Construction design engineer

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    Tokyo Nakano
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    6.00 Millions Yen〜 9.50 Millions Yen
31 Jul 2018
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Utilize your skills in our company! Mainly focus on tasks in the construction design area.<br>・Synergy effects <br>・Daily coordination tasks<br>・Participate in projects about advanced technology development<br>・Cultivate your evaluation skill through experiments, researches<br>・Utilize our database for your works (about designing)<br>・Product management (with ISO9001 license etc.)<br>・Construction design about wind power facilities

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Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Requirements】 <br>At least with a certificate in Register of Architects ( level 2, 二級建築士) or the equivalent skill. With years of experiences in construction design and to move the tasks forward smoothly.<br><br><br>【Welcome skills】 <br>・Experience in construction design<br>・Majored in architecture <br>・With a certificate in Register of Architects (level 1)<br>・With a certificate in Construction Architects (level 1)<br>・With more than 5 years of experiences in construction structure design<br>・With project management experience <br>・With construction management experience <br>・With business experience related to wind power facilities <br>・With design experience in offshore, ship<br>・Experience in Maedasu(マエダス), ADINA, STAN etc.


Social insurance<br>Retirement monetary system(401k)<br>Stock holding system<br>Saving accumulation system<br>Hosing allowance(4.5000 JPY~ / month)<br>Dining allowance<br>Relaxation benefit <br>Mental health counseling service<br>Health check<br>Benefit One<br>Clubs, activities

Shift Requirements

&lt;Hours&gt;<br>9:00 ~ 18:00<br><br>&lt;Leaves&gt;<br>5 days a week(weekends, holidays)<br>New Year holidays<br>Annual leaves<br>Other leaves

About application

Document evaluation<br>↓<br>1st interview(HR)<br>↓<br>2nd interview(department)<br>↓<br>(staff interview)<br>↓<br>3nd(manager, representative)<br>↓<br>Offer<br><br><br>Staff interview is not a formal interview but an opportunity to chat with the employees.


The Holstein Cattle Association of Japan, Honcho 4-38-13
Nearest station: Marunouchi line: ShinNakano sta., exiit 1, 2 (3min. walk)
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About Company

We started our company in the architecture structure design industry. Our services include the following: analysis of the impacts of natural disasters on architectures (by simulation technology), informatics software development, CAD/CAE software marketing, customization. Counseling service regarding societal problems.

About Service

BIM Solution

We offer a range of BIM related solutions including BIM model construction counseling service, BIM software customization as well as various simulations, system constructions, etc.

iGRAF Multiphase Flow Analysis software

iGRAF is a physics modeling software with granular material and multiphase simulation function. The software was developed by Associate Prof. Mikio Sakai from Tokyo University. It is able to provide a multiphase simulation (granular, liquid, air). Since it is installed with a SOLIDWORKS pre-processor, it can carry out a flawless design and analysis.

NavVis interior 3D mapping&amp;navigation platform

We help to transform your business into a whole new level with the most advantage interior 3D mapping&amp;ICT technology. NaVis technology is easy to use! Our customers can have all of the information about the interior in a short amount of time and at a reasonable cost. It can be applied to different navigation systems too.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 570 people Year of Foundation May 6, 1959
Representative Makoto Hattori Capital Fund 1,010,000,000 JPY
Avg. age 40years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Telephone 03-5342-1100
Place of head office 164-0012
Tokyo Nakano The Holstein Cattle Association of Japan, Honcho 4-38-13
Nearest station: Marunouchi line: ShinNakano sta., exit 1, 2 (3min. walk)
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Clients 1959: Founded <br>1961: As the first private company in Japan to implement IBM1620<br>1965: Osaka branch opened<br>1966: Kyushu branch opened (merged with the head office in 2014)<br>1969: International Logic Corporation founded in San Francisco <br>1973: Hokkaido branch opened (merged with the head office in 2007)<br>1978: Tohoku branch opened (merged with the Hokkaido branch in 1982)<br>1984: Lab established at Kumamoto<br>1989: Fukuoka office opened (merged with Osaka branch in 2003)<br>1992: Chubu office opened (renamed as Nagoya branch in 2016)<br>1999: New office completed in Tokyo<br>2000: Registered under the Japan Securities Dealers Association<br>2007: agency opened at Shanghai China<br>2011: The establishment of Chisuikan in Tokyo as part of the long-term residence frontier model business&quot;<br>2014: The establishment of Nakano innovation office<br>2015: KKE SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. founded in Singapore<br>2016: Fukuoka branch opened<br>2017: Second branch of the main office opened

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