gloops, Inc.

【Native Title】Server side engineer

  • job
    Server-side Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Minato
  • fee
    4.00 Millions Yen〜 6.50 Millions Yen
Congratulatory mileage 2 % Annual income
.08 Millions Yen 万マイレージ 〜 .13 Millions Yen万マイレージ
Congratulatory mileage 2 % Annual income
.08 Millions Yen 万マイレージ 〜 .13 Millions Yen万マイレージ
21 Nov 2018
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【Mission】 <br>Server side development for smartphone App game<br><br>【Duty】 <br>Lead the development of a server side development project. Mainly about out game, infrastructure construction.<br>The overall system design for the client&#39;s system, AWS included etc.

Hope to work in such development environment

・OS: Windows(Desktop or Laptop) or MacOSX(MacBookProRetina13)<br>・Infrastructure: AWS<br>・Languages: C#, Unity<br>・Middleware: Amazon Aurora, Nginx, Redis<br>・IDE・Editor: VisualStudio2017, Unity, Xcode<br>・Docker<br>・Github<br>・Jenkins<br>・Slack, Google Apps<br>・24inch Dual displays provided

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Server-side Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Mission】 <br>Server side development for smartphone App game<br><br>【Duty】 <br>Lead the development of a server-side development project. Mainly about our own game, infrastructure construction.<br>The overall system design for the client&#39;s system, AWS included, etc.<br><br>【Required skills】<br>・Server side development (game industry; regardless of the programming language)<br><br>【Welcome skills】<br>・Game development experience <br>・AWS experience <br>・Game development experience using C#<br><br>【What are we looking for】<br>○ Passionate about game production<br>○ Good at communication<br>○ With a sense of responsibility<br>○ Good at teamwork<br>○ Problem-solving skill<br>Currently, most of our engineers are working as a specialist, it will be nice if the person can lead the team in the future.

About Salary

Annual salary: 400,0000 JPY~650,0000 JPY<br>※ Depends on your skills and past experiences.<br><br>■ Monthly salary: 296,864 JPY ~ 541,667 JPY<br>(Fixed overtime working allowance: 45 hr./76,864 JPY ~88,048 JPY / The amount exceed the 45 hr. will be paid separately) <br>※ Bonus two times per year<br><br>If your annual salary will exceed 500,0000 JPY, it will be calculated under an annual salary system.<br>(Discretion labor allowance: 25 hr. /67,729 JPY ~ 88,048 JPY included / Work on weekends, midnights, the payment will be paid separately.)<br><br>Your fixed overtime allowance will be made in the form of discretion labor allowance. There will be no bonus offered when your salary is calculated in terms of an annual salary. However, other allowances and welfares will still be provided accordingly. <br> <br>≪Annual salary system≫ Discretion labor system: 9hr/ day<br>≪Trial period≫ 3 months


◆ Commuting fee fully cover<br>◆ Salary increase two times a year<br>◆ Bonus 2 times a year<br>◆ Social insurances<br>◆ Housing allowance(Live within 2km area from the company could receive 40,000 JPY every month after the trial period)<br>◆ Moving allowance<br>◆ Pay for seminar participation and book purchasing <br>◆ Birthday gift money<br>◆ Allowance for circle activity <br>◆ Influenza vaccination <br>◆ Employees gathering <br><br><br><Child care and caring system><br>◆ Short time work commitment system<br>◆ Work adjustment system for childcare<br>◆ Childcare allowance <br>◆ Childbirth gift money<br>◆ Maternity leaves<br>◆ Childcare leaves

Shift Requirements

【Working hour】<br>10:00~19:00<br><br>【Leaves】<br>◆ 5 days a week(weekends)<br>◆ Holidays<br>◆ Summer vacation<br>◆ Winter vacation<br>◆ Golden week<br>◆ Marriage and mourning leaves<br>◆ Paid leaves<br>◆ Caring leaves<br>◆ Refresh leaves(5 days in a year besides paid leaves)<br>◆ Longtime commitment award system ( You could receive a 5 days leaves and 50,000 JPY after a consecutive work commitment for 5 years)

About application

▽Apply<br>↓ <br>▽Document examination<br>↓ <br>▽Interviews(at least 2 times) <br>↓ <br>▽Offer<br><br>※ The whole process should take about 2 to 3 weeks.


6F, Ark Hills South Tower, 1-4-5 Roppongi
Nearest station: Nearest station: Roppongi 1chome sta. 3 min. walk
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About Company

■ Social App Business<br>We have gained our growth through browser games such as &quot;Big battles!! Sankokushi Battle&quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot;Skylock&quot;&quot; etc. Currently, we are cultivating our business in the native game development industry with several projects underway.

About Service

【Original native game development】

Although we had gained our growth through browser games, however, we are approaching our business into native game development. As we welcome Mr. Lee Jin as our new representative executive. We are doing a big renovation regarding our organization. We are serious about approaching our business in the development of native games.

Our goal is to create a game that is &quot;user first&quot;! 】

■ Moving from numbers only to user- first<br>・We want to create a game that is truly interesting to the users rather than paying attention to the sales number.<br>・We did pay much attention to numbers and sales before, and this left us to deviate from what the users really want. We adjust our attitude again and focus on creating games that are really interesting to the users.<br>・We implement the studio system into our office and focus on making our own original productions. We want to create original productions by our own hands!

Company Profile

Number of Employees 300people Year of Foundation Aug 2, 2005
Representative Jin Lee Capital Fund N/A
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Game)
Place of head office 106-0032
Tokyo Minato 6F, Ark Hills South Tower, 1-4-5 Roppongi
Nearest station: Roppongi ichome sta. 3 min. walk
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Welfare ■ Insurances provided <br>■ Health check once a year <br>■ Influenza vaccination <br>■ Work adjustment system for childcare<br>■ Childcare allowance<br>■ Housing allowance(After the trial period) <br>■ Moving allowance (After the trial period) <br>■ Childbirth gift money <br>■ Allowance for circle activity <br>■ Short time working commitment system
History Aug 2005 The establishment of global media solution Inc. <br>April 2006 Started the Website production business and Web system development and the sales business <br>Oct. 2007 Started the Web platform service &quot; nendo&quot; α version<br>Oct 2008 Started the mobile approach SNS service &quot; REAL&quot; <br>Feb 2010 Started the social game service &quot; Shibuya Quest&quot; through DeNA portal site &quot; Mobage&quot; <br>May 2010 Business registration changed to GMS Inc.<br>Aug 2011 Head office moved to Akasaka twin tower due to business expansion. Business registration changed to gloops<br>Nov. 2011 The establishment of gloops International Inc. in the U.S.A.<br>(Sep. 2013, Nexon became the stockholder)<br>Dec. 2011 gloops Vietnam Co, Ltd. opened. Closed on Jan. 2016<br>Oct. 2012 Nexon became the sub company <br>Nov. 2013 Head office moved to the current place due to business expansion
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