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【Network engineer】

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    Network Engineer
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    Tokyo Minato Ku
  • fee
    3.70 Millions Yen〜 5.00 Millions Yen
07 Dec 2017
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You are responsible the developing tasks regarding an open type of system (software). Our clients mainly coming from SI big names, financial organizations and manufacturers. <br>・Details<br>Not only the development but also the requirement definitions and other upstream engineering tasks. You will have the opportunity to work on all kinds of tasks.

Hope to work in such development environment

① Financial system development division of Hitachi and TIS<br>② Financial system development division of ISID and Quest<br>③ Industrial system development division of ISID and TIS<br><br>You will be assign to either of the above divisions.

About our Team

We have many experiences working on cases of clients from different fields such as finance, logistic, manufacturing, civil engineering, network etc. Around 70% of our projects are long-term projects related to the financial industry.<br><br>Regarding the projects, we are not only doing &quot;design only&quot; or &quot;programming only&quot;. We provide a total service to our clients by analyzing what our clients really want and discuss with our clients throughout the project in order to provide the best service.

Opportunites for Growth

It is an environment for employees to be able to commit to a project full heartedly. We intends to provide an environment for employees to be able to build up their careers towards the upstream engineering.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

We are hiring full time workers throughout the year due to our business expansion.

Type of industries



Network Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Required skills】<br>・More than 2 years of development experiences (open type, web)<br>【Welcome skills】<br>・Experiences of using Java, C#, C++, PL/SQL for development<br>・Experience or interest about big data solution such as Hadoop etc.<br><br>【What are we looking for】<br>・Able to think and take actions on one&#39;s own<br>・Good at both technical skills and humanity skills<br>・Able to concentrate on one major project

About Salary

370,0000 JPY 〜500,0000 JPY<br>※ Your experiences will be taken into consideration.<br>※ The extra overtime working allowance (the amount passed the fixed overtime allowance), midnight overtime working allowance, weekends (holidays) working allowance will be paid separately.


【Treatments】<br>・Commuting allowance(Fully covered)<br>・Manager allowance<br>・No dress code<br>・Club activity allowance provided<br>・Birthday leave<br>・MVP award<br>・Competency evaluation system<br>・Monthly conference (division)<br>・Company conference ( every 3 months)<br>・Resigning rate is 8% during the past three years<br><br><br>【Welfare】<br>・Insurances provided<br>・Defined contribution pension plan<br>・Qualification supporting system<br>・various office events<br>(end-of-the-year party, welcome party, bowling event, darts race)<br>・Healthcare benefit station

Shift Requirements

【Location】<br>・Head office as well as main city of Tokyo , outskirts of Tokyo (Shinagawa, Kawasaki, Shinkawasaki etc.)<br><br><br>【Leaves】<br>・5 days a week (Weekends)<br>・Holidays<br>・New Year holidays<br>・Paid leaves(10 ~20 days)<br>・Marital and mourning leaves<br>・Nursing (Caring) leaves<br>・Child nursing leaves<br>・Leaves before and after pregnancy<br>・Paternity leaves<br>・Special leaves<br>・Birthday leaves<br>・Days off in a year: around 122 days

About application

【Interview process】<br>・Document examination<br>・1st interview:Interview with the HR based on your resume<br>・Final interview:Discussion regarding all the benefits


Minato Ku
F21, MORI Tower, Aigo green hills, Aigo 2-5-1
Nearest station: Hibiya Line: Kamiyacho / 5 min. walk; Mita Line: Onarimon /4 min. walk
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About Company

Regarding the software development business, we approach it from the view point of our client throughout the entire process. &quot;What does a client want?&quot;, we often keep this in mind. We are always looking for ways to provide the best quality of service to our customers. And in order to achieve this, it is not just merely complete what the clients told us to do, but we work with them to make the system together.

About Service

【FFR yarai】

It is able to provide a multilayer of protections with the analysis of targeted attacks. &quot; FFR yarai&quot; is equipped with detected engine to detect false attacks in a real time and provides a protections.

