【Infrastructure Engineer】

  • job
    Infrastructure Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Chuo Ku
  • fee
    2.64 Millions Yen〜 4.20 Millions Yen
Congratulatory mileage 5 % Annual income
.13 Millions Yen 万マイレージ 〜 .21 Millions Yen万マイレージ
Congratulatory mileage 5 % Annual income
.13 Millions Yen 万マイレージ 〜 .21 Millions Yen万マイレージ
04 Jan 2017
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What we do mainly is that we provide maintenance service of the server and network for clients.<br>【What we do】Our services mainly are related to infrastructure. Infrastructure for supporting the social game of major game makers as well as financial and insurance fields. We will also assign your tasks based on personal interests and skills. Tasks ranging from utilization, maintenance, designs, implementations, etc.<br>You will have the opportunity to participate in several projects with other experienced engineers.

Hope to work in such development environment

■ Online business system infrastructure for department stores.<br>(Windows、Linux、Oracle、ARCserve)<br>■ New System structuring for major credit company’s leasing business<br>(Windows、Linux、Cisco) <br>■ Designs, structure, utilization of the blade server &amp; networks for life insurance company’s inner network system.<br>(Windows、Linux、Cisco、SQL Server、Exchange Server)<br>■ Online business system infrastructure for department stores.<br>(Windows、Linux、Oracle、ARCserve)
Database MySQL Oracle
Environment · OS Apache CentOS Linux Red Hat Windows

About our Team

Our team is full of talented members, we also earn a lot of trusts from our clients as well. Members could collaborate with each other at the same time compete against each other in a good way. It is a team great to work with.<br>Many of our members had been working in other places previously. You will definitely get many great insights from the members regarding their past experiences.

Opportunites for Growth

We value the happiness of our staff members; thus, we understand the importance of the balance between private life and career of our staff. We hope our staff could live a healthy and happy life. To achieve this, we try to restrain our overtime working hours to less than 30 hours.<br>We also have 24 hr. counseling service for our employers. Members may use the service anytime they have concerns, problems related to work or any mental health care they need.<br>Of course, employers may use our service for personal concerns as well. We have a unique bonus system that we tend to increase the times of giving out bonus according to your sonority. We want to create an environment that employers will appreciate of working here!

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Infrastructure Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Application preservation and maintenance

Desired skills

【Required skills】<br>At least one year of experience about server, network implementation maintenance <br><br>【Welcome skills】<br>LPIC(The Linux Essentials Professional Development Exam)、CCNA etc.<br><br>※We do not ask anything private regarding your past experiences<br>※Around age 25 are welcomed

About Salary

■ About 264,0000~420,0000 JPY (Annually)<br>■ Past experiences and skills will be taken into consideration <br>■ Monthly Salary:22,0000~35,0000 JPY <br>【Annual salary model】<br>■ 30 years old with 5 years of experiences/400,0000 JPY<br>■ 35 years old with 10 years of experiences /450,0000 JPY


■5 days a week (Saturday and Sunday off)<br>■Holidays<br>■Paid leaves(10 days after six months)<br>■New Years holidays<br>■Total of 120 days off annually<br><br>■Salary increase once a year<br>■Bonus(According to performance)<br>■Social Security Insurance<br>■Commuting allowance<br>■overtime allowance, manager allowance, business trip allowance<br>■Staff gathering(twice a year)

Shift Requirements

9:00 ~ 18:00<br>※ May vary based on your current projects<br>※ Avg. overtime working hour 30 H/month

About application

【STEP1】 Document test<br>     ▼<br>【STEP2】 1st interview ※ We usually make a decision at this stage<br>     ▼<br>(【STEP3】2nd interview)<br>     ▼<br>  Final decision


Chuo Ku
Nihombashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station: Kayabacho Station・Nihonbashi Station
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About Company

We as a IT enterprise focusing our businesses on system invention, IT consulting and human capacity building.<br>We are using our past experiences to energize the communication of people and technology. This is what we believe could make the world a better place. We also reflect this belief onto our name where we use our three main businesses as our basis to open up a new direction for our business.<br>From the business point of view, enterprises are in a very shaky situation currently. We work very hard to break the obstacles to prove our abilities and to make the society flourish.

About Service

System Invention

From an open-source system (Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl) to Windows system (VB.NET), you will be responsible for definition, design, test, and maintenance of the system to fulfill the needs of our customers. You will also need to deal with the Linux server, Windows server to servers those use VMware、Hyper-V、KVM.

◼︎IT consulting

Our company focuses on providing services that enterprises need such as information communication, infrastructure maintenance, and system development and implementation.<br><br>As the IT field is getting diverse each day, there are many aspects that we need to put more efforts into it. Aspects such as current staff groupware, System for promoting and improving product management, logistics and sales, communication infrastructure quality upgrade as well as smart devices popularization etc. Knowledge related to the above fields and more are getting more important gradually.<br><br>Our style of counseling is that we are neither bias towards the clients nor the vendors, but we keep ourselves in a neutral position when setting up business strategies and acting out business improvements.

◼︎Personnel Nurturing

Within a competitive global economic competition, we truly realized the shortage of IT personnel in Japan’s society. The nurturing of IT personnel is an immediate topic that we must deal with. IT Navigate is working on the nurturing and strengthening of IT personnel at the same time we are moving towards becoming the platform for IT personnel nurturing.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 46 people Year of Foundation June 1st 2006
Representative Representative: Ishioka Kouji Capital Fund 20,000,000JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(SIer)
Telephone 03-6264-9288
Place of head office 103-0025
Tokyo Chuo-Ku (district) Nihombashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station: Kayabachou Station, Nihonbashi Station
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Welfare ■ Social Security Insurance<br>■ Payroll increase (once a year)<br>■ 40 H of overtime work is included in the payroll(5,5000 JPY~8,4000 JPY). The extra hours will be paid accordingly.<br>■ Commuting allowance(Up to 2,5000 JPY/ month)<br>■ Overtime allowance <br>■ Manager allowance <br>■ Bonus
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