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Full stack engineer

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    Tokyo Chiyoda
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    5.00 Millions Yen〜 7.00 Millions Yen
31 Jul 2018
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You are responsible for the development of new functions, original service development for CaSy, to make our service more user-friendly.<br><br><Duties ><br>・Web App design and development (HTML, CSS, JS, Rails) <br>・Hybrid App development using Cordova<br>※ By applying SPA, we are able to generate a common code between Web and App in which it allows the release of the new functions all at once on different platforms.<br>・Design, development of the new service (HTML, CSS, JS, Rails)

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Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Required skills】 <br>・More than 3 years of experiences about Web development(Serverside engineer) <br>・More than 3 years of experiences about web development (front end engineer) <br>・More than 1 year of experience about Ruby, JavaScript, Python2, Python3 <br><br>【Welcome skills】 <br>・Experience of using Ruby on Rails<br>・Experience or knowledge about ECMAScript, Flux, Redux<br>・System development experience using machine learning, AI <br>・Experience of Web service development and the operation of it<br>・Team development experience using git<br>・Server operation experience (AWS etc. (Iaas) <br><br>【What are we looking for】 <br>・Positive and with high motivation<br>・Want to feel the contribution you are making to the society<br>・Want to make a product start from zero<br>・Want to work in a startup company, and want to be able to make certain decisions on one&#39;s own while doing the developments.


Social insurances

Shift Requirements

<Working hour><br>Flexible time (core time11:00〜15:00)<br><br><Break><br>・5 days a week(weekends off)<br>・Holidays<br>・New Year holidays<br>・Marital &amp; mourning leaves<br>・Family support leaves

About application

Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer


9F, US building, 1-6-15, Hirakawacho
Nearest station: Hazomon line: Hazomon station exit 1 (3 min. walk)
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About Company

We help to transform house keeping tasks into a cloud sourcing format.<br>Our mission is as follow: Omotenashi(ex:house keeping agency; Japanese style of hospitality )×Technology(ex:matching algorithm by cloud sourcing). We are expanding our business gradually based on this idea.<br><br>At the beginning of our service, we only provided the housing keeping service. Basically, is to help clean the houses of our customers. Since we started the meal cooking service in March 2016, the sales grew twice as much as compared to the previous month. And this service all came from an idea of one of our female employees. We believe that you can be the one to help us start a new service with your creativity.

About Service

<Housekeeping service>

We have professional housekeeper coming to your house to do the cleaning for you. From general cleaning to organizing your stuff, bathroom cleaning, etc. We can do all of them for you!

<Meal cooking service>

We have professional housekeeper coming to your house to prepare a home-made meal for you. CaSy is able to offer you all services when it comes to meal preparation including cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, do the preparation for the meal, have the meal ready before you come home, or even prepare a home party meal for you. We can also do the shopping for you upon your request.

<House cleaning service>

We can help you to clean the places where you normally cannot do it by yourself! This may include air conditioning, ventilating fans in the kitchen, bathtub, ventilating fans in the bathroom and the mirror, etc. Any place that is hard to do the cleaning on your own, CaSy will do it all for you!

Company Profile

Number of Employees 22 people Year of Foundation Jan 30, 2014
Representative Kamo Yuichi Capital Fund NA
Avg. age 38years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Telephone 050-3188-6651
Place of head office 102-0093
Tokyo Chiyoda 9F, US building, 1-6-15, Hirakawacho
Nearest station: Hazomon line: Hazomon station exit 1 (3 min. walk)
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