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【Compositor】Able to build up your career path as a creator. Able to participate in major projects!

  • job
    Effects Designer
  • area
    Tokyo Outskirts of the main city
  • fee
    3.50 Millions Yen〜 6.50 Millions Yen
04 Jan 2017
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You will be working as the composition staff to handle mainly the “AfterEffects” tasks. You are responsible for the productions of full CG compositions, life actions compositions, motion graphics etc. And mainly working at the client’s location.<br><br>Regarding the projects, you will either be meeting with the clients on your own or with other colleagues. This might require leadership skills since you will be in the position by cases. It is possible that you will need to meet up with the clients on your own according to the projects you are working on. You may also propose your willingness of visiting certain companies. We want to support our staffs the best we could. And we want to create a working environment that people would like to work there! We are looking for people with at least three years and above of experiences of designing in game and/ or game machine fields. 【Actual works of our members】 <br> ■ METAL GEAR SOLID V character motion <br> ■ Devil’s Third cut scene production <br> ■ AVABEL ONLINE character motion and others

Hope to work in such development environment

Generally, we focus on doing projects from our clients. However, people who are interested in doing plus a, we will provide tasks that could be done in 1 to 2 hours during weekends or work<br>We believe this kind of incentive system shall increase the motivation to work. Of course, it is up to you to make the decision. it is not a big deal to leave the company on time during work day as well. Also we list out your payroll in details, so you may see and feels the actual performance of your own efforts.
Environment · OS
Tool・Other AfterEffect

About our Team

We are a newly established company started in 2013, all our members have been trying their best to advance their own skills, and to fully utilize one’s own personality and ability to contribute to the expansion of our business.<br>As a creator, you will be at the front line to face the clients. The judgments from our clients will become added values and lead to repeated orders and increased price of our productions. With that in a sense, the performance of each member will eventually lead to the expansion of our business.

Opportunites for Growth

We intend to boost up each member’s ability through various cases. We will be doing our own invention in the future as well. We would like to explore the possibility of CG with our members.<br><br>Our vision is that our members shall utilize their personalities and skills to the fullest extend to put out the best quality of outputs.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Creating a system that aims towards the needs of the customers and be more efficient is the mission of our representative.<br>Currently we mainly work on projects from outside partners, and basically is in the format of working at the place where the client is; however, we would like to do our own inventions and to nurse our own employers. To strengthen the system as well as the business of our company, we are hiring experienced partners to join us (regardless of age or nationalities).

Type of industries



Effects Designer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments


Desired skills

■ Wants to have the opportunity to work in different companies.<br>■ Wants to boost up one’s skills by working at different production environments.<br>■ Wants to explore the game field and/or the game machines field.<br>■ With high efficiency.<br>■ Able to perform works independently.<br>【Requirements】 Having actual experiences in games, game machines related effects productions. Willing to perform client-relationship approach business (must meet with the clients and work at various locations).

About Salary

350,0000 JPY~650,0000 JPY with fixed rate of above 25,0000 JPY ※ with incentives ※ incentives may vary according to cases and workload.※ your past experiences as well as skills will be taken into considerations regarding your payroll. If with leadership experience is better(With no limit) ■ discretionary labor system ■ salary adjustment once a year ■ bonus twice a year(2 months)


■ Transportation fee covered<br>■ Insurance system<br>■ Staff gathering

Shift Requirements

10:00 〜 19:00<br><br>5 days a week(weekends), holidays, paid leaves, new year, summer leaves, marital and mourning leaves, paternity leaves, nursing leaves

About application

▼Document exam(Portfolio included)  <br>↓ <br>▼Actual skills test (follow the specification to perform the production) <br>↓ <br>▼Interview (human resource staff, managers (representative)) <br>↓ <br>▼decision


Outskirts of the main city
※We will try to assign the working locations according to your wish. ※You may have to stay at where the clients are.
Nearest station: Vary
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About Company

Starting from our &quot;Only One Products&quot; aiming for clients’ satisfaction. Each member shall demonstrate their abilities to the maximum to achieve the best quality of outputs. Oops realizes that our mission is to work for the happiness of our stockholders in this society.

About Service

3D - 2D, Game, Game machines etc., Graphic design

Human resources, contractors

Company Profile

Number of Employees 20 people Year of Foundation October 1st 2013
Representative Representative: Iwai Yuki Capital Fund 5,000,000JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Game)
Place of head office 156-0055
Tokyo Setagaya ku (district) Funabashi, Setagaya-ku,
Nearest station: Kyodo Station
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Welfare ■ Transportation fee cover, Social Security Insurance, Staff gathering<br>■ 5 days a week(Sat. Sun.), Holidays, Paid leaves, New Year leaves, Summer leaves, Marital / Mourning leaves
Official website
Clients Asobimo Co., Ltd.<br>Ignis Imageworks Corp.<br>Media Vision Corp.<br>Frameworks Entertainment Inc.<br>QREAZY<br>POLYGON MAGIC, INC.<br>Alpha Unit Corp.<br>ILCA,Inc.<br>Valhalla Game Studios Co., Ltd.<br>Welz Animation Studios<br>Crenaloo Inc.<br>Scarab Studio Inc.<br>Three Rings Corp.<br>SEGA<br>TASKIV Inc.<br>DIGITAL MEDIA LAB.,INC.<br>NEURON・AGE CO.,LTD.<br>NHK<br>Others

Current recruitment information of the company

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