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    Others (engineer)
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    Tokyo Minato Ku
  • fee
    4.50 Millions Yen〜 8.00 Millions Yen
20 Feb 2019
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We work on many contracted projects about App developments. A lot of times, we handle these projects from the very beginning such as the planning stage. We have done many popular App for quite a few big companies such as 『CASIO Log Note』,『24 hr. TV MR App』,『TVer』<br><br>【Details】 <br>Client negotiations<br>Making estimations<br>Making proposals and review<br>Schedule/ progress management<br>Requirement definitions<br>Designing task (framework/ DB/ infrastructure)<br>Quality control and final product review<br>Training other engineers<br>Budget management<br>Member recruitment, team management

Hope to work in such development environment

【Tools】 <br>・backlog<br>・Chatwork<br>・Git <br><br>【Environment】 <br>AWS services <br>Firebase services

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Others (engineer)

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required



Engineering requirments

Desired skills

【Required skills 】 <br>More than 3 years of experiences working as a PM in a system development project with more than 5 people.<br>(Experience in web, App is highly welcome)<br>(Also able to acquire skills and knowledge about smartphone)<br><br>【Welcome skills】 <br>・More than 3 years of experiences about App directing or Web directing <br>・Having some kind of experiences about general developments. Able to do hour-estimation, simple design etc.<br>・Interested in handling upstream engineering tasks <br><br>【What are we looking for】 <br>→Passionate about making a great service for both the customers and the company<br>→Value teamwork spirit<br>→Able to handle long term projects (3~6 months)<br>→Able to make judgements and take actions on one&#39;s own<br>→You MUST have related experiences


・MVP award<br>・Sabbatical leaves<br>・Working from home<br>・Childcare leaves<br>・Seminars<br>・Research support<br>・Housing allowance (with rules)<br>・Gift money <br>・Lunch allowance<br>・Part time job support<br>・Referral award<br>・Boomerang system<br>・Event participation support<br>【Welfare】<br>・Weekends/ midnight overtime working allowance<br>・Insurances

Shift Requirements

【Hours】 <br>10:00~19:00<br><br>【Leaves】 <br>・5 days per week ( weekends off ) <br>・National holidays <br>・New Year holidays<br>・Paid leaves<br>・Marital &amp; mourning leaves

About application

Document examination<br> ↓ <br>1st interview<br> ↓ <br>2nd interview<br> ↓ <br>Offer


Minato Ku
Shiba 4-13-2
Nearest station: Tamachi station
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About Company

We offer &quot;brave soft to B&quot;, &quot;brave soft to C&quot;, &quot;contacted integrated development!&quot; businesses regarding smartphone App. We provide an overall service from planning, development to the operation. The genre we get in touch is broad ranging from entertainment to public service. We are trying to bring in a new lifestyle using a smartphone App. Currently, we are investing in doing the development of our original product which is called the &quot;Eventos(イベントス)&quot;. brave soft started the App development at a relatively early stage during the release of a smartphone in 2009. We were lucky to gain rapid growth along with the growth of the smartphone market in Japan. We have reached more than 600 developments. Along with the experiences we accumulated from each project, we could claim that brave soft possesses the top class know-how in this industry. We are also focusing on nurturing technicians with the knowledge we have.

About Service

【Original product】BtoB

We provide an App for our clients to gather customers, offer an event guideline. It is possible for us to develop an App within 5 days (80,0000 JPY). We already have many practical performances regarding this. Examples such as &quot;TokyoMotorShow2017&quot;, &quot;Tokyo Dome Show2017&quot;, &quot;Adobe Symposium&quot; etc.

【Original product】BtoC

<br>・Bokete: It is the most popular comedy Web service in Japan. It already has more than 500,0000 downloads (comedy contents).<br>・HONNE: A site with anonymous murmuring contents &amp; chat App with more than 100,0000 downloads

【Contracted Development 】

<br>・&quot; TVer(ティーバー)&quot;: A TV program service with more than 1000,0000 downloads<br>・&quot; Sorikantei首相官邸&quot;: it is an App service which gathers information about the President of Japan (Sori) with high publicity.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 50people Year of Foundation April 4th, 2005
Representative Eiji Sugasawa Capital Fund 10,000,000 JPY
Avg. age 31years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Internet)
Telephone 03-6809-6030
Office 【Tokyo main office】<br>〒108-0014<br>6F, Tamachi Front Building, Shiba 4-13-2, Minato, Tokyo<br>【brave soft Chengdu China】<br>【brave soft Peking China 】<br>【brave soft Vietnam】<br>2F Mirae Building, 268 To Hien Thanh Street, Ward 15, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Place of head office 108-0014
Tokyo Minato 6F, Tamachi Front Building, Shiba 4-13-2
Nearest station: JR Yamanote line, Kehintohoku line: Tamachi sta. (4 min. walk)
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Welfare 【Welfare】<br>・Business division training camp (team divided)<br>・Monthly MVP award <br>・Free working style (System: free work, sabbatical time, remote working, childcare, nursing)<br>・Individual interview about work condition (once every semi-section)<br>・Semarnirs <br>・Challenge system (Candidate research development challenge system)<br>・Housing allowance (area within 2 km from the office; with limitations)<br>・congratulatory system (wedding, childbirth, consecutive working )<br>・Lunch allowance<br>・coffee break corner<br>・dinning gatherings<br>・Mentor system (For new graduates)<br>・Sunday project (Supports for individual part-time jobs)<br>・Bonus for referral<br>・Bommerange system (reinstatement welcome)<br>・Allowances for seminar participation<br>・Cafe interview<br><br>【Welfare】<br>・
Holiday midnight allowance (By application)<br>・Insurances provided(Health, employment, work injury, welfare monetary)
History 2005: Company founded<br>2006: Started the offshore business at Chengdu, China<br>2009: Get in touch with the smartphone industry<br>2011: Started the original software development business (Virtualized News App, Appvisor series, etc.) The office moved to areas near the Tamachi station.<br>2012: Gained a big success on our own original App developments<br>2013: Expanded our overseas business to Vietnam, Peking, China. Number of employees exceeded 100<br>2014; Sub company established at Peking, China<br>2015: Started the sales of our own original products (Appvisor Event, Appvisor Stamp) Office moved<br>2016: Renewal of the collaborative site
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