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Urgent!【Owned IP Game】Business Manager

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    Game Director
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    Tokyo Shibuya Ku
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    5.00 Millions Yen〜
27 Oct 2017
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You will be working as the game business manager for our big hit series: Ikeman series. It has over 170,00000 users!<br><br>【 Job contents 】 <br>Overall business operation regarding our big hit game series.<br><br>・Making strategies to achieve sales target<br>・KPI analysis   <br>・Cost management <br>・ Team management<br>・Making the overall business environment become efficient<br>【 Attractive points of this position】<br> ・Since we are going to do a business expansion on this series, we will need to strengthen the skills of our members. <br>・Since this is an original title of our own company, you will be able to reflect your own ideas directly to the service.<br> ・You will be able to manage the overall business of our most popular production, the “Ikeman series”. The series had received 5,000,0000 votes in our Ikeman series election this year! ( election is carry out regularly every year.<br>・You will be able to train your management and adjustment skills in which you have to oversee many parts of the project and giving out directions.

Hope to work in such development environment

【Colleagues who can grow together】 <br>We invite many specialists to do speeches. We also host many seminars to discuss a variety of topics and share all sorts of experiences. We provide an environment where members can grow together.

About our Team

【We value a flat communication style 】<br><br>Every member regardless of age or position can speak out their ideas and thoughts. However, the content must be solid and constructive rather than a mere idea. In order to is, we implant a system called the “CYBIRD WAY” where you put the concept, target, important points on an original framework. This could also help boost up the speed of development and the quality of it.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business Expansion

Type of industries



Game Director

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Analysis and Research Planning Application

Desired skills

【Requirements】<br>Experiences of consumer games, App games business management. Team leading experience and is able to commit to several titles at a time. Person who wants to challenge himself.<br>・Team management experience<br>・Progress, cost, data management experiences<br>・Able to handle PDCA cycle tasks related to KPI analysis. Able to response this onto our service.<br>・Experience in creative, scenario direction<br>・Quality improvement<br>・Able to put out plans and make presentations<br><br>【 Welcome skills 】<br> ・Outsourcing management <br>・Knowledge and experience of doing service analysis (About other companies) <br>・UI design, plan, business running of mobile related service <br>・Practical experience related to promotion<br><br>【 What we are looking for 】 <br>・Communication skill and motivation<br>・Person with vitality <br>・Able to make production from an user’s point of view. And person who is interested in making the production more popular.<br> ・Able to carry out smooth communications with team members and able to make adjustments.

About Salary

【Salary 】 Annual Salary: 500,0000 JPY~<br>・Based on previous work experiences, we shall make decision based on company standard.<br> 【Bonus 】<br> ・Two times a year (June, December) ※ Will make adjustment every six months.<br>【 Salary increase and Promotions 】 <br>・Two times a year (June, December) ※ Will make adjustment based on judgement every six months.


【Welfare 】<br>・Health insurance(Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Package) <br>・Welfare insurance, employment insurance, work injury insurance <br> ・Regular health check , contracted healing facilities, sports clubs <br>・Welfare benefit club(benefit station) <br>・Daikanyama lunch coupons<br>・Various events(Christmas party, clubs, activities etc.)

Shift Requirements

【Working hours】 <br>・10:00~19:00<br>【Day offs】 <br>・5 days a week(Sat. Sun. Holidays)<br>・Paid leaves(10 days for 1st year, 13 days for 2nd year, from that will be adding 1 day each year to the maximum of 20 days)<br>・New Year holiday<br>・Summer vacation(you may arrange 3 days off freely during June to September. You could have maximum a 10 day leave if you combine with paid leaves and weekends. )<br>・Birthday leave( You could receive 1 day off either with your families birthdays or your own birthday)<br>・Marital and mourning leaves, paternity leaves, nursing leaves and others

About application

【 Trail period 】<br> ・3 months<br>【 Interview process 】 <br>・Document examination<br>↓ <br>・1st interview<br>↓ <br>・2nd interview<br>↓ <br>・Final evaluation


Shibuya Ku
Mansard Daikanyama, 10-1 Sarugakucho
Nearest station: Walk for 4 minutes from Daikanyama station
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About Company

CYBIRD has been growing its business with the mobile internet industry of Japan together. During the past 18 years, we hold the belief that “Using mobile to bring more smiles!” to offer a variety of mobile contents to the society. Regarding the gaming business, we released many productions such as the original love game “Ikeman series”, simulation soccer game “BFB series” etc.<br>Whereas the contents business we published many works in the entertainment area, such as “Kazuko Hosogi,s Rokusei Senjutsu (Six-Star Astrology)”, “Detective Conan”, “Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Puzzle” etc. We also launched a site called “Naniaru?” which provides information of surf points throughout Japan as well as female approach information. We are moving towards the vertical media business industry at the stage too!<br>The reason for us to approach to such a variety of businesses are the missions of “creating the moment of happiness” and “keep the company that is full of passion going”. We based our business attitude on these two missions and serve our clients with the values of “challenge”, “essence”, “hospitality”.

