SE(Overseas manager)

  • job
    Web Application Engineer
  • area
    Kanagawa Tsuduki, Yokohama
  • fee
    4.50 Millions Yen〜 7.30 Millions Yen
Congratulatory mileage 2 % Annual income
.09 Millions Yen 万マイレージ 〜 .15 Millions Yen万マイレージ
Congratulatory mileage 2 % Annual income
.09 Millions Yen 万マイレージ 〜 .15 Millions Yen万マイレージ
04 Nov 2018
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Providing all kinds of support regarding system development basically is to support the global business of our company and to handle tasks while communicating with our overseas branches. The tasks you are going to work on mainly include electronic circuit design/ print infrastructure design/ CAD system etc.<br>◆ Post-Sales<br>・Back office support for our customer service (overseas branches)<br>・Risk management/research<br>◆ Pre-Sales <br>・Information provision/ Support our overseas branches regarding the following activities<br>・Assessment (consultation/ analysis/ set up proposals/ effect evaluation)<br>・Sales support (presentation/ demonstration)<br>・Evaluation support <br>◆ Project management <br>・Supporting our overseas branches regarding the following activities<br>・Requirement definitions<br>・Operation construction<br>・Progress management<br><br>System Planner<br>http://www.zuken.co.jp/products/detail/_system_planner.php <br>Design Gateway<br>http://www.zuken.co.jp/products/detail/design_gateway.php <br>Design Force<br>http://www.zuken.co.jp/products/detail/design_force.php <br>DFM Center<br>http://www.zuken.co.jp/products/detail/_dfm_center.php

Opportunites for Growth

You will be working with our overseas branches and other companies from overseas as well. You can really feel a sense of achievement when seeing companies from all over the world including famous enterprises using our products.<br><br>・You will be handling document in English, and there are times where you need to travel overseas to meet with our clients. It is a great environment for you to accumulate different kinds of experiences. We expect you to be able to manage several clients at a time and be able to communicate with our engineers from different branches to make sure a project goes smoothly.<br><br>・You will be working on tasks related to EDA business process support, you will be working on many different product developments. It is possible for you to work in our overseas branch as a specialist in the future.<br><br>Basically, we use English to communicate with our engineers overseas. Although some branches do have people who can speak Japanese, it is required to be able to speak a certain level of English in order to communicate with teams overseas and to introduce our products to our clients.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Web Application Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

More than 2 years of experiences about CAD/CAM/CAE; Pre-sales, Post-sales<br>※ Skills in CATIA is also welcome.<br>※ More than 2 years of experiences about print infrastructure design using CAE/CAD/CAM<br>※ Experience in electronic circuit design or anything related is welcome.

About Salary

<Expected annual salary><br>450,0000 JPY ~730,0000 JPY (overtime working allowance: Yes)<br><Monthly salary><br>270,000 JPY ~420,000 JPY<br>The actual amount will depend on the result of your interview.<br>The fixed overtime allowance is included in the monthly salary already.<br>※ The annual amount shown above is with 30hr overtime included.<br>※ Depends on your skills and experiences<br>■ Salary promotion: April <br>■ Bonus: June and December


Commuting allowance (drive to work is OK)<br>Family allowance (11,000 JPY)<br>Housing allowance: 20,000 JPY<br><br><Training program><br>■ Position-oriented training<br>■ Goal oriented training

Shift Requirements

Working hour: 9:00~17:45 <br><br>■ Leaves<br>5 days per week <br>Annual leaves: 10 days ~20 days<br>Days off per year: 127 days<br>Summer vacation (9-day vacation)<br>New Year holidays (6-9 days)<br>Marital &amp; mourning leaves<br> Maternity leaves<br>Childcare leaves<br>Nursing leaves

About application

Location: Head office or the research center<br>Trial period: 3 months


Tsuduki, Yokohama
Edahigashi 2-25-7
Nearest station: Center Minami station
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A word from the agent

Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer
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Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer
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About Company

Zuken wants to be the best supporter to our clients in the manufacturing industry, our clients coming from all walks such as the electronics, machinery, medical, technology, automobile, aerospace industries, etc. We want to help our clients to achieve the best business performance and to create a superb product with the power of IT. Regarding the CAD system manufacturing industry, we are the No.1 in Japan and No.2 in the world. We also have 31 offices around the world to expand our business to different regions around the globe.

About Service

Electronics design solution

&quot;To be more light-weight&quot;, &quot;To be more portable&quot;, &quot;To be more energy efficient&quot;, &quot;to be more technical functional&quot;, there are many more demands regarding electronics development nowadays. <br>Zuken always provides superior technology about the software since the founding of our company in 1976. Within this fast evolution of the electronics industry, not only did the difficulty of making these products became higher, but also the demands on speed and sophistication. Our products and software have been adopted by many high-tech enterprises from all over the world. Our standard is to always deliver the best services and products to our customers.

Automotive & Machinery Design Solution

Nowadays, the production of a transportation machine has become more complex with the software, electronics, mechanical aspects combining together. Obviously, the environment of making such a product must be better organized of the technical aspect itself.<br> Zuken focuses on providing an environment of designing the wire harness to most of the automotive suppliers in the world. We do not only offer the solutions but also are trying to upgrade our business as a whole with more sophisticated technology as well. We also work with companies in Germany which is one of the top automobile manufacturers in the world. We want to first establish a more global and well-organized environment regarding the development!

Manufacture infrastructure solution

In the manufacturing industry, product development is a very important part of a company&#39;s profit. As a result, product development is not only the business of one particular division, it is a business process that relates to every division as a whole. If a company cannot maintain a balance between cost and benefit to put a new product out on the market time to time, it will certainly damage its profits.<br>Zuken does not only focus on electronics design but also the overall support of the development process. We use our own unique technology and solutions to help the industry better its performance and efficiency.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 407 people Year of Foundation Dec.17, 1976
Representative Makoto Kaneko Capital Fund 10.1 billion
Avg. age 42years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Office Center Minami building<br>〒224-8580 Chigasama Chuo 32-11, Tsudu Ku, Yokohama <br>TEL:045-942-1300<br>FAX:045-942-7350<br><br>Shin-Yokohama building<br>〒222-8505 Shin-Yokohama 3-1-1, Kita Ku, Yokohama<br>TEL:045-473-6868<br><br>Kansai branch<br>〒530-0004 9F, Dojima Axis building, Dojimahama 2-2-28, Kita Ku, Osaka<br>TEL:06-6343-1141(代)<br>FAX:06-6343-1144<br><br>Nagoya branch<br>〒460-0002 6F, HF Sakuradori building, Marunouchi 3-23-20, Chu Ku, Nagoya<br>TEL:052-950-3671(代)<br>FAX:052-950-3675
Place of head office 224-8585
Shinagawa Tsuduki ku, Yokohama Edahigashi 2-25-1
Nearest station: Yokohaya city metro: Center Minami station
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Welfare Commuting allowance, family allowance, housing allowance,<br>health insurance, welfare, labor injury insurance, severance pay<br><br><Welfare><br>Commuting allowance <br>Family allowance (11,000 JPY)<br>Housing allowance: 20,000 JPY<br>Insurances <br>Retirement age: 60<br><Training system><br>■ Position based training, promotions, etc.<br>■ Goal-oriented training: to upgrade business skill, problem-solving skills etc.
Official website http://www.zuken.co.jp/

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