Aquabit Spirals Inc.

【Server side engineer】

  • job
    Server-side Engineer
  • area
    Tokyo Minato
  • fee
    4.00 Millions Yen〜 8.00 Millions Yen
28 11 2017
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Owned service development / patented technology<br>・Improving the functions of our smart plate and the development business<br>・Business cultivation using our own products

Hope to work in such development environment

Language Java JavaScript PHP
Framework CakePHP
Database MySQL
Environment · OS AWS CentOS Linux
Tool・Other Bitbucket Git Slack

About our Team

【About our team】<br>CTO(Age: 46)<br>Server engineer(Age: 36)<br>Android App engineer(Age: 33)<br>Several engineers. We are a team of a limited number of elites which is able to pay more attention to the product

Opportunites for Growth

The person is able to pursue a career path towards a managerial position in the future. More than that, the person is able to cultivate one&#39;s skills as a specialist. The person is able to take on with new challenges depends on individual efforts.

The position at a glance

Why were hiring

Business expansion

Type of industries



Server-side Engineer

Job type

Language level

Japanese: ~ N2(Business)
English: Not required


Engineering requirments

Element definition Basic design Detailed design Actual assembly single machine Combination test Comprehensive test Application preservation and maintenance

Desired skills

【Required skills】<br>More than 3 years of development experiences in PHP, Javascript<br>【Welcome skills】<br>Able to communicate in English<br><br>【What are we looking for】<br>・A person who is able to take action on his own<br>・A person with curiosity

About Salary

Your age, experience, skills will be taken into consideration.<br>Salary promotion: 1 time a year


・Insurances provided<br>・Commuting allowance (with no limitation)<br>・Award system<br>・Family allowance

Shift Requirements

【Working hour】<br>Flexible working hours<br>8hr. / day<br><br>【Leaves】<br>・5 days a week<br>・New Year holidays<br>・Paid leaves<br>・Marriage and mourning leaves<br>・GW vacation<br>・Summer leaves<br>・Maternity leaves and paternity leaves<br>・Weekends and holidays<br>◎ Birthday leaves(Your own birthday or someone who is closed to you)

About application

【Trial period】<br>3 months(Payroll will stay the same)


2F, Tobu Takanawa 2nd building, 2-16-5 Takanawa
Nearest station: Sengakuji A3 exist 1 min. walk
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About Company

As the name of our company &quot;Aquabit Spirals&quot; indicates &quot;the combination of people, analog, real and digital, technology, virtual to form a spiral structure, and through the transformation to evolve a new value.&quot; We are exploring the possibility of smart devices. We want to create a new user experience by transforming normal living space into an entry place to the world of the Internet by &quot;simple technology&quot;. To connect everything with people by devices in order to achieve the idea of &quot;Connected Life ~Connected World~&quot;

About Service

【Smart Plate】

Just by using your smartphone you are able to make a direct link to the digital contents of a physical object or a place. This delivery method is called &quot;Hyperlink of Things&quot;. The plate itself is installed with NFC IC chip in which it does not pick up a device using the QR code or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon. This is a patented service with an activation process in which anyone could set it up easily and use it. It also has other characteristics like remote manageable from App or Cloud, controllable and able to be monitored. It is able to track the usage condition by using the smart plate. It could make many information visible such as access number to the checkpoint, withdrawal number, peak day, peak time, number of coupons and the usage rate, user conductor etc.

There is a diversity of smart plate line up.

<br>【Smart Plate Stamp Rally】<br>It transforms the traditional stamp collecting rally with more additional functions to make people want to participate. Also, since it is able to collect the information of the participants, the enterprises could use the data for analysis and other use.

【Smart Plate Magnet】

It is a sales promotion and advertising tool. It groups the NFC tag hidden magnet, LP, contents managing tool, access analysis tool as a set. it is able to catch up with the reactions of the users. It is a new generation of advertising tool able to provide distinguished contents to different users.

Company Profile

Number of Employees 9people Year of Foundation March 1, 2009
Representative Hagiwara Tomohiro Capital Fund 186,570,000 JPY
Avg. age Gross Sales
Gender Ratio Industry Type IT・Telecommunication(Hardware)
Telephone 03-6450-3758
Place of head office 108-0074
Tokyo Minato 2F, Tobu Takanawa 2nd building, 2-16-5 Takanawa
Nearest station: Sengakuji A3 exist 1 min. walk
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Welfare ・Insurances provided<br>・Commuting allowance (with no limitation)<br>・Award system<br>・Family allowance
History March 2009: The establishment of the company (Head office:Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa)<br>Released the smartphone connected CMS, WIDGeTTA<br>May 2012: Released the &quot;Tag Mattick&quot;, a task launcher App utilizing NFC as well as an O2O solution utilizing NFC &quot; Tap through&quot;<br>October: Released the Passbook pass release management system &quot; Pass through&quot;<br>May 2013: NFC marketing solution Tapit (Sydney, Australia) signed a monopoly sales agreement<br>August 2013: Released the omnichannel shopping business &quot; Carry Free&quot;<br>September: Released the contents delivery tablet &quot; Dynapick&quot;<br>Feb 2015: Released the IoT information delivery card &quot; Smart Plate&quot; on App<br>April: Released the information delivery platform &quot; Smart Plate Cloud&quot;, the beta version<br>November: Capital fund increased to 45,450,000 JPY<br>November: Capital fund increased to 116,010,000 JPY<br>October 2017: Capital fund increased to 146,250,000 JPY<br>November: Capital fund increased to 186,570,000 JPY
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