【 Working on the best legal service assisting App『AI-CON』 】Front end engineer

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    Others (engineer)
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    Tokyo Shibuya
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    5.00 Millions Yen〜 10.00 Millions Yen
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.10 Millions Yen 万マイレージ 〜 .20 Millions Yen万マイレージ
お祝いマイレージ 年収の 2 % 贈呈
.10 Millions Yen 万マイレージ 〜 .20 Millions Yen万マイレージ
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【Duties】<br>Working on the development of the &quot;&quot;AI-CON&quot;&quot; series.<br><br>【Tasks】 <br>We will assign you as the project manager according to your skills and personal willingness. We are planning to launch a brand new SaaS type of legal Web service based on the current &quot;AI-CON review&quot; and &quot;AI-CON draft&quot;services.<br>Since it will be quite important to pay attention to the usability when designing the service, we are looking for a front end engineer who can handle such works based on the idea of UI/UX.<br>Right now, we are using Vue.js for front-end development and Node.js for the server side development. We may also use Python for the API task as well. We are hiring an engineer who shares the same idea as we do, and who always puts our users at the first when carrying the tasks.


- Languages:CSS, html, javascript(Vue.js, Node.js)<br>- Database:MySQL<br>- Infrastructure:AWS<br>- Code management:GitHub<br>- Deploy:CircleCI<br>- Development machine: MacBookPro, Windows, Chromebook etc.



We are moving to a more globalized world, with the business environment becoming more complicated and competitive. Regarding this, the needs of all kinds of legal services are also becoming more and more important. However, there are many companies, regardless of sizes, still do not have a specialized division dedicated to legal services. Most people seem to not understand the risks of legal services and to deal with it.<br>GVA TECH intends to help both the corporations and individuals to reduce the risks of legal services by our &quot;AI-CON review&quot; service. We are also working on the improvement of the quality of the service and to accelerate the speed of functions expansion.<br>As a result, we are hiring a front-end engineer who can handle the development of our flagship series: &quot;AI-CON&quot;.




Others (engineer)


Language level

日本語: Not required
英語: Not required



Element definition Actual assembly single machine


【Required skills】<br>- More than 1 year of development experience using CSS or html <br>- Experience of using javascript<br>【What we are looking for】<br>- Possess of ownership<br>- With flexibility <br>- Interested in automation tasks, task organization<br>- Positive; not afraid of failure; willing to share the information with your teammates<br>- Able to prioritize what you need to do at the point<br>- Shares the same vision as we do. We might assign tasks about service planning gradually besides developments. <br>Would you like to part of us to cultivate your skills and to accumulate more different kinds of experience?


Insurances<br><br>■ Allowance<br>Commuting allowance ※ Up to 20,000 JPY/month


■ Working hour <br>10:00~19:00 ※break: 60min.<br><br>■ Leaves<br>5 days a week (weekends off), holidays paid leaves


Document examination<br>↓<br>1~2 times of interviews<br>↓<br>Offer


3F, EBS building, Ebisu West 7-7
最寄駅: JR Ebisu station, West exit about 1 min. walk


GVA TECH is a start-up company established in January 2017. Our main business focus is to use IT or AI technology to create a Web service that helps the legal business to be more efficient. Our representative, Mr. Yamamoto also is a lawyer himself where he is able to utilize his skills and experience into the company business. <br>We understand that most of the legal services are difficult for general people to understand or access, and the cost is also relatively high. As a result, it is usually hard for a start-up company or freelancer (general people) to use such a service. <br>On the other hand, it is also difficult for lawyers to reduce the cost at the same time to provide a great quality of service to people. And this where we came in. We intend to use the power of AI &amp; IT technology to offer individuals in need of legal service with reasonable price and great quality.



AI-CON is an AI &amp; cloud type of software which helps the process of legal contract review becomes more efficient. It is a service to transform this reviewing process into a service that people can easily get access to it with a relatively reasonable price.


従業員数 5 people 設立 Jan 4th, 2017
代表者名 Shun Yamamoto 資本金 65,527,165 JPY
平均年齢 売上高
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
本社所在地 150-0021
Tokyo Shibuya 3F, EBS building, Ebisu West 7-7
最寄駅: JR Ebisu station, West exit about 1 min. walk
会社HP http://gvatech.co.jp/
関連リンク AI as the eyes for lawyers(Toyokeizai Online )<br>- https://toyokeizai.net/articles/-/229505