Server side infrastructure engineer

  • job
    Server-side Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Minato Ku
  • fee
    3.20 Millions Yen〜 5.00 Millions Yen
26 Nov 2018
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Mainly responsible for the design, construction, testing of the infrastructure system (especially OS) for our clients.<br>We mainly work with financial organizations, thus it is very important to make sure the security and the operation of the system are consistent. <br><Details><br>■ Basic design, detailed design, methodology design<br>■ Parameter design<br>■ Compile instruction manual, parameter file, testing list<br>■ Organizing task list, making time chat<br>■ Construction task, setting revision <br>■ Singular/combined testing<br>■ Trouble shooting<br><Great things about us><br>■ We work with many famous companies such as NTT Data from all industries.<br>■ We work on many big projects.<br>■ Able to feel a strong team work spirit

About our Team

We value your skills and motivation for learning. It is an environment for people to truly feel a sense of growth and speed. We have some young people working as managers, and we value an open communication style.<br>We have around 40 people and we host company activities time to time for people to gather together.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Server-side Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Requirements 】 <br>・IT engineer experience (More than a year)<br>・Motivation to grow<br>・Do not afraid to raise one&#39;s own opinion<br>【 Desired skills 】 <br>・Design experience regarding Server OS(Linux, Solaris, Windows etc.)<br>・Construction, setting revision experience regarding Server OS(Linux, Solaris, Windows etc.)<br>・Maintenance&amp; operation regarding Server OS(Linux, Solaris, Windows etc.)<br>・Qualification about Server OS(Linux, Solaris, Windows etc.)<br>(LPIC, MCP etc.)<br>【What are we looking for】<br>・Do not afraid of failures<br>・Willing to learn<br>・Want to pursue your career as an engineer<br>・Interested in server OS, NW, middleware

About Salary

※ Depends on experiences and skills<br>Monthly salary<br>Salary adjustment: 1 time per year<br>Trial period: 6 months


Insurances<br>【Allowances】<br>・Commuting allowance (25,000 JPY)<br>・Housing allowance<br>【Welfare】<br>・Company trip<br>・Company events, activities<br>・Healthcare facilities

Shift Requirements

<Working hour><br>8:30~17:30<br><Leaves><br>■ 5 days per week<br>■ National holidays<br>■ New Year holidays<br>■ Paid leaves<br>■ Special leaves

About application

Document examination<br>↓<br>1st interview<br>↓<br>2nd interview<br>↓<br>Offer<br>※ The process may vary. <br>※ We can host an interview using Skype or Facetime etc.


Minato Ku
11F, Shinagawa Crystal Square, Kounan 1-6-41
Nearest station: Shinagawa station Kounan exit 8 min.
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About Company

Our mission statement is &quot;to create a brand new future through work commitment&quot;. We believe only by doing so can employees really think about what service they want to create, what contributions they can make to the society and what their goals are.<br>We do not do anything fancy but we try to understand what our clients want as thorough as possible, and try to provide a system that will help our client to improve their business efficiency. We love to see our clients smile when their problems get solved. That is also the motivation for us to move forward, we also encourage our employees to take actions and think about the solutions by one&#39;s own.<br>&quot;To take charge of one&#39;s works and to make contributions to the society by working with others&quot;. We believe this is how we could move forward steadily.

About Service

Infrastructure specialized SE service

We provide all kinds of infrastructure systems to our clients from different industries. Starting from systems use by financial organizations to the most advanced cloud platforms, we can offer a customized system according to the needs of our clients.

IT support service

We provide IT solutions to corporations to help them improve the efficiency of their businesses. What we offer is a strategy that can help our clients to grow and to operate their businesses for a long term.


We help to keep our clients&#39; confidential information in a safe system environment for them to run their businesses smoothly without any worries.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 41 people Year of Foundation March 1st, 2003
Representative 天間 晃彦 Capital Fund 4,520,0000 JPY
Avg. age 30years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Telephone 03-6433-3311
Place of head office 108-0075
Tokyo Minato Ku 11F, Shinagawa Crystal Square, Kounan 1-6-41
Nearest station: Shinagawa station Kounan exit 8 min.
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Welfare Insurances<br>【Allowances】<br>・Commuting allowance(Max: 25,000 JPY)<br>・Housing allowance(Depends on the distance)<br>・House moving allowance<br>・Dependency allowance<br>・Gift money for marriage<br>【Welfare】<br>・Company trip<br>・Staff gatherings(may bring your families with you)<br>・Healthcare discounts
History The company starts with our representative working as a freelance engineer and trying to get clients in the finance industry.<br><br>Company established<br>Reorganized the company system<br>2006:<br>Sales reached 1 billion JPY<br>Launched a finance project team for the purpose of business expansion<br><br>2007:<br>Team members: 10 people (3 of them are new graduates)<br>2008:<br>Sales reached 2 billion JPY<br>Office moved to Ginza 8 chome<br>Reinforce efforts on recruitment<br>2009:<br>Granted the privacy market <br>Approached the thin client business (SP-Cloud)<br>2010:<br>Sales reached 3 billion JPY<br>Employees reached more than 30 people<br>Office moved to Ginza 6 chome<br>2011:<br>Sales reached 4 billion JPY<br>High security virtualized desktop system innovation <br>succeeded<br>Started the internship program<br>2013:<br>10 year anniversary<br>Recognized by Sler NTT Data as an official business partner<br>2014:<br>The office moved to Shinagawa <br>Reinvent our working style<br>2015:<br>Reinforce the effort of approaching business in the societal problems<br>2016:<br>Reinforce the effort of approaching business in the information security industry<br>Recognized by other business partners
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