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01 Aug 2018
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We started the educational service for IT engineers 3 years ago. We offer training courses to people with no engineering experience at all and young engineers. The course contents include programming, system design, skills necessary for IT engineering, and other related information, skills needed to become an engineer.<br><br>We provide constructed courses in which we earn a lot of trusts from big enterprises. The satisfaction rate of our users is about 97%.<br><br>◆What kind of training do we offer?<br>The following are a few examples:<br><br>・App development engineer training course for freshmen(Java)<br>・Infrastructure engineer training for freshmen(server, network)<br>・Web App development framework training <br>・App function improvement training(tuning)<br>・PHP skill training<br><br>We offer many training programs for young engineers and people without such experience. We will train you to accumulate experience with all sorts of training courses until you can handle all the training by yourself.

Hope to work in such development environment

◆ What is the class like?<br>There are about 10 to 30 students in one class, most of the time there will be 2 lecturers in one class. The flow will be &quot;giving the course at the first, then Q&amp;A section.<br><br>◆ Tasks besides teaching<br>You will be doing the lecture the whole day if it is the period where students come to classes for training. However, you will also need to &quot;prepare for new lectures&quot; and &quot; to revise the current courses&quot; when you are off teaching.

About our Team

◆ It is ok if you do not have any teaching experience<br>・We will train you about how to instruct the students step by step<br>・We will teach you tips regarding how to control the flow of a class<br>・We do a lot of &quot;&quot;role play&quot;&quot; where our experienced lecturers will teach you the way to instruct

Opportunites for Growth

◆ What is attractive regarding this job?<br>・Able to utilize your skills and knowledge regarding engineering language, development<br>・There is a space for career development<br>・Able to feel the improvement of your students<br>・Able to receive feedback from students as well as companies directly <br>・Can work for a long time (until retirement age)

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion<br><br>We will teach you about how to instruct students and of course the skill aspect! If you love teaching and want to pursue a career in education, this might be the position for you!

Type of industries



Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Requirements】 <br>・Development experience regarding web App (Java・PHP etc.) or infrastructure construction experience (more than 2 years) <br>・Love teaching<br><br>Although, there are many different requests coming from companies. However, the main categories will be &quot;training for App development engineer&quot; and &quot; training for infrastructure engineer&quot;. As a result, it is welcome you have some kind of engineering experience (background) (more than 2 years of development, construction experience)

About Salary

Salary: 220,000 JPY~(depends on your experience)<br><br>Example<br>(1) 5 years of experience as an engineer/the first year (TA) 420,0000 JPY<br>(2)10 years of experience/lecturer 450,0000 ~570,0000 JPY<br>※ Promotion + whether a managerial position <br><br>Bonus:2 times a year(June・December)


◆ Welfare treatments<br>・Social insurances(employment, health, work injury, welfare)<br>・Health check<br>・Moving house allowance<br>・Defined contribution pension plan<br>・Child rasing allowance(10,000 JPY per child per month; until the end of fundamental edcuation)<br>・Benefit services( Kanto IT software healthcare package)<br>・Transportation allowance(Max: 50,000 JPY/ month)<br><br>◆ Support for skill up<br>・Book purchase (Allowance for purchasing books for skill up purpose)<br>・Traing participation support(Attending seminars without using your annual leaves)<br>・Qualificaiton support(Gift bonus &amp; fee coverage)<br>・Business launch support(If your idea is accepted!)

Shift Requirements

<Working hour><br>09:00~18:00 <br>※ It may vary if you have to work at the client&#39;s place depends on your project<br><br><Breaks><br>5 days a week<br>New Year holidays, marital &amp; mourning leaves, annual leaves, special leaves, maternity leaves, nursing leaves, child care leaves

About application

【Document examination】→【comapny orientation・1st interview】→【※】→【Final interview】<br><br>※ Only for people with less experience


6F, Hakozaki Regent building, Hakozaki 17-1, Nohonbashi,
Nearest station: Hazomon line: Suitengumae station (4 min. walk)
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About Company

Rhizome, Inc. starts its business in system construction, this year we will have 17th anniversary. We focus on system development, enterprise-oriented programming training, individual programming school as our main businesses.<br>Although we are not a fast-growing venture company, we are still a young company with an average age of 30s. We value independence, self-thinking where people always exchange opinions to generate new ideas. It is an environment where people can grow together!

About Service

Development using the most trendy technology + Direct contact with the end users

Development using the most trendy technology + Direct contact with the end users<br><br>We communicate with the end users directly to approach our development tasks (About 25%). We also stay at the client&#39;s place to do our developments too. We do the proposal, design, programming, release all by ourselves regarding our system task related projects. We are also doing the development of services such as IoT, video service, online payment service etc. using the newest technologies.

Owned service:ITCollege, LIKEIT

<br>Our IT College service provides training courses for IT engineers (dedicated to corporations), our clients range from small and medium sizes companies to big enterprises like DMM.com, Guru Navi, NTT communications etc. where about 400 users a year, and we have about 97.3% of repeating rate.<br>We also launch a service called &quot;&quot;LIKEIT&quot;&quot;. It is a service combines &quot;programming learning and job hunting support together. It offers a 3-month training to people with no experience who want to become an engineer. At the same time, we also introduce candidates to enterprises those are looking for young people.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 64 people Year of Foundation Nov 28, 2001
Representative Eizawa Gyosei Capital Fund 10,000,000JPY
Avg. age 30years old Gross Sales 1105000000JPY
Gender Ratio 7:3(30% are female) Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Place of head office 103-0015
Tokyo Chuo 6F, Hakozaki Regent building, Hakozaki 17-1, Nohonbashi,
Nearest station: Hazomon line: Suitengumae station (4 min. walk)
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Official website https://www.rhizo-me.com/
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