The world,s best SSL server certificate

【 SureServer EV 】<br>Among the three SSL server certificates on the market currently, SureServer EV is the best one to tackle against issue of fishing on the net. It is a SSL server certificate uses to provide protection for the users surfing on the Web.

【System development】

We work on many development projects regarding Web systems, embedded applications . We capture the issues precisely and provide the solution accordingly. We have many practical experiences about requirements definitions, basic design, developments to the maintenance focusing on web system. We also have experiences regarding financial organizations, front, middle, back system tasks. We also work on the infrastructure business system development and embedded system development etc. within various industries. We keep a high production rate by absorbing all sorts of the new technologies, and providing a high quality of system according to the needs of our clients.<br><br>【System solution】<br>We provide the most accommodated system structuring proposal as well as Cloud service with the precise capture of the needs of our clients. We have our experienced SE to provide consulting service as well as assistances on development, utilization, maintenance.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 90people Year of Foundation March 1st, 1996
Representative Sakai Masami Capital Fund 50,000,000 JPY
Avg. age 32years old Gross Sales 650,000,000 JPY
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 03-5777-5878
Office 【Chubu Branch】<br>〒460-0008<br>6F, Toho building, 3-10-22 Nakaku Sakae, Nagoya city, Aichi<br>Phone number:052-684-4527
Place of head office 105-6221
Tokyo Minato Ku F21, MORI Tower, Aigo green hills, Aigo 2-5-1
Nearest station: Hibiya Line: Kamiyacho / 5 min. walk; Mita Line: Onarimon /4 min. walk
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Welfare 【Treatments】<br>・Transportation fee coverage(Fully covered)<br>・Manager allowance<br>・Causal wear system<br>・ Club activity allowance provided<br>・Birthday leave<br>・MVP award<br>・Competency evaluation system<br>・Monthly conference (division)<br>・Overall company conference ( every 3 months)<br>・Resigning rate is 8% during the past three years<br><br>【Welfares】<br>・ Insurances provided<br>・ Defined contribution pension plan<br>・Qualification supporting system<br>・various office events<br> (end-of-the-year party, welcome party, bowling event, darts race)<br>・Able to use several benefit services
History ・March 1996<br>Value Software established<br>Location: Yokohama<br>Capital fund: 500,0000 JPY<br><br>・September 1996<br>Head office moved to Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo<br>Tokyo agency opened<br><br>・June 1998<br>Capital fund increased to 1,000,0000 JPY<br>The company reconstructed its organization system to the current Value Software Corporation<br><br>・February 2003<br>Head office moved to Toyoshima Ku, Tokyo<br><br>・May 2003<br>Capital fund increased to 2,000,0000 JPY<br><br>・June 2003<br>Osaka agency opened<br>Agency opened at Kita Ku, Osaka<br><br>・January 2005<br>Received specified worker dispatching business license (Specification number 13-300858)<br><br>・March 2005<br>Osaka agency moved within the same area<br>Received general worker dispatching business license (General number 13-300858)<br><br>・November 2005<br>Head office moved to Shodome Italian street, Minato Ku<br><br>・March 2006<br>Osaka agency merged with Tokyo head office<br><br>・June 2006<br>Received the privacy mark<br><br>・August 2006<br>Joined the evex group<br><br>・March 2003<br>Received the ISO/IEC27001 recognition<br><br>・May 2011<br>Joined the NPO JIET organization<br><br>・August 2011<br>Head office moved to the current address<br><br>・August 2-13<br>Capital fund increased to 5,000,0000 JPY<br><br>・July 2014<br>Joined the CSAJ<br><br>・December 2014<br>Received the &quot;next-generation recognition mark&quot;<br><br>・September 2015<br>Recognized as the Minato Ku Work, Life, Balance promotion enterprise<br><br>・September 2017<br>Business merged with Tomei Office Produce Inc.<br>Chubu (middle part of Japan) branch opened
Official website
Clients 【Main clients】<br>・Hitachi, Ltd.<br>・Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID)<br>・TIS Inc.<br>・Quest.Co., Ltd.<br>・Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd.<br>・NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.<br>・NIPPON SYSTEMWARE CO.,LTD.

Current recruitment information of the company

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