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【Self-owned commodity construction engineer (PL candidate)】

  • job
    Packaged Software Middleware System Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Minato Ku
  • fee
    4.50 Millions Yen〜
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You will be using our own developed package software &quot;&quot;Longstorage&quot;&quot; to construct security infrastructure system. You are going to lead the team members to participate in projects to construct the customer information system. You will be mainly working on long-term projects using Longstorage security infrastructure (starting from upper stream engineering works).<br>What are we looking for are as follow:<br>・The construction of customer information system and the design, construction of Logstorage regarding the security infrastructure aspect<br>・Member management (outside companies)/ staff management, schedule adjustment<br>・Security infrastructure implementation, testing using Longstorage


・Development language…Java<br>・Development environment…Linux, Unix, WIndiaws / 50% of an agile type of development, 50% of waterfall<br>・Development method…Basically, it is an object approach<br>・Project management…Github, Jenkins, Redmine etc.<br><br>・Working style<br>Although, you will be doing your works at the office; however, you might be located at the places of where the clients are, and work with the clients throughout the projects. Especially for major scale projects. It depends on the SES (system engineering service), the times you will be located at clients places shall not exceed 2/3 of a year.
言語 C# Go
環境・OS Android iOS 日立
ツール・その他 Docker Unity


Most of our members are calm and introverted. Regardless of ages, it is a place where you could communicate with each other easily. Besides, we tend to carry out our development under intensive discussions.



Due to business expansion




Packaged Software Middleware System Engineer


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Element definition Basic design Detailed design Actual assembly single machine Combination test Comprehensive test Application preservation and maintenance


・Having experience of working as a project manager or a position above to handle project management/ staff management<br>・Knowledge about the utilization and setting of OS(Linux, WIndiaws)


Annual salary(Depends on personal skills and experiences.)<br><br>・Transportation allowance (With certain rules)<br>・Salary adjustment: 1 time a year (January)<br>・Trial period: 6 months


【Insurances】<br>Health care, welfare monetary, employment insurance, work injury insurance, employment insurance<br><br>【System】<br>Child nurturing leaves, health care package and various benefits, marriage and mourning monetary, regular health check<br><br>Vending machine in the office, coffee, black tea, tea, coke for free.


【Working hour】<br>9:00〜17:30 (with 1 H break)<br><br>【Days off】<br>5 days a week (weekends)※ more than 120 days off a year<br>Holidays, summer leaves, New Year leaves, Paid leaves, special leaves (marriage, mourning leaves etc.)


Document examination<br> ↓<br>1st interview, assessment test<br> ↓<br>Offer


Minato Ku
Inforscience building, 2-4-1 Shibaura
最寄駅: JR Yamanote line: Tamachi (10 min. walk)


The launch of an Internet server dedicated to enterprises in 1995 which is the start of our business. Even until nowadays, we still use the service as our base to provide other related services. One of the services we offer is a one-step process from the development to the utilization. We provide an overall IT service for our customers.<br>We do not only provide system development service based on what our clients ask for, but we also provide services regarding the utilization of the system in order to make sure the system works safe and sound. This is also the style of inforscience.<br>This way could not only reduce the time to be spent on the utilization of the system for our customers, this could also help us to locate the problem once something happened. Finally, we are able to achieve the goal of developing a system that fits our customers business styles.


【Comprehensive log management system 『Logstorage』】

It is a management system that is able to collect a big volume of log data at a fast speed, provide solutions about interior control, the leak of information, information security, system obstacle etc. It is a system which could utilize log data to achieve diverse goals.<br>Regarding the utilization of the system, the necessity and the value of log management is starting to get more attention. Our system has been implemented by many giant enterprises in various fields (automobile makers, consumer electronics makers, ads agencies, communication carriers etc.) as well as governmental organizations, schools.<br>We have been topped the first place in the field of comprehensive log management tool for 11 years. We are also the number 1 regarding the number of user implementation. (MIC Research Institution) It is also a highly functional system as a managerial and security tool as well as a marketing tool.

【SaaS type of Cloud service】

We are planning to release a SaaS type of Cloud service in which it could easily handle tasks such as membership management, event management, booking management etc. We meant to provide a SaaS service dedicated to tenants with needs in membership management.<br>We believe the potential of our tenants is &quot;boundless&quot;. This is where inforscience comes in to provide a direct service and to expand the blue market.<br>We are planning to open up an original business in a field which is called &quot;Membership Management Solution&quot;.

【Data center utilization】

In order for our customers&#39; systems to run smoothly, we have our own data center. The data center is earthquake and fireproof, equipped with 24H disasters alarming system, intruder alarming system, IC card and fingerprint inspection system for entry. Others such as giant UPS and the automatic electric power device, inert gas extinguisher etc., we have many devices and solutions to deal with the emergency.<br>Inforscience also has its own obstacle management system to inspect the condition of a server as well as a network machine. Once an obstacle has been inspected, our engineers will carry out the research and implement the recovery.


従業員数 100people 設立 October 1st, 1995
代表者名 Miya Norio 資本金 100,000,000 JPY
平均年齢 36 売上高 Positive
男女比 業種 IT・Telecommunication(Software)
電話番号 03-5427-3500
本社所在地 108-0023
Tokyo Minato Ku Inforscience building, 2-4-1 Shibaura
最寄駅: JR Yamanote line: Tamachi (12 min. walk)
待遇・福利厚生 【Insurances】<br>Health insurance, welfare monetary, employment insurance, work injury insurance<br><br>【Others】<br>Child nurturing leaves, healthcare insurance packages, various benefit services, marriage and mourning monetary, regular health check, a vending machine in the office, free coffee, black tea, tea. coke etc.
会社沿革 1995<br>Established the company at Kita Shinagawa, Shinagawa. Started to provide the system utilization service.<br>1996<br>Started the contracted system development service<br>1999<br>Released the mail filtering system &quot;&quot;Spamghetti&quot;&quot;<br>2001<br>Released the comprehensive log management system &quot;&quot;Logstorage&quot;&quot;<br>2001<br>Headquarter moved to Shibaura, Minato<br>2002<br>Network operations center (data center) moved from Kita Shinagawa to Shibuya<br>2004<br>Received the security recognition &quot;&quot;ISMS(Ver.2.0)&quot;&quot; and &quot;&quot;BS7799-2&quot;&quot;<br>2006<br>Received ISO27001<br>2008<br>The capital fund increased to 1 billion.<br>Established Inforscience Dalian Corporation<br>2011<br>&quot;&quot;Logstorage&quot;&quot; has the No. 1 corporation implementation number of share for a consecutive of 5 years<br>2013<br>Established Infoscience USA, Inc.<br>2017<br>&quot;&quot;Logstorage&quot;&quot; has the No. 1 corporation implementation number of share for a consecutive of 11 years
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関連リンク 【Comprehensive log management system: Logstorage】<br>