About Service


<br>Started by our big hit “Ikeman Series” (with accumulation of 1,5000000 memberships), we offer services in planning, development etc. We also started to approach businesses in light comics, books genre, merchandise business, overseas business etc. <br><br>< Main title> <br>・Ikeman Sengoku ◆ Love within Time<br>・Ikeman Revolution ◆ Alice and Magic of Love <br>・Ikeman Palace BFB CHAMPIONS <br>・Magical Days<br>Others

【 Contents Business 】

<br>『 Entertainment 』We utilize all those attractive licenses such as pop culture celebrities, figures in cultural field, popular animations and characters etc. to provide a variety of entertainment services. <br><br>< Main service><br> ・Kazuko Hosogi,s Rokusei Senjutsu (Six-Star Astrology)<br>・Mirror Ryuji Astrology<br>・Detective Conan<br> Others

【 Contents Business 】

<br>We provide specific information to a particular group of users like the surf information site “Namiaru?” which provides national surf information. We also offer services in planning, productions which approach to the female audience. <br><br> < Main services> <br>・Namiaru? <br>・Qrun <br>・Relia  <br> Others

Company Profile

Number of Employees 317people Year of Foundation Sept. 1st, 1998
Representative Utsumi Shuji Capital Fund 100,000,000 JPY
Avg. age 33years old Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Game)
Telephone 03-6746-3129
Place of head office 150-0033
Tokyo Shibuya Ku Mansard Daikanyama, 10-1 Sarugakucho
Nearest station: Walk for 4 minutes from Daikanyama station
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Welfare 【 Salary / Evaluation system 】 <br>We will make judgement based on individual performance every 6 months and giving out bonus and raise in salary twice a year.<br><br> 【 Awards 】 <br>We awarded individual who can express the values (challenge, essence, hospitality) of our company through their works. <br><br> 【 Days off 】 <br>Paid leaves, summer vacation, New Year holidays, Birthday day off, wedding day offs, mourning leaves, paternity leaves etc.<br><br>【 Pre-Mom & Mom employers and Dad employers】<br>Paternity and maternity leaves, short-hour working after coming back from paternity or maternity. Male employers also can apply for paternity leaves.<br><br> 【 Health / Various insurances 】<br>Social security insurance, work injury insurance, employment insurance. Regular health check once a year, consoling services etc. <br><br>【 Events 】 <br>Group Kick-Off (Twice a year), group conference, Christmas party, speeches (offered by celebrity speakers), seminars (Engineering related topics) etc.<br><br>【 Group activities supports】<br>Monetary supports for various activities such as baseball, skiing, cycling, dance, futsal, survival games etc.<br><br> 【 Refresh】 <br>You could enjoy a coffee break in our “PARK CYBIRD” area. We also have a space where you can take a nap (Female and male in separate spaces).
History [ 1998] <br>September: The establishment of the company (Main office at Minato Ku, NishiAzabu, Tokyo)<br>February: Started to provide NTT Docomo “iMode” approach service. <br>November: Started to provide Softbank approach service.<br>December: “Mirror Ryuji Psycho Astrology”official mobile site launched. <br><br>[ 2000 ] <br>February: Receiving funds from Intel Pacific,inc.<br>December: Realized the goal of public listing in the shortest amount of time from the establishment. (JASDAQ:4823) <br><br>[ 2002 ]<br>December: Received the award of “ 2002 Internet IR Best Enterprise” from Daiwa Investor Relations Co. Ltd. (The third time event).<br>Received the award of “The 1st Deloitte Asian Pacific Technology- Fast 500”. The second place in Japan, and eventually the 5th place throughout Asian Pacific area.<br><br> [ 2005 ] <br>March: Collaborate with JIMOS (model mobile commerce business)<br>June: Collaborate with Recruit Holdings in cellphone industry.<br><br> [ 2006 ] <br>March: Merge with JIMOS regarding the aspect of the running of business. <br>October: The reform of CYBIRD Ltd. CYBIRD Holdings became a public listing company.<br><br> [ 2008 ] <br>March: From a long-term perspective, executing the MBO plan to boost up the value of the enterprise. Stop the public listing plan of CYBIRD Holdings.<br><br> [ 2010 ] <br>May: Received the “Best Achievement” award in Yahoo! Japan sales partners conference.<br>September: Started the hit mobile love game series “Ikeman series”.<br>Received the recognition of “Google AdWords recognized partner”.<br><br> [ 2011 ] <br>January: Main office moved to Daikanyama, Shibuya<br><br> [ 2012 ] <br>August: Daikanyama office received the new office promotion award (New Office Promotion Association)<br>December: Started the smartphone game “BFB soccer series” (soccer group nursing game).<br><br> [ 2015 ] <br>February: Renamed the soccer series as “BFB 2015 soccer nursing game”.<br>March: “V6 Lovecec” received the “Best love game” in GREE Platform Award 2014. (2 years consecutively). <br>June: Started the distribution of love game “Ikeman Sengoku Love”.
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