as jQuery etc.<br>・Experience about UX/UI design<br>・Knows how to use Sass<br>・Knows how to use HTML5 API


Salary: the regular employees could receive a bonus according to their sales performance<br>Once a year (October)<br><br>Trial period: 6 months (the salary will not change after the trial period)


Social insurance (health/ welfare/ employment / labor injury)<br>Salary adjustment (November)<br>Transportation fee allowance (Max: 30,000 JPY per month)<br>Annual MVP award <br>Overseas conference (to be employed for more than 1 year)<br>Health check<br>Qualification examination support


9:00〜18:00<br>Weekends off<br>Annual leaves(10 days after 6 months) <br>New Year holidays(12/29~1/4)<br>Summer vacation(5 days)<br>Short-time working for childcare<br>Nursing leaves<br>Menstrual leave<br>Special leaves<br>Maternity leaves<br>Long-term leaves


Document examination<br>↓<br>1st examination<br>↓<br>1-day office (Salary: 1000 JPY)<br>↓<br>2nd examination<br>↓<br>Offer


2F, Nirasawa first building, 3-5-2 Minamiaoyama,
最寄駅: 5 min. walk from &quot;Omotesando station&quot; of various lines


Digital Circus uses open source, CMS, Drupal as its basis to do all sorts of website development. Drupal is quite prevalent in the overseas markets, especially in the European and American regions, where the White House, NASA, and other famous organizations adapt to it. It is the most popular form of open source CMS in the world. Because of its high functionality, security, customization, it is also getting more attention in Japan nowadays. <br>We support not only the users but also the organizations by hosting seminars regularly. We want to help promote the familiarity of Drupal in the Japanese market. We mainly work on contracted cases where to talk to the client directly and do everything from the requirement definition to the final release. We are also responsible for the maintenance after the releasement.



Drupal is provided as an open source software in which it is maintained by users as well as developers around the world. It is also free no matter if it is used for the business purpose or not. <br><br>・A variety of functions<br>Drupal has so many functions that it is a truly impressive software to use. (including the basic functions and the additional modules) There are still many modules those are still under the development process. What is more amazing is that those modules are offered for free. <br><br>・Free to customize<br>Drupal was designed with the premise of &quot;&quot;available for customization&quot;&quot;. It is made with the idea that it can be linked to each individual business system and with the customization function can be applied. <br><br>・With powerful multi-language function<br>Drupal is the best CMS operation management system for managing multi-language websites.<br><br>・Firm security<br>Durpal has a security operation team to deal with the security measure of the system exclusively. Many big enterprises in Japan also applied the system for website management.


従業員数 30 people 設立 Feburary, 1999
代表者名 Ken Taguchi 資本金 82,840,000 JPY
平均年齢 売上高
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
本社所在地 107-0062
Tokyo Minato 2F, Nirasawa first building, 3-5-2 Minamiaoyama,
最寄駅: 5 min. walk from &quot;Omotesando station&quot; of various lines
会社沿革 Feb. 1999: Registered as an official enterprise<br><br>Nov. 1999<br>Moved to Nihonbashi, Chuo<br><br>Sep., 2000<br>Moved to Shibuya <br><br>Jan., 2005<br>The capital fund increased to 4,000,0000 JPY<br><br>Dec. 2005<br>Established the development center in Vietnam<br><br>Nov., 2006<br>Moved to Minami Aoyama, Minato <br><br>Feb. 2008<br>Applied the open source CMS 『Drupal』service<br><br>July 2010<br>Launched the first iPhone App automatic producing service in Japan 『iPhone App. builder』<br><br>Aug 2011<br>The capital fund increased to 6,250,0000 JPY<br><br>Sep. 2011<br>Started the AmazonWebServices application supporting service<br><br>Oct. 2012<br>Published: 『Facebook Application Programming for Beginners』<br><br>Oct. 2013<br>Published: 『Accelerating the process of web application development CakePHP2 A must have receipt 119』<br><br>Jan. 2014<br>Launched the 『Drupal Navi』to offer Japanese version of information regarding Drupal (the portal site)<br><br>March, 2014<br>Being recognized as the first Drupal official supporting partner in Japan by Drupal Association<br><br>April 2014<br>Hosted the first Drupal Camp in Japan (at Kyoto)<br><br>May 2014<br>Released security strengthen module for Drupal: 『Access Filter』<br><br>Aug. 2014<br>Formed a partnership relationship with Acquia in the U.S.A. (the provider of Drupal platform service)<br><br>March 2015<br>Published: 『TECHNICAL MASTER the first iOS App. development (for Swift)』<br><br>March 2015<br>The capital fund increased to 8,285,0000 JPY
主要取引先 Aoyama Gakuin University<br>The Asahi Shimbun Company. <br>amanaimages inc. -<br>INFOCOM CORPORATION <br>AIU Inc.<br>SMS CO., LTD.<br>H.S. Insurance Co., Ltd.<br>NHK ENTERPRISES, INC. <br>NTT DATA CCS CORPORATION <br>Culture Convenience Club <br>QUIKSILVER® Japan<br>GREE, Inc.<br>Golf Digest Online Inc.<br>CyberAgent, Inc. <br>JIMOS <br>Shobunsha Publications,Inc. <br>seven net inc<br>SONY<br>chuo-nissan Co.,Ltd. <br>Tokio Marine &amp; Nichido Risk Consulting <br>TOKYO KYODO ACCOUNTING OFFICE.<br>TODA Co.<br>Japan Women&#39;s University.<br>HIKARI TSUSHIN, INC. <br>NIHON-UNIV. BUZAN Sr. & Jr. HIGH SCHOOL.<br>PEACH JOHN HONG KONG CO., LTD. <br>Hitachi Business Solution<br>HOKEN NO MADOGUCHI GROUP INC.<br>PONY CANYON INC. <br>Mynavi<br>Members Co.,Ltd. <br>Recruit Co., Ltd.<br>RIDE ON EXPRESS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.<br>watari-um museum <br>World Family K.K.