Indo-Sakura Software Japan K.K

【 SAP Support】

  • job
    Server-side Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Koto Ku
  • fee
    3.00 Millions Yen〜
22 9 2017
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You will be responsible for software implementation and designing supports regarding clients package software development and sales.

Hope to work in such development environment

Environment · OS
Tool・Other SAP

About our Team

90% of our employees are Indians, we use English to communicate with each other during work.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Due to business expansion.

Type of industries



Server-side Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Application preservation and maintenance

Desired skills

【Required skills 】<br>・Comfortable of working in an environment where 90% are non-Japanese (Indians).<br>・With more than 3 years of experiences<br>【Welcome skills】<br>・TOEIC score: above 800 points<br>・With experience in Hadoop

About application

Document examination(Only for Indians)<br> ↓<br>1st examination<br> ↓<br>2nd examination<br> ↓<br>Offer


Koto Ku
7F, Raukuti Building, 3-5-5 Toyo
Nearest station: Tokyo Metro Tozai Line: Kiba Station. Walk for 3 min.
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About Company

Indo-Sakura has a group of specialists dedicated to the construction, onsite, nearshore and offshore projects with the most advanced infrastructure technology. We intend to provide a service with high-cost performance. We also received many positive feedbacks from our clients in which the technical skills of the team is able to be strengthened.

About Service

【 Software Development Service】

We provide an IT service with high-cost performance. We have been provided our IT service to more than 50 Japanese enterprises. We have been steadily accumulated the know-how of system development as well as practical experiences regarding the Japanese market. We combine both onsite and offshore developments to provide high-quality software at a low cost.

【Product development・Solutions 】

We produce the most advanced SMAC &amp; desktop products. We are doing the development of the most advanced products according to the current needs of our clients. We achieve this by utilizing the know-how (experiences, technologies) we had acquired so far.

【We support you to cultivate the Indian market】

We provide a high quality of supports for enterprises which are interested in expanding their businesses in the Indian market. We have practical experiences in market researching, taking over the duty of selling Japanese goods in the Indian market, implementing as well as the maintenance, utilizing our network in India. We want to bridge the communication between Japanese enterprises and Indian enterprises and help to increase the growths of both sides.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 105people Year of Foundation December 1st, 2005
Representative Atul Paswan Capital Fund 0
Avg. age Gross Sales 410000000
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Software)
Telephone 03-6883-4280
Place of head office 135-0016
Tokyo Koto Ku 7F, Raukuti Building, 3-5-5 Toyo
Nearest station: Tokyo Metro Tozai Line: Kiba Station. Walk for 3 min.
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History ・December 2005: The establishment of the company.<br>・May 2006:The analysis of the i-CAP division.<br>August: Office in India was established <br>December: Host seminars on the opportunity for Japanese enterprises enter the Indian market.<br>・April 2007:Started the Japanese language education program. <br> July: Launch business in the India market.<br>・October 2008: The open of Japanese language education center.  <br>・April 2009: The head office in Japan moved to Chiba city, Chiba. <br>July: The establishment of the big data analysis division. <br>・April 2010: The start of business in India market. <br> August: The establishment of JSIG<br>・April 2012: The establishment of the U.S.A. office<br>・April 2013: Started the data backup service<br> May: Head office in Japan moved to Shinagawa Ku, Tokyo  <br>・June 2014: Produced the specialized mobile App. dedicated to animate field.<br>October: Produced the blood sugar mobile App.  <br>November: Produced the specialized mobile App. dedicated to animate field.<br>・April 2015: Hiring more sales members in the purpose of strengthen the power of sales towards manufacturing and logistic. <br>June: Became the sales agency for King Jim Co.,Ltd. in India. <br>・January 2016: Became the sales partner of Asprova Co.,Ltd.
Official website
Clients Panasonic India Private Limited<br>SCSK Co.,Ltd.<br>TDI Product Solution CO.,LTD.<br>T.D.I.CO.,LTD.(Technological Development of Information-processing)<br>TIS First Manage Co.,Ltd.<br>Yamaha Motor Solutions India Private Limited<br>Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation<br>eSOL Co.,Ltd.<br>infineon Co.,Ltd.<br>OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd.<br>SoftBank Payment Service Corp.<br>SoftBank BB Corporation<br>Toyota Technical Development Corporation<br>TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE LIMITED<br>MSC., Inc.<br>Momentive Performance Materials<br>UPR Corporation<br>Rakuten Co.,Ltd.<br>ID Technology<br>Capgemini Corporation<br>ASK Corporation<br>Daifuku Co., Ltd.<br>t8s Corporation<br>Big Bang System Corporation<br>Best System<br>Payment First Corporation<br>Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd. <br>KYOWA EXEO CORPORATION<br>Hitachi System<br>Hitachi Solutions<br>CST

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