A.I. Squared, Inc.

【 Infrastructure engineer 】Development engineer WANTED!

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    Tokyo Chiyoda
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    4.50 Millions Yen〜 8.00 Millions Yen
30 Jul 2018
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You are going to work on infrastructure construction, operation tasks using a unique natural language solution AI engine developed by our own.<br><br>&lt;Duties&gt;<br>・The design/construction of a service infrastructure using AWS cloud service or OSS<br>・System architecture organization/ operation using container technology such as Docker, Amazon ECS, etc.<br>・ Infrastructure coding<br>・Help to construct a better working environment for carrying out engineering works

Hope to work in such development environment

We used to use all kinds of advanced programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, etc. for development. Also, we used to adopt an agile development style while doing our developments.

About our Team

We value a free and flat communication style. Since we adapt to a flexible working hour system, the overtime working is around 20 hr. per month. Employees can also work remotely if needed. We have about 10 members in our engineering team.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Requirements】<br>- AWS experience <br>- The experience about a server, network construction/ operation<br>- Basic knowledge of protocol such as TCP/IP, HTTP<br>- Basic knowledge about an operation system<br>- Development experience using Git<br><br>【Welcome skills】<br>- Container operation experience (Docker etc.)<br>- Web service operation experience (large scale)<br>- The experience about system construction/ operation using a cloud service (AWS etc.)<br>- Development experience using programming languages such as TypeScript, Python etc.

About Salary

Annual salary: 450,0000 JPY〜800,0000 JPY <br>※ Depends on your experience<br>Salary promotion: 2 times a year


【Insurances】<br>・Comprehensive insurance system<br><br>【Allowances】<br>・Commuting allowance

Shift Requirements

【Working hour】<br>9:30~18:00<br>※ Core hours: 10:30〜16:00<br><br>【Leaves】<br>- 5 days a week <br>- National holidays<br>- New Year holidays<br>- Annual leaves<br>- Special leaves

About application

Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer


8F, Forest Akihaba building, Iwamotocho 3-9-3
Nearest station: Akihabara station/ Shinjuku line: Iwamotocho station
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About Company

AI Square rides on the wave of the prevalence of the Internet (After Internet) to develop new technology with the use of AI(Artificial Intelligence). <br><br>【 Transform the way people work with AI technology 】<br>Japan is moving towards an aging society with low birth rate where it is very obvious the country lacks young labor power. It is very important for us to take this problem seriously and to revolutionize the labor industry in Japan to boost up our efficiency and productivity. We aim to boost up the productivity of white collar class by applying the advanced AI natural language processing technology in order to solve the core issue ultimately.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 18 people Year of Foundation December1st, 2015
Representative Masaki Ishida Capital Fund 175,000,000 JPY
Avg. age 37years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Place of head office 101-0032
Tokyo Chiyoda 8F, Forest Akihaba building, Iwamotocho 3-9-3
Nearest station: Akihabara station/ Shinjuku line: Iwamotocho station
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Welfare 【 Insurances 】<br>・All kinds of insurances provided<br><br>【 Allowance 】<br>・Commuting allowance
Official website https://www.ai2-jp.com/

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