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iOS App engineer WANTED!

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    Tokyo Shibuya
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    4.50 Millions Yen〜 9.00 Millions Yen
31 Jul 2018
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&lt;Fast-growing Fintech venture!&gt;<br>You will be mainly working on our credit card payment management service 『CRECO』and E-payment service 『STAMPAY』. Come join us to take on the challenges of this growing Fintech industry?

Hope to work in such development environment

Language(s):swift<br>Environment:Xcode<br><br>Project management:Backlog, Git, chat work<br>PC tools provided:We offer tools you need for you!(MacBook recommended)<br>Development methods:Object, agile

About our Team

About 90% of our employees have some kind of experience related to engineering. Although there are only 13 people in our office, we are confident in our productivity. Our vision is &quot;to make Fintech easier and closer to people!&quot; Since our representative also has an engineering background himself, we are a place full of &quot;developers&quot;. It is an environment where people are eager to &quot;make&quot; something!

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Requirements】 <br>・iOS App development experience(More than a year) <br>※ Regardless of the programming languages<br><br>【Welcome skills】 <br>・Full stack engineer experience<br>・LAMP engineer(FuelPHP, CakePHP, Laravel, etc. framework development experience) <br>・Web application construction, operation experience <br>・Knows about programming languages (Other than PHP; Java、Ruby etc.) <br><br>【What we are looking for】 <br>◆ Want to cultivate your own skills as a technician<br>◆ Has a strong interest in system development, and eager to pursue your career as an engineer<br>◆ Wants to do your owned developments<br>◆ Wants to work in a growing venture company<br>◆ Venture spirits (flexible)

About Salary

Salary:450,0000 JPY 〜900,0000 JPY(Annual salary)<br>Your skills and experience will be taken into consideration.<br><br>Trial period: 6 months


Insurances covered(employment・labor injury・<br>health・welfare)<br>・Commuting allowance<br>・Book purchase allowance, seminar attending support

Shift Requirements

Working hour:10:00-19:00 <br><br>・5 days a week(Sat.<br>・National holiday<br>・Annual paid leaves(10 days for the first year)<br>・New Year holidays<br>・Summer vacation<br>・Marital &amp; mourning leaves<br>・Maternity leaves<br>・Nursing leaves ※ 120 days off in a year

About application

Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer


CROSS OFFICE SHIBUYA Medio, 2-11-5 Shibuya
Nearest station: Shibuya stations of different lines
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About Company

IT Realize Co., Ltd. is moving its way towards a second business development stage. We are using the know how we have to launch a business in the near future. (ITx financial industry x other industries) <br>Regarding our new business, we are grasping the opportunity of the prevalence of smartphones in today&#39;s society. We want to use the smartphone as a platform to create a new form of financial service which is easy for everyone to use. <br><br>We try to create a new service by thinking outside of the box.<br>Discover something new every day. Step outside of the boundary to paint a brand new future and move towards the final goal(s). <br>Would you like to join us to take on the challenges of making changes to the financial revolution? Also, we are moving our way towards an IPO, we are looking for people who are interested in working with us to accomplish such goal.

About Service

<CRECO(Credit Card Record)>

<CRECO(Credit Card Record)><br>This is a service where the user can review their credit card receipts on their smartphones. Just by logging in to &quot; CRECO&quot;, you can have your credit card history shown on your smartphone without having to deal with all those paper receipts. Users can also get &quot; CRECO points&quot; by answering the questionnaires online. The &quot;CRECO point&quot; is different from the points giving by your credit card company. You can also use the CRECO points to exchange goods you like. it is definitely a service that is convenient and with a lot of good deals!


『STAMPAY(スタンペイ)』is a cashless payment method. It is like you have a virtual electronic wallet where you can make payment by charging from the bank account you desired to link with. We use the 『E-stamp』no need for electronic power or internet transmission where even small stores, street vendors, event places can also use the service.

<Local banks with CRECO>

It is a package solution which it helps to manage the services of &quot;CRECO&quot; (credit card payment management App), &quot;&quot;smartphone version of the bank account App&quot;&quot; (dedicated to local banks, credit banks) and the users as well as the local shops to support the business development of a local area. We use the &quot; 「MIZUHO calendar by CRECO&quot; in which was applied by MIZUHO bank in September 2016 as the basis to develop the App. It is low loading, a low price where even the local banks, financial organizations can apply the system easily. The package receives high feedback from our users and many local banks already decided to apply the system.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 13 people Year of Foundation Nov 2017
Representative Masanori Onoe Capital Fund 320,728,000 JPY
Avg. age 37years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Place of head office 150-0002
Tokyo Shibuya CROSS OFFICE SHIBUYA Medio, 2-11-5 Shibuya
Nearest station: Shibuya stations of different lines
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